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I was reading an email this morning from a book site….

This book was listed.

Could I just say…

I’d like some White Chocolate Moments!!

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A New View

Sunday after church, JP had the chance of a free airplane ride from Rick, a man at our church.

Our church property

Phil said he’d go along and sure enough, the other kids who Rick asked about riding didn’t come so Phil got to ride, too!
Rick is part of Young Eagles Association which teaches kids about flying. JP received quite a nice certificate.


Part of the ride is in depth education about planes and flying so it was more than just a quick ride.

K’s phone rang soon after she & I got home (my phone was still hiding in my purse) and at the same time we heard a plane. She & I ran outside to watch as they passed. They were too high to see us however.

JP loved seeing the patterns in the fields and took lots of pictures for us.

Gpa’s place

Our place – the black dots in the driveway are me & K!

Phil & JP after the ride!

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Nothing? On my block?

Was it I who lamented…

Could it have been me…
who now lives oh.so.near to a busy & dangerous corner … scene to way too many accidents?
Or who has the harrowing rescues of pigs in the pit?
Or numerous other stories unknown to my city-raised-brain just a few (25!) years ago?
Was it ME??


Yes, it was. We had this book as a children and I remember pouring over it wishing SOMETHING would happen on MY block! (Tho I do remember the Saturday when that lady turned to give her child a bottle while driving down our alley and had an accident. Remember?)

Well, that was NOT the case on Tuesday morning at MY house… on MY block!

I was working on getting JP’s transcript updated. He was content playing an online game. When all of a sudden we heard the whap-whap-whap of a helicopter! So near to our house, we ran out to see it!

JP ran fastest and called back for me to get the camera. NOW!

I returned to the house without seeing what gave the sound and what gave the urgent call from my son for the camera. Not my highest speed… I was in my slippers! https://i0.wp.com/webpages.charter.net/kylegdb/smilies/38.gif

I returned outside with the camera, remembering that just an hour earlier JP had told me the battery was low.

This is what we saw!! Right next to our house yard! No wonder there was such a noise!!

I really think a little more lift over the wires would have been better! Did he not know we were without power 42 hours last week???

So I drove the nearest truck to find Phil (I’m in my slippers remember?) and waved frantically until he turned off the pressure washer and came to the door.

He was quite calm about a heli in our field…. He had ordered aerial spraying (fungicide & insecticide) and in lieu of an available airplane it seems we were sent a helicopter! The local company had a rep there. The workers for the helicopter were there.

It was quite fascinating to watch the helicopter land on top of the supply truck and get refilled and refueled. When the targeted field was the replant of 5/29, just to the east of us, the best vantage point for JP and a video try was on the roof! (my idea!)
Later when he was at another field, Phil said a good view was from the barn so I headed there. It was hard to see with the bright sky but I tried to capture how close he flies in this picture.
Phil headed back to the house with me to watch the landing and refilling.

I call this a scratch-n-sniff photo for you! Nothing worse than the farmer who just cleaned a hog house. He showers in the basement after this job.

What is next?

I’m not sure I want to know…

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Textile Printmaking Class

Midst our difficult last week, K was flourishing! Her current 3-week class is printmaking on fabric and she is learning a lot and enjoying the process.

Those who know her well, know her fascination with old doors. This continues…

For one project, she took this picture she had from an old college in a nearby town.

Then worked with it in Photo Shop, made a screen of the print, and printed it… in PINK!

Currently she is using the fabric to make a bag for a door (2 favorite subjects!) using her doorknob fabric.

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4-H Livestock Auction

JP was allowed to auction one animal he showed with the 4-H auction. He sent invitations to some of the various business we work with in the area.

This year had the largest amount of 4-Hers participating in the auction which is in its 5th year. There were 19 animals auctioned: hogs, cattle, sheep, and a goat.

The market price (what any farmer would get) for hogs that night was $0.59 / pound. JP’s hog sold for $2.00/ pound! He was quite happy!!

We are church friends with his buyer, the local bank President! Seeing that his money hits his savings account, they win both ways!!

Thank you!!

Before the auction at 7 p.m., JP was in the 4-H Parade of Champions. Here are a few more pictures from Tuesday.

The 4-Hers coming into the grandstand track for the parade line-up:

You’ll remember that he won a Champion in Computers and Champion in Small Pets. He carried his Small Pets lapbook and ribbons from both projects. It was very hot so Mom allowed shades & a hat. (with apologies to the grandmas….)

I don’t get many pictures of my teen boy so I enjoy what I can get:

At the auction:

(pleased with my action shot!)

While his pig is up for auction, he shows it in the ring.

After his pig had been sold and was back in the pen, JP gives his thirsty pig a drink! It was so thrilled to drink from the sprayer… usually used for keeping said pig cool with a mist. However, this was the lazy pig’s straw!

See the building in these last 4 pictures? This was the open-sided building where we weathered Monday night’s storm. Ugh…

It still gives me moment to shudder… and to be thankful for His Protection!

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My Fair Results

I was able to check my fair results on Tuesday before the 4-H Parade of Champions. (JP was in the parade.) However, Wednesday brought more … too much more… life so you’ve had to wait all week for this!

You have already seen pictures for most of my entries….

Embroidered Pillowcases – greens – 1st, tan/burgundy hummingbirds – 2nd
Pillows – Embroidered – 1st & 2nd
Pillows – Appliqued – 1st & 2nd
Pillows – Quilted – 1st
Any other Quilted Item – Quilted Tote – 2nd, Nativity runner – 3rd
Quilted Wallhanging – Buggy Barn Friendship quilt – 1st
Kitchen Article – hot pad (that one I hurried to do for quilt guild) – 3rd
Purse – cherry & black with bobbin work – 1st & Best of Show, yellow & brights – 3rd
Personal Item – cosmetic bag (matches cherry & black purse) – 1st
Apron – embroidered 1st
Ornaments – 2nd
Homemade soap – 1st

I’m quite pleased with my results! Tonight I get my items and my money. Not huge prizes but either for the quilt shop or my oven fund!

I checked… no more pictures from the fair to include. Sorry!!

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Did you know….?

MY Dad won a ribbon at our fair?

My MIL asked me Tuesday night if I could take a picture through the netted fence they put around her antique and hobby entries. No problem!

So she told me that FIL entered the pencil holder my dad had made him. Really? I didn’t know about a pencil holder. “They” won first place in the handmade unusual item category!!

(The entrant doesn’t have to be the one who makes the item in this hobby category.)

JP told me later that one time he & Gpa R & others (?) were down at our (previously) timber farm and Gpa R found this perfect branch that he could use. Sure enough he made this pencil holder and Gpa M now has it next to their computer.

Congratulations to our Dads!!

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