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This was Sunday…. before the big melt on Monday.

Just for Clara, if she is checking….
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Spanish:Flowers (so I think this would be a leaf really!):
K was just ready to turn 16 years old and barely recovered from the chicken pox!

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Today I made my Galena Block of the Month for January. It is 10″ finished size.

Then I printed foundations for 6 more blocks for my pink & brown BoM from 2007. I want a bigger quilt and think 6 more blocks will be enough. I’m pretty sure I have enough fabric leftover for these other blocks. But since I’ll be back to the store either next weekend or the one after that, I need to know if I should get more fabric.

While I visit blogs and write here and JP is playing on the computer, Phil has to study for a livestock test. Ugh over the size of his manual!
Someone is in trouble here:

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I’ve been on guaifenesin for 2 years and 2 months. I thought I’d write just a short update. I realize I don’t post much about my Fibromyalgia… mostly because I’m too busy catching up with life!

Please go to the Fibromyalgia Treatment Center site for much more information!

This was me in August 2005 with Phil & JP. I really didn’t have the energy to go on vacation but the other 3 needed time out. We only went as far as Chicago because I couldn’t ride in the car much longer. In fact, that ride was too much. We returned to the hotel in the afternoons so I could nap. We borrowed this wheelchair because I couldn’t walk very far. My legs felt like cement and I got fatigued really easy.

I don’t know if you can see it but my hair is fine and thin in that picture. Ugh! Within a few months of being on guai, my beautician was thrilled with how thick my hair had become. And my curls came back!

How funny (not funny, haha, YKWIM…) is it that now I can drive myself to see K in downtown Chicago, spend the day with her or pick her up, and drive myself home! That is exciting!!

I have discovered an error in my avoiding salicylates. I’ve been using Vaseline Lip Therapy occasionally. I am guessing since last winter. In reading the emails in the guaigroup (support group), I’ve discovered it isn’t safe. Huge groan! I don’t use it everyday but maybe 3 – 5 times a week. That means that on those days, I wasn’t clearing my FM out.

I’ve also wondered about our Butter Cream. I make it! LOL But when I started they said all butters were OK. I alerted them that not all butters are actual butters as for instance Aloe Butter is really Aloe Gel and Coconut Oil. So now they only verify that shea butter & cocoa butter are safe. I don’t know. And I doubt there are many patients of Dr. St. Amand that use odd butters like Kokum Butter that I use in the Butter Cream.

So today I made Goat Milk lotion with all sal-free ingredients. I had wanted to get that recipe changed to sal-free anyway. This was just the push I needed. I customized the recipe last night and made the lotion this morning. I love it! So I’ll put it to the test. Too bad it isn’t warm enough for the hot car test.

A little bummed that I’ve lost time but on the other hand it explains some things. I had more energy last February than I do now and that has been a concern and had me looking a little closer at what I use on my skin.

I can’t redo last year so will continue on. I do know that life now is MUCH better than in 2005 and preceding years. It only gets better.

In my previous post on taking K back to school… walking to the Planetarium…. was LONG! And we went passed the Aquarium… where in 2005, we parked handicapped, I was in the wheelchair, and we used all handicap entrances, etc. Walking this year was cold but I was able! //img103.exs.cx/img103/6541/biggrin.gif” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Guai Rocks!

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Dear Jane January

I have all my blocks for Dear Jane January done! They are all scanned and saved to my block chart which puts them in the right place. So as I finish them, I can see them “in” my quilt. Pretty cool feature of the software!

I don’t know how to input the block chart here so I put the blocks together like this. I included the 2 triangles for the month. The outside border of the quilt is pieced triangles.

I’m only slightly impatient at this point for the next month’s package to arrive! I do have other things to sew. //i66.photobucket.com/albums/h276/DianneOnly/wink3.gif” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

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Molly is cold, too!

Molly’s turn today:
It is cold out here! I sure wish FarmerPhil would finish his morning chores and let me in. I’m waiting….


I’ll sit here in between the house and where he is working and wait. I think he is down at the buildings. But if not, from here I will see him come in the lane. And I’m not sitting in that fluffy snow.

I’m waiting.

Hey, those other 2 are IN the house. I’d like in the house. I hear him. I think he is coming!

Yes, she came in a bit later. Warm & cozy! Apparently, fur & winter coat aren’t good enough these days.

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A new semester!

Despite awakening to 8″ of snow Tuesday morning, it was move back to SAIC for K day! We got a late start as P had plenty of snow to move. First, to clear the yards to do chores, next to get us out of the garage and out the lane, and then to get his dad out of his driveway and road, too!

Unfortunately, that meant we arrived downtown over the noon hour. Ugh! The traffic cop kindly suggested we pull into the alley for unloading so she didn’t need to ticket us. //i66.photobucket.com/albums/h276/DianneOnly/blush.gif” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

I kept guard (and prayed!) while P & K took loads up. Two trips this time though on the first trip, I think P had a whole other load in his arms!

K kept with us and we went to our usual parking spot. A short but COLD walk to Subway for lunch. Then K got in a long line for her semester bus pass. We had to wait at the door, not able to go passed security. She called to say it may be an hour.

