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Last Week’s Auction

Last week my MIL (auction-attender-extraordinaire!) called to say her planned destination for Friday included a listing for 150 quilt books! She called to ask what she should look for!! haha!! It wasn’t like she wanted my Library Thing list to see what I didn’t have.

I said I’d see about rearranging JP’s morning schedule and coming to join her.

I arrived about an hour after it had started and just about 5 minutes before they got to the designated and most desired hay rack. Sure enough…. there were about 8 boxes of quilt books. Full boxes.

One box had a few Carol Doak books & CD for paper piecing… but I already had those. But I eyed 2 other boxes I would like.

The bidding continued on the rack as they worked from the center out and more at the other end before they got to the books.

I was sorry I let a like-new Ott Lite go by… the bidding was furious as it roared to over $20. I don’t know where I would have needed to take the bidding to win! I said (to explain to MIL) the bulb alone was worth over $30.

So they finally got to the books. I had nearly one whole box already on my shelf… those annual Quilt Show books from the 80’s & 90’s. Finally I got in on the bids…. $4 for my choice of box. I got a good box, books I like and none that I already had! Another box I would have liked went individually for near $30.

I’m cheap on these things. (Especially when I hadn’t had much chance to scope it out.)

Must say…
When I got home, Phil asked me why I didn’t buy them ALL!!

I got a few bids for $1 and netted some hand-pieced blocks. All of these blocks set me back just $2 total.

These various 9-patch blocks
There are 25 of these 9-patch blocks with red as the main fabric.

They aren’t made very well. Here is the back of one to show the stitching and how frayed they are.

There are 20 of these lantern blocks. The edges are folded under and basted. Are they usually appliqued to a square then? They don’t fit together.

Just 3 of these.

Six blocks that just beg for lots of pretty quilting.

One block together with a nice cone in the middle. 😉 The rest of the pieces are cut. Maybe purchased in a kit already cut? Almost could be from a sheet. Or did they just use more blended fabrics then. Seem to be mid-70’s. ???

Later once they had moved in the shed for selling of nicer items, they were selling a vinyl padded chair. Shorter than normal, I thought maybe it was for a vanity.

And then…

as the bidding started…

they lifted the seat and there….


sewing notions!!!

Delight!! So the starting price kept dropping until it hit his lowest bid and I jumped!

One dollar!!

I got it!! I scooted it over to me, MIL came closer, and she told me I got a good deal!

Oh yeah! https://i0.wp.com/www.forum.neue-buerger-roms.de/Smileys/Lots_O_Smileys/blob1.gif

I gave her a spool of cotton darning thread… mutual joke. She uses it! I.never.darn.socks!

Look at this loot!
I think I found 5 pairs of scissors, not the sharpest but most of them cut.

I love these plastic boxes that hold thread. Just like my mom’s!

Love the little boxes with tiny spools of a floss of some sort.
See the metal tape measure? It goes in the leather pouch. How cute!!

I also got an oak chair that can be used at the kitchen table if we need an extra. And I also got a 1960 circa end table. Both cleaned up quite nice!
I scanned all my books when I got home and added them to my Library Thing list. Fourteen new books.

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