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I’m so glad you found me here in my new blog home.   Please leave a comment and let me know you found me here.  {What is super cool is that with Word Press, if you don’t have an avatar registered with them, your avatar for me will be a quilt block.  😀  }

I’m still in a bit of recovery mode from the weekend and last night’s quilt guild meeting but my goal is to have fabric dyeing pictures up by Wednesday.   Bear in mind, the to-do list has soapmaking and lotion making on it as well.  

Phil is busy with corn and JP helps out when he can.  JP is helping Gpa move a load now and will finish his Math for today when he gets back.   K is at Hatmaking class today, has an RA sponsored program tonight (“Avoiding the SAIC Cold” 😉 ), and a staff meeting late tonight.   

K – your box is “in the mail”! 😀


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