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Friday’s view

Phil and his gang combined the soybean plot on Friday.

I love the different colors each variety has once they mature.

I always bake treats for them but was in quandary without an oven. I ended up making cinnamon rolls and baking them at Elinor’s.


By Saturday all our soybeans were finished! Yeah!

Molly just wanted to say Hi!

Phil & I both commented on getting all the beans done in one time… not switching back & forth between corn & beans. That doesn’t happen many years… or ever in our memories.

The corn however, is still wet and green in some parts. Phil drilled some wheat on Saturday (into bean ground) but he needs some corn combined so he can get more wheat in before the crop insurance deadline.

So he is out doing a bit of corn today. Test strips here along the house also give them places to park wagons and turn around. It is 27% here and 31% at his Dad’s. Ugh!

The corn reel to help with the downed corn isn’t working right so they aren’t using it yet.

This is a weird fall! Starting corn on October 13th and only because he needs to start? That is late!!

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