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Good Tidings!

Lots of good things…

** Cathy & Tom sold their house and move in 5 weeks to IA from NC! Congrats!!!

** K had a dinner with the SAIC President this afternoon!! And as part of the discussion when asked what they are doing to advertise SAIC… Miss K pulled out her magazine!! WooHoo!!! The Pres was impressed but the VP (a woman https://i2.wp.com/img103.exs.cx/img103/6541/biggrin.gif ) was VERY impressed!!


** Home improvements are planned here & there!

And it was sad….
when another one called asking for help with the wife’s struggle with Fibromyalgia. It is so sad to hear of her suffering. I hope I gave enough encouragement that they will try the guaifenesin. What a benefit that the dh is going to learn what she needs for skin care products with the protocol so her brain fogged mind doesn’t have to work on that!! A tad confused how they got my name… but that person’s in-laws are friends with my in-laws. Small town. 😉

I still think there will come a day I’ll have group meetings in town to help others with the protocol. Location seems to be a problem in my mind.

I just love the DJ block I finished yesterday…

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