So as we waited we watched…. a student haul 4 loads of projects (maybe from the winter break intensive?) down to the doors near us. She called her ride. Then moved the 4 precarious loads to the curb … this is Michigan Avenue! Then she waited for someone to come get her. Honestly, one box was bigger than what would fit in my back seat or truck bed!

Before her ride came, but after she zipped her coat, put on hat & mittens, a fire truck arrived in front of the building but not quite blocking her with lights & sirens! Activity!! They started in “our” building but went next door. I text’d K to see if she was all right, the FD was here! //img52.exs.cx/img52/7849/ambulance6zx.gif” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Girl outside is looking and peering to see if her ride is coming and wondering if car can find her in front of fire truck.

The ambulance arrives so they pull the truck right in front of her! The look on her face was priceless and then she laughed!

Of course, just then K appeared with her pass after only 25 minutes (yeah!) so we didn’t get the end of the saga.

We walked back 2 blocks and got a bus to take us to the Planetarium. We had a bit of walking to do after we got off the bus to get there. Thankfully the wind was at our backs. When we got to Shedd Aquarium this was the view up to the north and Navy Pier. Really pretty!
When we got to the Planetarium they confirmed what P had read online — it was Free Day! WooHoo!!

(And weren’t we thankful as we didn’t think it was worth $10 after we had toured.)

A bus was right at the front door when we left so we didn’t have far to walk to get our bus back to K’s neighborhood. Yeah!

I took this out the front bus window:
We had early supper YUM! and went to K’s room. We helped unpack, made her bed with clean sheets, and hooked up the TV. All essential! Then we all went to the hotel and checked in. We enjoyed a few hours of lounging & watching TV, tho K liked OUR bed SO much she slept for an hour! //smilieland.com/graphics/snore.gif” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

P walked her back about 9:30. Oh, I love the down comforter on those beds. //smilies.sofrayt.com/%5E/l0/sleeping.gif” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

This morning K met us at the lobby and we had one whale of a good and costly! breakfast in the hotel restaurant.

We moved out and gave hugs & kisses to K. She did some school errands and was glad to wander her familiar hallways again. We headed out to not-much traffic and had a good trip home.

Of course, the stop off at the Outlet Mall partway home was a treat! In just 30 minutes I saved $50 on shoes and $70 total on 2 sweaters. //img245.imageshack.us/img245/3316/tfr612ix4.gif” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Here is Phil just before afternoon chores today. See my snow? It snowed most of this afternoon.

If my sister in NY reads this, do you think she’d suggest I take down the wreath? Or will she comment? //img236.exs.cx/img236/9268/scratchchin6hy.gif” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

And this is the view midst heavy clouds and snow from my front door. Brrr….

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Why It Is Quiet Here

Sorry this blog has been quiet the last few days. Here is a run-down with some commercial breaks interspersed to keep you entertained!

The best family news is that I have a new great-niece! Lucy Ella was born on Friday and is welcomed home by my oldest nephew & his wife and 2 big brothers. //img118.exs.cx/img118/6682/q6ibounce.gif” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.//img118.exs.cx/img118/6682/q6ibounce.gif” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

I had some bug on Wednesday evening and Thursday so lost many a precious hour of sewing to resting on the couch.

I recovered enough by Friday to pack for Saturday’s quilt class. Not necessarily a class to fill our minds with new information, but a gathering! Most were ladies I know from quilt guild, we worked on a new pattern using our scraps and had fun together! Class was 12 noon – 4 p.m.

I was barely home in time to leave for church but wanted to make sure my machine was home and inside, not riding in the frigid temperatures in the car.

After church last night, our small group went bowling. As my fingers have been sore for a few weeks anyway and then I received a not so gentle grab of my arm after church, I decided not to bowl. We are not the sports house, so no one did great from our house! JP & K went along and had fun.

Oh, to have this view and warmth right now…. August 2007:

Our internet connection has been sluggish at best all last week. After many calls to tech support for our provider, they decided our router is shot so a new one is coming on Monday. We have NO idea why it is working now for a bit but the new one is still coming! //www.cosgan.de/images/smilie/frech/o050.gif” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

K snapped this picture in March 2007 while home on spring break:

I am struggling today with a bout of stomach something….. was awakened last night for a few hours and it is less but still here today.

I did manage to squeeze in a few bits of sewing anyway. I’ve finished my 2 triangles and 7 of the 8 DJ blocks for this month. The last block is prepared and basted for hand applique. It is just that when sitting…. I’m usually sitting at the computer! //yelims4.free.fr/Ordinateur/Ordinateur07.gif” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

One of my favorites from Camp Coachman 07:

Happy Birthday Mom!

From the archives… Nutcracker 2001 Flowers on Stage (K is dark green on the right)
JP with Toots Summer parades 07:

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Dear Jane Beginnings!

My Dear Jane Block of the Month kit arrived last Thursday. I was so excited! I showed you the complete quilt picture the other day on this post.

I started blocks on Sunday and I’m so happy with them! I paper piece when I can and the software CD that is available for this pattern is great.

