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Overview of the Weekend

So besides Fabric Dyeing, what else did we do?


K had homework.  Some reading got done on the way to church and on the way back downtown.   She had her hat block (layers of that pink styrofoam hot glued together).   She had done the carving at school.  

Saturday she sanded it smooth. Then added paper mache’ layers. Thankfully it was dry for the return to Chicago on Sunday afternoon.   (Sunday night she had to apply layers of polyurethane to the paper mache’.   Tuesday was Hatmaking class and she put on her wool felt.)   

I drove in partway and K drove the rest of the way.   Phil got to drive home since he had the nap on the way in.  😉

So while I had Phil in the car and remembered his MIL question… I asked.   I guess the nap had made him sappy…. So his favorite MIL asked about getting 1/2 a hog when they are out.   He replied, “What will she do with the other half?”  Which made the car erupt with laughter.  :-p  (We’ll take care of the other half, Mom.)  

Which then led K to remember the conversation at the last staff meeting…. Someone said, “Did you know you can buy half of a cow?”  “Oh gross!”  

None of this sounds odd to she who grew up with such talk, however she is one among many.  😉  She seeks to educate them in a better way.  🙂

After we arrived at her building, I found myself again… hanging out in the alley.   I had a quilt catalog to occupy me.   They only took an armload each up to her room. Of course, there she found a note from a resident seeking her help.  

We drove to the street of her previous building for a parking place and walked around a bit.   The streets were cool and breezy but quiet.  

The Daley Plaza was set up with that fall “holiday” type tents and such.   I was glad the vendors were closed by then.   However, a large screen was set up, benches facing it and speakers facing the crowd.   About 75 were huddled with heavy coats and hoods over their heads watching a free showing of ET.  Movies are scheduled for the next few weekends.  It would be a bit too cool for me.  

K thought she should return to assist the resident-in-need so we drove her back to her home.   Not such a problem upon further investigation but it was time for us to head home as well.  

We arrived home at 10:10 p.m.  T I R E D.  I love having her home but the visits sure are short.

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Fabric Cards

I have made quite a few fabric cards in the last 2 years or so.  I enjoy them and hope the recipients do as well.   Most are about 8″ x 10″ or 9″ x 11″.   They fit in a small padded envelope or a flat rate priority envelope.   

Last week I had several on my mind so made several cards.  First I made a background.

During the night before I made these I was given the idea that I wanted fall colors, a tree in navy, and a Bible verse.   That morning I found a tree image and figured out how to make it navy.  Then I did a Bible search online and found one on seasons.  All of us are in a season of life.   I printed the images on muslin (adhered to freezer paper) with my printer.  

I played around with fabrics until I decided on what I wanted to do.

Then I sewed my items down and added some leaf quilting.

I love the idea of these… my struggle is that I like the messy look but don’t pull it off when I get down to work.  I think I need more play time.

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