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Embroidered Pillowcases

I finished these today. I made the pillowcases and left one side open so it was easier to embroider. After the embroidery was finished, I could finish the bottom and one side with french seams. Even the seam for the border fabric and accent fabric is hidden.

I have another set in process but the border is taking quite a while to stitch out.

Hang on to your hats, dear readers, as 4-H fair starts on Saturday and the county fair items need delivered & checked in by Sunday evening.

I’ll post when I can!!

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Lots of pillows!!!

Aquamarine Ambience pillows

Above: This is block 2 from the table runner pattern in the book.
Below: This is block 9 from the quilt but I only did the center designs.

This pillow is just quilted with a design from an embroidery card. I rotated it and quilted it 4 times.

A close up.
I got the trim for $0.50/yard when I was with K last week!

These applique pillows are done in the embroidery hoop. Quite fun! I love the extra detail stitching and variety of stitches used around the flowers.

I have one New York Beauty pillow top to go yet.

Plus a host of other projects…. all for the fair. I move my stuff in next Sunday! Yikes!!!

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This week.


It continues…

So today in the morning is lots of cleaning and then quilting/embroidery/dear friends over in the afternoon for chat!! Yippee!! https://i2.wp.com/img246.imageshack.us/img246/8399/thumbsup4kk.gif

However…. who was it that said that she was sleeping so well? (notice the past tense…)

Forget it.

I really think it has been too much excitement this week… well and lots of activity on top of it!

So anyway… today… if you call it today yet?… I awakened at 4:30 A.M.!!

And failed to return to sleep.

So at 5:30, I got up. Figured I’d get some jobs done and then maybe take a mid-morning nap. (However, as I write I feel like I’ll go all day and consider crashing another day or another week.)

I swept the kitchen, and hallway, and laundry room. (that should shock you first!)

(I think my mom just fainted….)

Then I cut a batch of soap and decided (thankfully) that the second batch needs another day to rest with all this humidity.

Started a load of laundry that included the kitchen table cloth so cleared that, too.

Cleaned the bathroom.

Sat down at the computer…
read blogs I’m subscribed to on igoogle — love that!!

Found Mickey’s blog…. (you need to ask for an invite 🙂 )

MY LAND – I GOT LOST!! Too much fun!!


All of a sudden I realized… I’M HUNGRY!! Like so hungry I could throw up.

I hurry to the kitchen, pop in some cheese cubes so I can make breakfast (sounded yucky but worked), and continued. Wow. (I make Phil’s breakfast while I make mine. But he doesn’t like it that the only time he has ever seen this blog is when I said what I made him for breakfast so I really didn’t say that today.)

Ok, now I’ve had my over-medium egg & am working on my hot cocoa. I’ve switched laundry.

Next a shower.
Then a batch of MSM cream needs made – PRONTO!!

At this rate, I may get sewing done this morning too!

Must tell you… Yesterday following a treat of a lunch with dear-not-seen-enough-friend, Phil’s worker/friend’s daughter was here and HELPED me picked beans AND snap them!! Yippeee!! I made us stop when we each had one overflowing big bowl. She could have worked all day. More than 2 rows to go. And I think I’m going to sew. Ha!

Yep. I am! Maybe tomorrow is a better day for beans. Right? https://i2.wp.com/img221.imageshack.us/img221/2259/biggrinzy0.gif

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My fat quarters that I used paintsticks on at the Monday Mickey Depre workshop have dried. Tonight I ironed them to set the paint.

Here are the results!

1. White fat quarter. We divided our FQ into 12 sections with painters tape. Mickey taught us 4 ways to use paintsticks and then we tried each way in 3 boxes using various paints and templates underneath.

I’m thinking I could use these on fabric postcards for a base.

2. Black fat quarter. After our tutoring work on the white piece we were free to choose whichever method of application we wanted to decorate our black piece.

3. Pink hand dye. Part of our kit fee also included our choice of a fat quarter from Mickey’s selection!

Yummy!! Her dh dyes her fabrics! Imagine that!!

I was surprised at how much I liked the metallic paints even tho I don’t normally choose glitz.

The workshop was so informative! It was great to try her paints and learn the methods before investing in the paints.

However, being near Blick’s on Wednesday with my discount-card-carrying-dd was enough to get me started.

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K’s Marvelous Monday!

Part of K’s job this summer as an RA for the high school students is to plan programs for 5 evenings during this 5 week time the students are there.

She has taken those interested to a great bookstore for fashion magazines, a noodle restaurant, and the new ones to the grocery.

