Signature Quilt

Back in 2004, I secretly made Miss K a signature quilt for her high school graduation.  So long ago that none of the graduation photos are on the computer.  LOL!!  I had everything kept in a dark plastic container, on a far away shelf in my sewing room, and would only get it out when she was gone.  The work times were short and hurried.  In the box this summer… a lunch sack that I used for all the fabric scraps for fear she would see the scraps in the trash and ask what I was making.  Ha!

I collected signatures from family and friends and transferred the signatures to the fabric with a fabric pen (pigma pen) and heat set them with the iron.  Then I assembled the quilt top.  The top was finished for her party but papers were out for others to sign and I added those names this summer.   I quilted this in August but kept it a secret until we could visit with K and I could show it to her.


The pattern is called, The House That Jack Built, and I got it from my LQS back in 2003.  I don’t know if it is still available.  It was shown on the pattern and done at the quilt shop in dark, masculine colors but I switched it up a lot by using pastel batiks.

I had in my mind 10 years ago that I’d quilt it once I got better at quilting.  I had NO idea that a long-arm machine would be in my future back then.  Meanwhile, I kept doing other projects.  But since this year is strong on me finishing my UFOs, this is one I have finished.

It is all custom quilted; ditch work, rulers, and freehand / hand-guided quilting in the blocks, borders, and setting triangles.

Lots of photos.  I’ll just let you browse.  I will reply to any questions you post in the comment section.







Sept Visit

This semester JP is living in a town that is about halfway between our house & K’s.  So (mid-September) we drove 1 hour, K drove 1.5 hours, JP drove about 10 mins and we met up for lunch together.  It was wonderful!!  Easy commutes for all of us and fun to be together.  We LOVE our adult kids!!

Phil had an electrical question for JP before lunch so the back of the car became the work zone.

IMG_20140921_112708 B

After lunch together, we shopped, visited the parking lot where JP is doing his co-op (1st of 3 sessions), got to see his condo, and I had a gift for K (more on this in another post).




P1020511 B


The soybeans were just getting golden and it was a bright blue fall sky so a great day to be out touring the countryside.  I’ve always wanted to get a photo of our house from the corner but it is too dangerous to stop when I’m driving to do that.  I took this through the windshield which isn’t the greatest… but a bit of the view.

P1020514 B

Once home, this shows our soybeans outside the house in mid-September.

P1020520 B

Kitties & A Dog

One of our cats decided to ditch the barn and had her kitties in a tight spot in the finishing building this summer. Now about 2 months old, they still stay in the finishing building area despite The Farmer’s attempts to move them back to the barn.

He has taken to checking on them and now feeding them while he is there for chores.



The momma cat & 3 kitties came to eat.

04The fourth was lingering outside and came in soon as well.

20140914_173822 B

Nina stays out!


West Cover Crops

On the next Sunday, we drove to check the cover crops in the west field.  An extra week of sunshine & rain had really added to this field!

20140914_171559 b

The Farmer digs up the plants for a closer inspection.  (Really, this makes me crazy… as I want him to just leave them be so they can grow!)




Across the field, you can see the exact rows where the hauling tank puts in the extra fertilizer.  The radishes just crave that and grow extra big there.


It all looks luscious!

Assorted Cover Crops

The Farmer plants cover crops into his wheat ground after the wheat is combined the end of July.

This year he planted both fields a mix of 4 different cover crops.  He has found a huge benefit to planting cover crops as they gather nitrogen from the soil, plant residue, and manure incorporated into the field and hold it for next year’s crops.  The benefits have added to our crop yields up to 2 years later as shown by our yield monitor maps over the years.

This year he used his seeder on the Salford for planting.   He seeded in a blend of oats, radishes (a type for cover crops, not as a food product), crimson clover, and red clover in what I’ll refer to the west field on August 11.  On August 14, he seeded the south field with a blend of radish, clover, turnips, and oats.  He used a purchased blend this year from a new supplier in one field and blended his own mix in the other field.  (He won’t pay the blending fee next year.)

We didn’t get any rain on them until August 23.  It was a dry August!

On Sept 7, we walked to check on the south field and it was coming along well.  Three and a half weeks since seeding.





And since we walked where Nina likes to run, she enjoyed our company but still was King of the Mountain!



Assorted August

A few bits of August ~


My phlox plant is large & loaded this year with fragrant blooms at the front door.



New specialty plates arrived!


The sweet corn was large & yummy & with the cooler temps the season lasted a bit longer.

IMG_20140801_185126 b

New kitties were born including an unusual brown one! (they only visited in the kitchen for a few minutes as I’m allergic to them)


Showing that the corn is so tall, the ears are up to my shoulders!


New beginnings!


Those left behind…


It was foggy at 6:30 a.m.!

Little Visitors

My nephew’s wife and children had a long 4-day trip back home this summer and we got to be one night’s stop!  The kids are great little travelers and this was a shorter drive to get to here than their other 8 or 10 hour days of driving.

Supper included fresh corn for those that wanted it and Miss L just melted into her ears of corn as if she was the melted butter!  She was delighted!


After supper, Uncle Farmer farm tour included a combine ride.  Oh the delight!  These children can smile from the inside out!  They made at least 5 loops around the bins and went a bit up the lane and turned around in the yard.  The horn worked ~ much to their giggles!  They got to see pigs and kitties too.



I gave a tour of my studio.  Their momma had never seen such a machine and the littles were thrilled to know that *I* am the one that made their quilts.  When we came back upstairs, it all clicked with Miss L and she wandered the living room noticing all the quilts, understanding a bit more about them and who made them.  :)  Sweetness!

The next morning came with an early wake-up call as momma quickly packed up the car again.  It was a cool summer morning so I gave snuggles.   :)     (Two of us don’t do mornings!)


And when the fleece car blanket needed to unwrap and be put in the car, I wrapped one in a quilt.  Golly, all she would have had to do was asked to keep it and I think I would have sent it home with her.  What a lovebug!



I’m pretty sure now they are old enough to not forget visiting with Uncle Farmer and Auntie J~!


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