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Did you know….?

MY Dad won a ribbon at our fair?

My MIL asked me Tuesday night if I could take a picture through the netted fence they put around her antique and hobby entries. No problem!

So she told me that FIL entered the pencil holder my dad had made him. Really? I didn’t know about a pencil holder. “They” won first place in the handmade unusual item category!!

(The entrant doesn’t have to be the one who makes the item in this hobby category.)

JP told me later that one time he & Gpa R & others (?) were down at our (previously) timber farm and Gpa R found this perfect branch that he could use. Sure enough he made this pencil holder and Gpa M now has it next to their computer.

Congratulations to our Dads!!

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Storm Pictures 2

Since I’m not moving very fast today and while the laundry room works, I’ll put up some more pictures of the storm damage.

I took this after the hog show Monday night while they were cleaning up the show ring. Just looking south from the main 4-H building, still on fairgrounds property. The semi is the edge of the midway.

More of the corn along our lane:

Phil says the leaves being strIpped is wind damage, not hail. I didn’t have holes in my garden leaves so assumed wind. But wow! that is a lot of strIpped leaves!!

He says this leaning corn will then bend to continue up to the sun and will make the harvest a bit more of a challenge. There are other fields of ours that the corn is broken off. Some stalks broke off below the ear and that is lost completely. Other stalks are broken off above the ear. They should continue to fill out but are without the top leaves for nutrients.

Just 1 1/2 miles west of us… this was the news we heard before we got home and wondered how our home was as we were in this path…

Now granted… for those of you who knew this before the storm…. I may have brought it down with my sneeze but….

The property across the road:
All over our town and the town with the DMV office are scenes like this. Near our old house, branches are piled to the white line on both sides of the road.

My driveway up to the garage on Tuesday morning (littered with pine needles):
This rain gauge wasn’t very helpful in measuring the amount of rain that fell:

But all was calm…

at my pond:
in the wheat fields:

and in front of a breezy window:

JP & Green find reading a book a great way to relax and entertain when one’s computer isn’t running during our no-electricity days!

We were without power for 42 hours… give or take a few minutes. We were gone when it went out and sorting pigs when it came on. The return of power was almost sublime at that point!

We did have a bin lid damaged as well and Phil isn’t sure how much rain got in the bin. Now that we have power again (able to load) he is selling out a load to be able to assess the grain. The semi just arrived!

Our feed mill was also without power until yesterday so Phil has been rationing the soybean meal for his feed. They just delivered!

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