She had 20 students show up for the trip to the grocery so that was super attendance! (One got lost after much reassurance to K that she did know how to get back! Hmpf!! She got home safely anyway.)

Well, her planned program for this Monday was to visit the Thrift Store. She planned it for a Monday because it is Half-Price Day on Mondays. She made the extra effort to put a big poster in the lobby for them to see on their way to class in the morning. She put little messages on the doors of her floor of girls.

She waited to see who would show up.

Thirty kids came!!

She was soooo excited! https://i1.wp.com/img99.exs.cx/img99/8577/yupi3ti.gif

There were even several guys and most of the time it is a struggle to get the few guys on a program.

She divided them (with clear instructions) on the subway and then sent them back in 3 groups. No one got lost!! All but 3 bought something and some were wondering about their suitcase to go home.

K even found a very cute denim jacket. (She says I can’t embroider on it! http://www.countingcows.de/Baeh!.gif)

Finally Wednesday was a slightly-calmer day for her so I took the train in for a visit. All. by. myself!

We had a great lunch at Weber Grill (love lunch prices, too!) and then rode the subway to the neighborhood of fabric stores. We hit Fishman’s and Vogue. Painful! https://i2.wp.com/i66.photobucket.com/albums/h276/DianneOnly/wink3.gif

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Magnificent Monday!

Wow! Monday was full & fun! Phil told me Sunday night that he had a friend coming to help with jobs on Monday so there would be one more for lunch. No problem… but at least find the table for 4 places!

My goal was to finish the second Aquamarine Ambience pillow (so I could take 2 finished pillows to quilt guild) by 11, get myself ready for guild, start lunch at 11:30, and leave for quilt guild by 12:20 or so. I first had to pack things for quilt guild before sewing commenced!

I’m in the secret sister program so wrapped her gift,
gifts for show & tell and nametag winners,
newsletter into my binder,
nickel square exchange cut and packaged
… which gave me the reminder… we had a nickel square challenge to make a pot holder from any of our light blue, light green, and dark green blocks!


Here I am the one who wants to do challenges and I totally hadn’t done a thing.

So I ran up to the computer and printed out a 6″ paper piece block from Carol Doak’s Foundation Factory. Wonderful!! I chose fabrics and sat to sew at 10:00. I pieced it, added borders (we could add one other fabric so I used my “other” for borders and binding), and quilted it in the ditch. Added binding and sewed down the binding by machine. Done by 11:05. However, I had argued in my head that I didn’t HAVE to leave by 12:20 since it was a non-sewing workshop and I didn’t have to haul or set up my machine.

Dinner was served, all the men fed & happy, so I headed out.

The workshop was FABULOUS!! Mickey Depre from near Chicago came and presented her 3 hour workshop using paintsticks. It was so good to learn and try under her guidance and using her paints & supplies. It was just great!

We did sample windows of various techniques on a white FQ. Then used any of those techniques on our black FQ and then on a hand dyed FQ that we could pick from Mickey’s assortment! Yummy!!

My samples are still drying and in the matter of time… I’ll take their pictures another time.

We have a potluck supper at 5:30 and had a small crowd, probably because of July.

We had time in between for visiting and it was great to get to know Mickey better. What a delight!!

a pile of Mickey’s quilts

Mickey was the program for our meeting as well. So fun, easy to listen to, and very informative and willing to share her tips. I bought her book, Garden Whimsy Applique, and had it autographed! I’ve already bought her special backing she uses for applique.
After the program, we had the business meeting.

I am in charge of the show & tell and nametag drawings and have someone else draw the names. I have the gifts and do the announcing. I won for show & tell!! Yippee!! I like the gifts for this month anyway! (A preprinted panel with sewing notions in a blue theme and 2 coordinating fat quarters.)

The one in charge of nickel squares came to talk about the challenge. She had a pile of about 7 or 8 hot pads. Mine was on the bottom. Sure enough, as she went from top to bottom… I WON!!

I received a small book, Quilter’s Pocket Reference. It is a treasure trove of measurements.

I finally got home about 9:30. Excited and ready for bed! A great day!!
Keturah had also had a good day but that will have to be in another post….

From show & tell:

LaDonna’s Bargello

Bunny’s Monkeys

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Update with FM reversal

I feel good!! I have slept well for a good 10 nights and just feel so much better!! It has been 2 yrs and 8 months on the guaifenesin protocol.

I’m thrilled with my progress.

I’m hoping this good streak lasts a long time before I have to cycle out more junk.

And just for fun… Someone will get a laugh over this local billboard. Well, either a laugh or a groan!

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