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Soaps at the Show

I have my soaps & lotions at Lynn’s show: Picket Fence Florals. Her setup is so pretty!

Only the soaps & lotions are mine… I didn’t do the fabric work here.

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American Corn

So if you don’t like Fritoes and Corn Flakes what is another great way to appreciate American Corn? Corn Fiber!

I’ve talked about it before and will again…

(ETA: Next as in 9/9…. oops!)

…. but K got to meet her supplier while she was home.

She took the 2 hr + 10 minute drive west and found her place with ease. She arrived before 11 a.m. and didn’t leave until 4 p.m….. still too early to part ways!

She also came home with wonderful yarns to play with in the next few months. And a few samples to show the fiber department now that she is back in class. So exciting!!

The Fiber Studio

Inside the studio. Mini kitchen, laundry resources for dyeing fibers… oo-la-la!

Market bag & pattern… and some yummy fibers!

K & Diane inside & outside

When K got home, she thanked Dad for finding her new best friend! (Phil saw an article in a farmer newspaper on her and K did the internet searching to find her.)

They have plans to get together during the fall and share more together. So maybe we’ll get a few weekend visits. Whirlwind weekends!

(K send me photos of what you got and I’ll add them on. https://i1.wp.com/img25.echo.cx/img25/5546/sc0877dq.gif )

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Family Outing and Kid Pictures

Yesterday we took a family day.

K had gone to meet her corn fiber lady (new best friend, she says!) on Friday. Two hours each way so wasn’t too thrilled with a long driving day. You need to ask her about Friday…. totally cool!!

So we didn’t go far.

First we went to the other barn as I wanted new pictures of the kids.

My helper who opened the doors for us:

After pictures and a quick change of shoes, we went to the next big city. Everyone had one thing on their list they wanted to get there anyway. Ok, maybe 2 things!

We had lunch out (major cheat for 3 of us but oh.so.good.) and then did some shopping.

Around 2, we headed more into town and toured the Japanese Gardens. It was sort of nice but not much variety of plants. Maybe 4! I have more variety in MY garden… just in weeds!

However, it was a beautiful day to be out.

Isn’t this sweet?

And then in all these pictures… I guess I found my twin! Isn’t this amazing!! And to think there were those who told us how much she looked like Phil when she was born. https://i1.wp.com/img104.exs.cx/img104/6503/wink9qa.gif

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Blog Disaster!

Very sad to see the damage that has happened here as a result of switching templates on blogger.

I’ll probably be moving but please stay tuned… I don’t want to lose you! I’ll let you know my new address when I know it right here.

Oh dear….


As time passed this evening, my side bars reappeared but in a mixed up order. I’ve sorted… starting to look better!!

Have you noticed my new header?

The work of my dd. https://i1.wp.com/img116.exs.cx/img116/6469/g5cgrin.gif

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Did I say, "Doors?"

I said she likes doors!

K loves going with Grandma M to auctions. However, she already stated she had no space in her room for more stuff. But the time to watch is fun.

And the auction listing had: old doors.

She asked Dad for the Dodge to go to the auction.

She was only a bit over an hour past the start time.

She came home with a load.
She came home happy.

(Of course, the old books she had for me and the old ties in Gma’s trunk made me happy too!)

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While finishing the newest issue of Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting….

I got near the end and found the following snippet…

Behind The Seams:

Which only reinforces the check in her account and the phone call on Tuesday to say, “the issue is due in stores Sept 9 – 13.”

Can you see us dancing?

I already checked today. Not there yet. https://i0.wp.com/img245.imageshack.us/img245/3316/tfr612ix4.gif


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Best Laid Plans

The plan was to start JP’s senior year this week. We sort of have done that, just not what I planned.

On Monday, he wrote up his 4-H reports and that took all morning. Phil helped with the swine records early on Tuesday morning.

Jason came Tuesday to help replace slats in the finishing building and JP is an important part of that job. So I lost my student. They finished that job on Wednesday morning.

However on Monday JP’s CAT test arrived for me to administer. He did some studying Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons.

So now today is quiet (K is working one day for the electronics store) so we started his testing.

I don’t normally test but we are doing this to qualify for his good student driver’s discount on our auto insurance. Yikes! Have you added a son to your insurance lately?

So it is school but not the curriculum that arrived Friday and is taking up the entryway. I’m moving to my Labor Day weekend soap & lotion show either this afternoon or tomorrow.

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