Yesterday I imported scans of my completed blocks to the software Block Sheet and they appear in the right place giving me a visual chart of what I have finished. Very cool!

There are also journal pages to print out so I plan on doing that. I think I’ll do the log of page per block. I’ll add the BoM instructions to the binder as well. I’m making notes as I go for cutting instructions for when I do another one. 😉

I have these done. They are 4 1/2″ blocks.

A-1 A-2

A-4 A-5

I have block A-3 started. I am doing the hand applique – can.you.imagine? I prepared the block and packaged it with all I needed in a sandwich sized ziploc bag. I even remembered to take it with me when JP had his ortho appointment yesterday! I finished the stitching before they even called him back! Argh!

Note to self: prepare a few more blocks!

I hardly ever have sitting to wait time (next ortho appt is in Dec 08!) and I can’t do it in the car even if someone else would drive, so mostly these will be done at home. I’m just thrilled I did it and it was easy! 🙂

So today’s plan is for a few more blocks. Our kit for the month included blocks A1 – A8 and T1 & T2.

Sarah provides instructions with our fabric kit. Even though she isn’t a paper piecer, it was suggested to pp on freezer paper. I have never used freezer paper and was shocked at the suggestion! A few ladies on The Quilt Show have used it and told me to preshrink the freezer paper with the iron.

I am loving pp on freezer paper! The pieces stick to it with an iron and I have the flattest seams ever! I’m pleased with the ease of removing the paper, too. Who’d have thunk it!!

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Friendship Quilt done!

I finished the binding on my Friendship Quilt the other evening.

I started this several years ago w/ 3 friends. It is a Buggy Barn pattern and it totally threw them all for a loop as those patterns are not traditional quilting techniques! Oh my!!

Elinor and I picked out the fabrics and made packets for everyone. Each of us made 2 different blocks but 4 of each. When we were all done with blocks, we traded around so everyone had each block. I then followed the instructions to complete the filler blocks, various hearts & baskets to complete the top.

I don’t know why this new camera makes my pictures too light… can you tell that in the quilt picture? I don’t know what to change on the camera. (see me roll my eyes?)

This is a long overdue UFO… nice to be done! I’m tired of this fabric line so not sure where the quilt will go… but maybe into a pile. LOL

Here is my label. I also pieced the backing fabric as I get moments of trying to be thrifty! I did start quilting this in April… don’t know what interrupted but I finished it this month.

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Satisfied Saturday

Today started early… 5 a.m. I awakened and got out of bed around 5:40. I got a hot cocoa and read online until 6:15.

Hit the shower, cooked breakfast, and was on the road at 7:25 a.m. I picked up my dear neighbor & friend, Elinor, and we went to Galena for a good morning at the quilt shop.

First was the new Block of the Month for 2008. It is $5 a month and we get the instructions for the block, the fabrics needed, and an alternate layout. I plan to add the finishing kit and it adds a center medallion and borders with the blocks set on point to make a 60+” quilt.

(I didn’t get a picture until they had moved the display rack. I hope you can visualize it in one piece! This was the first time I used the combine feature on Photoscape and I didn’t find as many options as I wanted.) The candy stripe around the edge that you may see is from the quilt hanging behind this one.

I plan on giving it to JP so will consider purchasing additional fabrics for another border or extra blocks to make it about double or queen size.

The paper piecing BOM (10 small ones) has been put on hold until 2009. I was a bit bummed but the same lady leads both classes. I also have several monthly projects going anyway.

Next for the Machine Embroidery Club, Jane showed us the steps and had handouts for putting a lace corner & monogram on a napkin. Then the group continued with working with the Embroidery Software. Even tho Jane had her laptop there for me to work with after doing 1/2 of a page, I knew this was moving too slowly for me. I have more computer experience and have worked with the software more than the other ladies there.

I got the handouts for the project and a preparation packet for working the Aqua Ambience quilt projects in the spring. I’d like to make a quilt from that book, too and have some fabrics to get started.

I had purchases to make so finished that and we were ready to head home by 11:30. We met 4 emergency vehicles in a hurry to 2 or 3 separate incidents and were thankful for our safety. Phil called me midway home, needing a ride as his keys were locked inside his truck. Bummer! It was not too much out of the way to get to him.

After lunch, I finished my pink & brown blocks from the 2007 BOM. Yippee!! All I had to do was removed a lot of paper from the backs and press them. I have a general idea of how to lay them out…. I’m hoping to get them to a twin size quilt. So will probably need to make 5 more blocks.

My Dear Jane BOM packet arrived on Thursday and I’m so excited to get going on this quilt! The fabrics are reproduction and follow the colorways of the original quilt made back in 1863. The solid cream in the kit is really a light print. Not like the original but I think I’ll go with it anyway. There are several of us on The Quilt Show doing this BOM from a shop in Texas.

I plan on printing paper piecing patterns for several of the blocks tomorrow. I think I’ll get some of them done.

We went to early service tonight and it was good. Living out of the overflow that God gives us. To have overflow, that means we are full and satisfied and have more for others.

K is housesitting, P & JP got subway for supper, and I got a few groceries before coming home.

A good, long day.

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