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Taking a Walk

For 2 days, JP & I have taken a good walk after lunch. It is good for both of us and the goal of getting him to walk helps me get a walk, too. We make 2 laps. Up the lane to the highway,

back down and around the bins,

up to the house.
And repeat.

I think the pictures show there is enough incline to get us pumping. JP runs a good bit of it after we’ve gotten to the highway the first time. I run just a bit.

My white mums are full and actually have more buds coming up. Hiding in there is this bi-colored one. It is mostly white with about 1/3 yellow. JP suggested a picture. The flowers look so soft and touchable!

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Living Room Colors

Here is part of my living room:

I’m thinking of painting the walls Sherwin-Williams color # 6114 (bagel).

This sample posted here looks a bit pinker and lighter than my swatch card in my hand. All these samples look lighter to me. The picture seems an accurate showing of the couch color.

My couch is close to S-W color # 6110 (steady brown).

Our stained wood trim is close to S-W color # 6118 (leather brown).

The next darker color on the swatch is

1. Totally Tan

Maybe this is a better choice for the walls?

I have a feeling the swatches are just showing themselves lighter here than IRL. Totally Tan on my swatch seems too close in color to the trim in the house.

If you haven’t been here, my living room is big so this is a big j.o.b. and not something I change often. This paint job will do the living room, front entry, and hallway past the bedrooms to the garage. Living room is roughly 15 x 30.

I’d love your comments on this!

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Future Plans

So I’m sure you are asking, “What’s next?”

Tomorrow JP starts Driver’s Ed! Wowsers!! He will have class Sat a.m. and Mon & Tues nights in Dixon for 5 weeks. After his third class we can go get his permit. Look out for us on Wednesday! Yippee! I seem to be more excited about this than he is at this point.

I realized today that when K started driving our Ford was new. Still think of it as new (well too new for a new driver, KWIM?) but here comes another driver. JP said he’d rather drive P’s Dodge. LOL K preferred it too! All right then…. leave my car alone. 🙂

I’ve been cleaning and pitching out of the basement because:

  1. We have furnace problems and sometime, someone will need to be down there fixing it
  2. I want the old couch moved downstairs SOON so need to make room
  3. I want to paint the living room and have the carpets cleaned the beginning of November so need the basement for storing movable stuff
  4. We have kept too much junk!

Yesterday I made a pile for the S&A Boutique, then loaded it into the car, and dropped it off! woohoo!! I had a bag for trash and then another pile for the dumpster. Phil hauled out yesterday’s load. I added a few things from the garage after I made the trip w/ the donate boxes up those garage steps. Ugh!!

I made a bigger pile for the dumpster today and added to a new trash bag.

Tomorrow afternoon, JP can burn trash if it isn’t windy.

Sunday is a party at Bocker’s to celebrate our parade trophies! 🙂

Next weekend K wants to come home for a visit. She plans on taking the train to N’ville and I’ll bring her home from there. We’ll probably take her all the way downtown on Sunday. She is a bit missing home and when she is home for Thanksgiving, her grandparents will be in Ohio so she won’t see them.

In between all that… I must squeeze in some sewing. Today I put tucks in JP’s new jeans and mended a shirt of P’s. I have 2 BOMs to complete and will continue working on my 4 patch posies.

I’m considering Sherwin-Williams paint color number 6114. What do you think? I have stained wood trim, slate blue carpet, and a brown couch.

P has about 70 acres of corn to harvest yet. Going pretty well this fall. Today was a sit day as he is up at Mike’s and his bin needed to dry today from yesterday’s load. It was cool & misty rain anyway.

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Ohio Visit!

Yeah! It is a miracle but I drove to Ohio to visit Mom & Dad last week and did it all by myself! I realized part way down the road that I had not gone there alone since P & I had gotten married in May 1983. Most of the time we all go together or I have had a child or 2 with me.

It was a bad time for me to be gone w/ P in the fields but schedule-wise this was the best time to go. JP stayed home and was able to be a help to P even tho he doesn’t drive on the highway yet.

I arrived Thursday afternoon and hadn’t even struggled to stay awake as I thought maybe would happen those last few hours. After supper, B&S (db & SIL) stopped by for a short visit.

On Friday, I finished the quilting on dg-nephew’s quilt and added the binding. I took Mom & Dad out for lunch for Dad’s birthday (10/23).

