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Nothing? On my block?

Was it I who lamented…

Could it have been me…
who now lives oh.so.near to a busy & dangerous corner … scene to way too many accidents?
Or who has the harrowing rescues of pigs in the pit?
Or numerous other stories unknown to my city-raised-brain just a few (25!) years ago?
Was it ME??


Yes, it was. We had this book as a children and I remember pouring over it wishing SOMETHING would happen on MY block! (Tho I do remember the Saturday when that lady turned to give her child a bottle while driving down our alley and had an accident. Remember?)

Well, that was NOT the case on Tuesday morning at MY house… on MY block!

I was working on getting JP’s transcript updated. He was content playing an online game. When all of a sudden we heard the whap-whap-whap of a helicopter! So near to our house, we ran out to see it!

JP ran fastest and called back for me to get the camera. NOW!

I returned to the house without seeing what gave the sound and what gave the urgent call from my son for the camera. Not my highest speed… I was in my slippers! https://i0.wp.com/webpages.charter.net/kylegdb/smilies/38.gif

I returned outside with the camera, remembering that just an hour earlier JP had told me the battery was low.

This is what we saw!! Right next to our house yard! No wonder there was such a noise!!

I really think a little more lift over the wires would have been better! Did he not know we were without power 42 hours last week???

So I drove the nearest truck to find Phil (I’m in my slippers remember?) and waved frantically until he turned off the pressure washer and came to the door.

He was quite calm about a heli in our field…. He had ordered aerial spraying (fungicide & insecticide) and in lieu of an available airplane it seems we were sent a helicopter! The local company had a rep there. The workers for the helicopter were there.

It was quite fascinating to watch the helicopter land on top of the supply truck and get refilled and refueled. When the targeted field was the replant of 5/29, just to the east of us, the best vantage point for JP and a video try was on the roof! (my idea!)
Later when he was at another field, Phil said a good view was from the barn so I headed there. It was hard to see with the bright sky but I tried to capture how close he flies in this picture.
Phil headed back to the house with me to watch the landing and refilling.

I call this a scratch-n-sniff photo for you! Nothing worse than the farmer who just cleaned a hog house. He showers in the basement after this job.

What is next?

I’m not sure I want to know…

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