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Best Laid Plans

The plan was to start JP’s senior year this week. We sort of have done that, just not what I planned.

On Monday, he wrote up his 4-H reports and that took all morning. Phil helped with the swine records early on Tuesday morning.

Jason came Tuesday to help replace slats in the finishing building and JP is an important part of that job. So I lost my student. They finished that job on Wednesday morning.

However on Monday JP’s CAT test arrived for me to administer. He did some studying Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons.

So now today is quiet (K is working one day for the electronics store) so we started his testing.

I don’t normally test but we are doing this to qualify for his good student driver’s discount on our auto insurance. Yikes! Have you added a son to your insurance lately?

So it is school but not the curriculum that arrived Friday and is taking up the entryway. I’m moving to my Labor Day weekend soap & lotion show either this afternoon or tomorrow.

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