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Just Monday Morning

The weathermen have predicted the record highs to hit us TODAY for the last 3 days. Thankfully, so far, they aren’t right.

Sweaty kids, sweaty dads, and HOT pigs at the 4-H Swine show aren’t a good mix. 96′ for today was not looking good.

However, we have had off & on thunderstorms all morning and it is overcast with a current temperature of only 75′. A light breeze as well.

The chance of storms drops for this afternoon, a good thing as they all move their pigs down, and then is back up after 9 p.m. The show is usually done by 8:30.

High temperature for today is only to be 87′. Overcast all day.

That, my friends, is good news!!!

Pigs here are getting their final wash and clean bedding. Dinner is headed to the grill. (That wasn’t supposed to be funny…. ) Backpacks and supplies for today are packed and ready. Momma with 2 hours to herself is …. ready!

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