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Vote for Me!

I’m a member of The Quilt Show and this weekend for the Super Bowl, they are having a pet contest.  

Would you vote for me?  


I think you can… it doesn’t say non-members can’t.  What I need you to do is send an email to: pets@thequiltshow.com

Put my screen name: she-quilts — Nina, our new puppy in the subject line.  Hit send!  🙂  That is all I need from you.  And you can be sure that if Nina wins… I’ll let you know!  

BUT… voting doesn’t begin until AFTER the Super Bowl.  I’ll update here if anything changes with the voting.  But PLEASE & THANK YOU!!!  


Nina had her first shower today!  She is even MORE fluffy and oh.so.soft now!  🙂  🙂  🙂  

She is a total nut in the snow.  She hops and hops and hops across the yard.  Then all of a sudden she’ll dive her nose in as deep as she can.  Scoots her nose deep in the snow for 8″ and then stops.  Just stays under for a couple of seconds.  Then up and hop, hop, hop!  

Please send an email for us!  🙂

ETA: I corrected how to write the subject line.  Please vote after the game!  Thank you!!  Voting is all day Monday as well.  🙂

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Of mice & such…

No!  Not that kind, Mom!  

This kind:


I have a cordless mouse that goes with my cordless keyboard.  I like them.  

However, the mouse is cranky this week!!  I have to click extra hard (and sometimes many times) to get my choice of boxes checked.   The scrolling thing is fine.  Back button is fine.

We put in new batteries last week.   I have done the reset thing twice.

Still ornery. 

The bottom says “Manufactured June 2006” so I suppose I bought it that fall.  

JP, our personal geek, tells us he doesn’t like the cordless ones, we need a new corded one.    So then do I need a new keyboard too?  Keyboard seems fine except for the dust layer. 

Is there a way to clean inside the mouse?  Could that be the problem?  What say you?

Hello brother?  😀

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Miss Nina

Usually in the afternoons, JP has taken Nina outside to run & play in the barn.  She loves playing in the barn!  And she loves the snow and she loves being outside and she loves pestering Molly!  *sigh*  She’s a puppy – most everything makes her happy!!  

I took her out today after lunch and JP took her later.


Here is her bedtime pen that Phil built.   On day 3, Phil gave her 3 weeks to be jumping out of there.  K & I gave her a few days.  


On day 4, Nina greeted Phil at the door of the barn when he came to get her out.  Ooopsie!  She got out!  


So last night, the men put an extra side panel on the top and held it down with a straw bale so she couldn’t lift it up.   Phil said she didn’t cry much when he left.  She whimpered and then he heard her walk to her blanket and then it was quiet.  


She mostly hops & jumps through the straw.


Just loves playing here…. sometimes chasing cats… sometimes just smelling all there is to smell…. sometimes biting straw.   


And sometimes for a second…. she’ll sit.   Just for a second!

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BOM Top Done!

I finished putting on the borders and getting them all mitered today.  


I have the backing waiting to be picked up during the shop’s Super Bowl Sale on Sunday.  It will be pieced so today I made the label for the back.



So I’m committed to have this finished in February!  🙂

I’m so excited!!  Maybe tomorrow I can look for some quilting patterns.   The shop quilt had circles in the red border.   The green border is 8″ so I’ll need something nice to quilt in there.

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Shape & Theory Final


K’s Shape & Theory class ended last Thursday but I think you’ll like seeing her final project.  I don’t know what the assignment included but she had thrift shop bags that she ‘unsewed’ and rearranged. 

She & her friend in class, T from the Ukraine, wanted to go outside and shoot pictures of each other with their projects.  Conrad, the instructor, got wind of this plan so had them wait a minute.  He went to another classroom and came back with models for them!  This allowed K to arrange her piece on the model and take pictures while T was her assistant. T also videoed K’s model which is super!  Then they switched places with T working with her model. 

Conrad encouraged the class to document their work so did near-professional level pictures of their projects.  Then had the photos for the students to keep. 

K arranged some of the shots from the outside photo shoot into this collage.   She had it printed at the school print shop in a big size for part of her final.  I thought you’d like seeing this.  


K said T spoke good English and had a strong accent but was thankful for K’s tutoring and help with finding the thrift stores.  (K’s specialty!! 😉 )  I found it interesting that T then struggled to understand the English spoken by a native Asian.  She knew American English but struggled to decipher English with an Asian accent.   🙂

You’ll have to email K if you need an explanation on the project.  For me… just a proud momma.  🙂

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Puppy Love

I think we’ll name the puppy, Nina.  I hope you like it!

Today she is even more playful!  I got an old washcloth and tied it in a knot.  She was thrilled!

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On the Road Trip…

A long day in the car Friday gave us plenty of time for discussion.  Just what the men were looking forward to!!  haha!!  

Driving through New Sharon, Iowa, made Phil wonder about Old Sharon. Poor Soul.  Yikes!

What about this place? 


It is not only “Closed” (also on the sides) but the front boldly proclaims it is “Not Open”.  

Were some confused at the closed sign?  
The locked door?  
The lack of lights on?  
The curtain in the window?

We found this terribly funny!

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New Furry Friend

We left at 7:48 a.m., had 40 mins for lunch and about 1/2 hr at a farm, and returned home at 5:15 p.m. with…..





The momma dog is in the lower part of the picture.   The dad stays with the sheep all.the.time.  

puppy-jpHome and while I made supper JP had to check his computer.   “She” went along.   She has 3 tans spots like this on her back.   She won’t be a house dog and on the carpet normally tho!  🙂  

All is great so far!  No accidents in the car at all!  🙂  She has gone outside both times I took her out.  No accidents in the house.   

She is blocked to stay in the kitchen now and just layed down to sleep.  No crying.  🙂  

She needs a name!  🙂

More later but I need to fix Phil’s coveralls.

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One on the guaifenesin support group was struggling today.   She is just a ‘toddler’ in the stages of reversal so I posted this to encourage her & others.   Thought I’d share with you as I know I don’t post much about my fibromyalgia.  

Shirley, it is OK to vent! We’ve walked in your shoes. Or not wanted to walk as well! ((hugs))

Today as I was out scraping frozen and packed snow off my driveway, I was so excited!! Three years ago it was difficult to walk to the bathroom.

When we went to church, dh dropped us off at the door. I HUNG onto dd’s arm and she led me to a seat immediately. I couldn’t stand when others would stand. After that was over, I’d lean to get back out to the car.

My legs felt like cement and sometimes I had to pick them up with my hands to change their position when I was sitting.

So today I shoveled snow. 
Then I walked a bag of heavy garbage to the dumpster. 
Then I wandered around the loop on our farm looking for my dh. 
I found him and we walked to the barn. I approved the play area he built out of straw bales and misc boards for our new puppy that is coming home today. 🙂
I walked up the icy, snow-packed hill to the house.  (and didn’t fall!  😀 )

Guai works!  


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Yesterday I finished putting the quilt together except the 2 borders.   Wow I just love it!!  🙂


I worked a bit on the 2 borders today.   I’m trying to get them on before my machine goes to the shop (just regular cleaning & oiling) on Saturday.   Not sure if I’ll accomplish that with the road trip tomorrow.


ETA:  I just realized I’m holding it upside down!  LOL!!  I could rotate the picture but then my hands would look odd.  😉

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