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We Aren’t Moving…

it just feels like it!

My carpenter  called yesterday and said his planned appearance next Saturday wasn’t looking too good.   But with rain forecast for 3 days in the coming week and no inside jobs lined up on his regular job, he wondered if I would be upset if he calls some morning and comes that day.  

Not upset — I’d be thrilled!! 

I have been cleaning, sorting, and unloading cabinets at a slow speed.  Today…. kicked it up a notch.  

Phil helped clear an area in the basement for us to put boxes of dishes and cabinet food.   JP help carry several loads.  I continue sorting and cleaning.  

Cabinets have been cleaned since we moved in 20 years ago but I put stuff in there that just sits.  Maybe I’m ready to turn over a new leaf.

For now… full of sneezes and getting tired!

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