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Laundry Room Done!!!

Today I painted the cabinets a darker gray than the walls and JP helped me hang the border. Then the two of us brought the tall cabinet back inside and I screwed it back into the wall. Yep – the carpenter’s daughter strikes again!

I’m so excited – I love it!!

I would like a small valance for the window… maybe a light cream with eyelet edge. It is just for decoration… not a privacy issue.

Phil had a dry-ish day to get some field work done ….
f i n a l l y!! He sprayed what was wheat last year to kill off the grass. Tonight he is running the strip-till unit to get the ground ready for planting.

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Appliance Arrival!

The new washer & dryer were delivered and installed this morning!!


I’ve done:

  1. whites — oh so white now!!
  2. sheets – got my queen set and JP’s double set in one load!
  3. and now outside work clothes are cleaning.

Oh Joy!!

Here they are:

All is calm & quiet ~

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Good, Bad, & Ugly!

OK…. she twisted my arm…. bearing my soul here… my laundry room before!


I didn’t know you were coming so didn’t clean. LOL

Here are in between before & after pictures… I left a rough edge between the paint colors b/c I ‘m putting the border there. I chose the floral one. Maybe will help make the room more peaceful and a nice place to work!

The gray is metal gray and the pink is a muted grayish pink. Nothing as shocking as what my small group envisioned when I explained it.

I’m actually hoping they call on Monday to say my w/d are there and they’d bring them tomorrow. Otherwise, I have a time set for Tuesday morning delivery.

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Painting Weekend

First Check-in, 11:30 a.m.

This is painting weekend for the laundry room.

By 10:20

  • all the appliances were on the back deck
  • the holes were patched and sanded
  • the cabinets were out
  • floor cleaned
  • walls washed.

I put a bit of ceiling paint around the edges where the wall meets the ceiling. (Because the last paint job was in a hurry and sloppy!)

Then we went to feed the neighbor’s cats and bring in her mail.

Dinner is in the oven.
Time to go work on pink from the top down.

How often do you wash the ceiling in your laundry room?
It has been 20 yrs for me. Just wondered how bad a housekeeper that makes me…..

Second Check-in 12:20 p.m.

Cut in the pink along the top of the wall and around the door and window. Painted all the pink which goes down from ceiling 14″. JP walked in part way through, looked around, and said, “YUCK!” He turned around and left.

Lunch time! And time to sit!

Finished painting 3:30 p.m.

Imagine that! What a difference painting a small room compared to the several day task of painting my living room! I’m letting the paint mostly dry to see if I need to touch up any areas.

Phil did some patching near where the water lines come in just this morning. That is still drying so I’ll get that tomorrow w/ a brush. Otherwise….. DONE! https://i0.wp.com/fhq.forumer.com/images/smilies/yes2.gif

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Laundry Room Choices

So we could go with this border:

Drop it about 12″ down from the ceiling.

Paint this for the bottom part:

1. Windy Blue

This for the top & ceiling:

1. Kilim Beige


With a gray/blue bottom and pinkish on top like the far left pink.

I have no idea how long these images will stay up so look quick!!

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Roller Coaster Week

I think my parents must be on a roller coaster this week.

On Monday we celebrated with Justin & Leslie and the arrival of their new daughter!! Early by a few weeks, but doing quite well. Timing was terrific with all the family has going.

Welcome Olivia!
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April 21, 2008

On Tuesday, my dad’s sister went home to be with her Lord. Sad for those left behind, but such rejoicing for her as she sees the fruit of her life lived for God. I’m thankful for knowing of her faith and the assurance of her eternal home. Prayers for all who travel and mourn.

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Now THIS is Spring!

Yesterday and today have been beautiful! We did have a thunderstorm this morning dropping .3″ of rain with thunder & lightning but right after noon, the sun appeared again!

Today I made a double batch of MSM cream. Oh I love that on my feet at bedtime!!

After lunch, I made a HUGE batch of Goat Milk Lotion! Twenty-one bottles and a few new tester bottles.

I picked a vase of daffodils for the table while supper cooked. They smell so good!

AND….. Phil has one happy wife who has permission to order a new washer & dryer tomorrow!!

I’d like to repaint the laundry room while it is a tad empty. I shop Sherwin-Williams so give me your favorite colors! Not many accessories in there and the appliances are going to be white. The wood trim will probably remain. I can add another color with a valance at the small window. Any suggestions?

Tomorrow I have lots of bottles to label, a haircut, and JP plays for church.

Phil is waiting for the ground to dry and is hoping he can get back out tomorrow. He applied some anhydrous yesterday for the first time this spring.

I hesitate to post and bump my great day in Chicago down a notch. Make sure you scroll down to see it!

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A Day in Chicago

Yesterday was K’s art sale at SAIC. My friend Becky came with me and it was a treat to spend so much time together! Right after we arrived, we stopped at CVS for some Advil for K and got to see her before we headed to lunch. Don’t you just LOVE her scarf?

My online friend, Monica, met us at Bennigan’s for lunch. She brought along her friend and their 2 daughters who are buddies too. My cousin, Carolyn, and her dh, Jim, also met us for lunch! It was a terrific table full with 8 of us.

I don’t know if I’ve ever had so many friends together with ME. What a blessing it was for me. Then we headed to the art sale just up the street half a block. I introduced everyone to K and then we separated to browse at our own speed.
(K’s friend Dee took this the previous day but I just love this picture!!)

After viewing & shopping, we tried pictures in the Michigan building lobby but got ousted so arranged on the sidewalk with the Art Institute in the background. (L – R: Monica’s dd, Libby’s dd, Libby (Monica’s friend), me, my friend Becky, and Monica)

Joyce & Monica

Me, Jim, & Carolyn

At this point, Monica and the girls headed elsewhere to do young girl fun. Jim, Carolyn, Becky, and I headed to wander in Millennium Park. It was a lovely spring day and we were able to chat and walk! The tulips need another month but the Magnolia trees were beautiful and fragrant!!

Joyce & Carolyn

It was so special to be able to spend this little bit of time with J&C. They are so sweet & fun! Of course, you have to have pictures at the ‘bean’…

Jim was a terrific photographer!

By now it was starting to sprinkle. J & C headed back to their weekend activities and Becky & I walked over to see K’s building.

As the sprinkles increased, we quickly headed back to K at the ballroom on Michigan for a bit more time. I sat behind K’s table and wiggled in a bit of chat between sales while Becky headed outside for fresh air and people watching.

We headed to the car but stopped at the park again for Becky to call her dd. What a fun day in the city!!

Thank you all for your friendships and the wonderful day together!!

K’s sales went well and had really picked up by Saturday afternoon. By the end of the weekend, she had sold out of scarves and had 2 orders for more bags. We are so happy with her.

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Just Two Weeks….

Of being back on track with guai….

I’m less fatigued – no need for naps
My exercises are going better
My mind is clearer!

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Not like a normal yet, but better than before.

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She’s Nearly Ready!

K’s sale is this weekend! The sewing part is done. Tags are sewn in. Trial set-up completed. School work is current and kept up midst all this!

Wanna peek?

I am going in with a friend from church. I’m not sure she has ever been downtown so will be fun!
Monica is meeting us with her dd, her friend & dd.
And my cousin from the area is coming downtown to meet up with us too!

I’m excited!!

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