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Sample Digital Fabric Book

For Friday’s class:

inside pages
Back cover

I love the colors –
the finished book –
serged edges –
plaid on the back cover.


For info on what the assignment was and other important details, watch the comment box for K’s response.  Big Grin  And while you are there… leave a comment. 


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Blogging in Google Chrome is sometimes better and sometimes there are things I’m used to that don’t function here.   Do you use Chrome?   Do you like it?

The forecast for the next 7 days calls for sunny & high 70’s – 80’s!  

JP’s first Adv Bio test went well today. 

A new set of classes for K has me really confused!

Our twins are celebrating their 19th birthday… 
without us… 
Bummer for us.
I’m the only one that remembers.  

Our county that has only 2 permanent stoplights now has 2 more in the distance between our house and our old house.   That makes going to “town” a real hassle!

I fixed a large hole in a pair of JP’s work jeans today.   Then saw there were holes by the back pockets, by the zipper, and the hem is ratty.   His favorite pair.   

I think I’m ready for the next set of Dear Jane blocks.   I need to scan lots of blocks that are done so I can show you.  

A short nap sounds yummy.

Water aerobics is tonight!  Even better… massage is tomorrow.  

I made 3 batches of soap last week.  

Dan’s garden looks MUCH nicer than my garden.  I don’t even want him (or anyone) to see my garden.   Last night Phil said he was going to take out the fence and start mowing.   
In the span of 7 days, K’s building had one fire drill and one real fire alarm.   Smoke came from the door to floor 5.   A floor for freshman in a special freshman program.   Someone hasn’t learned to cook supper yet.   She said there were 3 fire trucks and the men jumped off and rolled out the hoses.   Such excitement!!  She is getting good at 13 floors of steps.   Ugh.

JP mowed Gpa’s lawn on Tuesday and is mowing our lawn today.    He gets paid for Gpa’s lawn.   

However, you wouldn’t believe how much he made from selling scrap metal & pop cans yesterday.  Wowsers!   Phil suggested JP was taking us out to supper. Alas,  the money went to his savings account.  

Everyone we show K’s magazine to is sooo excited for her.   You’ve never seen her dad so proud.  

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