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Soaps at the Show

I have my soaps & lotions at Lynn’s show: Picket Fence Florals. Her setup is so pretty!

Only the soaps & lotions are mine… I didn’t do the fabric work here.

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American Corn

So if you don’t like Fritoes and Corn Flakes what is another great way to appreciate American Corn? Corn Fiber!

I’ve talked about it before and will again…

(ETA: Next as in 9/9…. oops!)

…. but K got to meet her supplier while she was home.

She took the 2 hr + 10 minute drive west and found her place with ease. She arrived before 11 a.m. and didn’t leave until 4 p.m….. still too early to part ways!

She also came home with wonderful yarns to play with in the next few months. And a few samples to show the fiber department now that she is back in class. So exciting!!

The Fiber Studio

Inside the studio. Mini kitchen, laundry resources for dyeing fibers… oo-la-la!

Market bag & pattern… and some yummy fibers!

K & Diane inside & outside

When K got home, she thanked Dad for finding her new best friend! (Phil saw an article in a farmer newspaper on her and K did the internet searching to find her.)

They have plans to get together during the fall and share more together. So maybe we’ll get a few weekend visits. Whirlwind weekends!

(K send me photos of what you got and I’ll add them on. https://i1.wp.com/img25.echo.cx/img25/5546/sc0877dq.gif )

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