B & S took me to the Rubbermaid outlet store in Wooster on Saturday. We all had a list so enjoyed the trip together. Mom stayed home (she didn’t have a list!) and worked on supper and Dad was at an auction. For supper, we enjoyed the company of B&S and dnephew & his family. I think I have cute great-nephews. I got to see these two:

Sunday was church and we all went to the 11:00 service. Met D (another SIL) & P & d in the entry quick between services. After family dinner, B once again was in the driver’s seat and took S & me to JoAnn’s for fabric shopping. When we arrived back home, I showed S about cutting out the 4 patch posie pattern I had worked on at my guild workshop. (I had my quilt in progress with me and she decided to use that pattern for a Christmas table topper.)

I headed back home on Monday. My men had survived without me but were glad I was back home again. 🙂 I’m so thankful I was able to make the trip. Two years ago before I started my guai protocol for reversing my fibromyalgia, this was not possible. At that time, I couldn’t even manage the trip there w/ someone else driving.

What a blessing! Thank you, God!

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Quilt Guild Workshop

Monday was our Quilt Guild meeting and we had a workshop we could attend during the day. It was a long day… I left home at 9:26 a.m. and returned home at 9:16 p.m. Wow!

A close-up of one sample quilt Carol had completed.

The workshop was from 10 – 5. We took a short break for lunch and had potluck supper at 5:30. The guild meeting began at 7.

Here is our teacher, a fellow guild member, showing 2 students different sashing & setting options from her samples.

More samples.

Some of the workshop participants at show & tell for the guild. We tried to get a strip done so that we had the sashing figured out.

My row is here on the right with the cream background and burgundy block border. My table partner & friend, Donna’s are on the left.

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October Sunrise

Yes, Dad I actually was up to see a sunrise! Maybe b/c we haven’t changed time yet or b/c I feel good enough to get up every day by 7 a.m. 🙂

This was yesterday’s sunrise, October 12, 2007:

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2nd Plot Day

Today we combined the corn plot for the Extension Service. P had about 40 different corn varieties. I provided an early lunch of sandwiches, cookies, and pop & water. Today’s plot was from 9:30 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. so they got it done in good time.

JP, Mark, & Wayne worked at the far end. I never remember to pack separate food & drinks boxes for P to take there. He reminded me today. It helped!

Phil continued with combining there behind his dad’s the rest of the afternoon.

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Frazzle, Dazzle Friday

Mostly overcast with a few peeks of sunshine. High of 54 °. Thankfully only light winds.

Lots on today’s list plus the usual meals and rides to & from fields:

  • History w/ JP
  • make chocolate chip/oatmeal/peanut butter cookies
  • make sugar cookies
  • frost cookies
  • make 8 ham & cheese sandwiches
  • make 8 turkey & cheese sandwiches
  • go buy pop in town (stop by vet on the way)
  • pack 2 coolers
  • feed plot crew
  • clean 2 bathrooms
  • sweep kitchen
  • mop kitchen
  • dust living room
  • empty trash (kitchen, 2 bathrooms, office, living room)

This much done by 2 o’clock! Yippee!!

  • wrap soap if I find more ribbon found enough ribbon to only wrap 1 batch but I had done 6 batches last night! 🙂
  • finish quilt top

Done by 3:45 and spent time online. Yippee!! Now I’ll figure out quilting and mark top. Hopefully time to baste it all together.

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Bocker Parade #5!

Sunday, October 8th, was our fifth and final Bocker parade. This was in Oregon, IL for Autumn on Parade, their annual event. It was our longest parade and the crowd was good.

On the news that night the weather man had calculated our 4 hottest weekends by averaging the Sat & Sun temps.

  1. Father’s Day weekend in June: Polo parade.
  2. After 4th weekend in July: Dixon parade.
  3. Weekend of the County Fair.
  4. First weekend in October: Oregon Parade.

I’m sure if he had included the 5th hottest weekend it may have been Labor Day weekend & the Shannon parade. We sure hit the hot ones!

This Sunday the Scoop Shovel Scuffle practiced in the shade but JP is set up on the trailer parked in the parade line-up. He had to play but watch backwards to see what they were doing.

We heard that our group won a trophy so we’ll have to check with Judy about that! //www.planet-smilies.de/a_smilies/award_1.gif” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

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Friend’s wedding

Our friends’, Mike & Lauretta, son got married on Saturday. It was a 2 hr drive down for a late evening wedding so we didn’t stay for the dinner. We got home about 11 p.m. Andrew was born here but they moved away soon after. He has always been such a sweetie! T’s dress was beautiful with embroidery up the front and back. Andrew is new to the AF and they will live on base in Florida.

We did get a few minutes to talk with both M & L before and after the wedding so that was great. I couldn’t get them together at the same time so only have a pix of me & L.

The idea of fall outfit went out the window with 2 days in the upper 80’s nearly 90′! Not what I expected for fall!

Hoping to see M&L more often…. maybe when it cools down a bit…. which it did on Tuesday!

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