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Saturday was General Projects judging for the 4-H Fair. JP had 2 projects: Small Pets (parrots) and Computers.

He received a blue rating for both and won Champion in both!! State Fair in Computers. Yippee!!

These are his lapbooks and I’ll highlight them after they come back home next week in another post.

We both helped with check-in of the kids’ projects so were there by 7:35 a.m. Then during the judging time (starting at 9) JP was the announcer and called back the 4-Hers when it was their time for the conference judging.

I was a judge’s assistant. I kept the records for the judge and brought the next 4-Her back to our judging table.

My area both last year and this year included Small Pets, Animal Science, and Vet Science. We had a large group of entries. I think 18 projects. A few kids had 2 Animal Science projects and saw us twice.

After judging, I put the ribbons on the entry tags, distributed Champion, State Fair, and Jr. Exhibitor ribbons, and hung the signs for each category.

As soon as I finished, it was time to watch the Style Show and I enjoyed seeing all the entries. When K was showing, there were only 3 or 4 sewing projects. Great to see nearly 20 this year!

After the style show, they distributed the gifts for the Champion winners. For his computer project, he won a 3 drawer plastic chest and clamp-on light. He was pleased with a new nightstand and light!!

His small pets project prize is a DVD player and pkg of blank DVDs.

Monday is the swine show.

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More Pillowcases

Here are pillowcases I made for our bed.

I combined the hummingbird main design with the 2 side swirls.

I really love the fabric I found for the cases. Excited to have them home and on my bed! The bird is light green that matches the light green in the fabric. Hard to see in the photo.

I moved my entries to the fair today for Monday judging. I’ll keep you posted!

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