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Times Two!

K met with her academic advisor yesterday and called to report. 
“Surprise Mom!  I’m a senior!”  

She has enough credits to graduate in May and then take a few classes in the summer to finish.  

So even though they are separated by
6 1/2 years 
5 grade levels

they are graduating from high school and college 

at the same time!!

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Harvest Report

Phil started to combine soybeans on October 1st, a late start this year.   At this point, he is about 3/4 of the way finished with his beans.  Yields are on the low side – mid 40’s – 50 bu an acre and then he hit a field that was even less.  Ugh!  He attributes some late season disease to the low yields and the very wet spring to the field that was even worse.  

Such is farming.

Yesterday we received 1 1/2″ of rain so he is out of the field for several days.  Plenty of book work, plans for next year (input costs up significantly!), and pig work to catch up on. 

He is hoping to tackle the county plot by Friday. 

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