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Birthday Brief

We went to see K for my birthday! Got home about 8:30 p.m. and all of us are tired so here are just a few pictures until I get time another day for more details.

Lunch at Miller’s Pub:

Me & the kids at Grant Park:

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Work Paid Off….

This can only mean one thing…..

$313 was enough and Dad threw in the $0.90 to pay the bill.

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Look what my mailman brought!

I won Grace‘s drawing for her hand dyed fabric. I knew it would be special but this is luscious!!

I’m too excited to heat up my iron. I had to show you!!

I want to use it in something special!! Must get thinking…

Thank you Grace!! I just love the color choice you sent!

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June Purse in Progress

I’ve been slowly working on a purse this week.

Kelly wanted to see it so here are some in progress pictures.

While the embroidery starts to stitch out…

…I entertain myself by taking pictures of the rest of the purse pieces.

The peachy/cherry/not red is fake suede. Black floral is cotton. Outside of purse:

I did bobbin work with black/gray variegated pearl cotton. Detail:

Embroidery is done. This goes on the inside zippered pocket. But the pocket isn’t made. I have places to be!

This isn’t so pinky… it matches the peach suede.

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New Shorts

Just so you dear readers know they are done. Please pardon the model and the windy day!

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Boys & Vegetables

How my boy prefers his asparagus:

With Capt. Green!

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Sewing Shorts

So I finished the girl quilts yesterday. Today I cut out a pair of denim shorts and started to make them.

First, while cutting out the pattern as I followed size 16… I then noticed there were TWO lines for size 16. Huh? Well, only 2 lines for the back piece. The other pieces had the usual 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20.

Error number one. I wonder if McCall’s has an 800 number for my comment?

I had chosen View B. Longer than view A, shorter than view C. Simple enough.

But because I’m too short for my width, I need to shorten the pattern before I cut the fabric out.


There is NO “cut here for view B” line. Hello McCalls?


After lots of trial & error… pin, fold, and try on paper… I think I have the length figured out.

However…. I still needed to cut 2 1/2″ more inches off the bottom.

I hope this works!

Part of the struggle is that the shorts roll up into a cuff and have a button tab. I need to figure out how much will roll up and where to put the button tab.

Are you confused yet? Bored with this?

ETA: K was bored so here is a picture to help you visual followers!

Maybe you’ll be glad to know the fly-front zipper is shortened and installed! And it zips! https://i1.wp.com/img116.exs.cx/img116/6469/g5cgrin.gif

It could be that this is where you tell me I get what I pay for…. the pattern was $0.99 and I found the denim in my stash. Of course I paid for it in a previous year but for now… cheap shorts!

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