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Etsy Work

I’ve spent 5 hours working on my etsy shop today.  It isn’t full yet but at least I’m getting there.  

I have lots of soaps to go yet and I want to get my salicylate-free soaps up as soon as possible.  Plus the butter creams and MSM cream.  I never thought it would take so long to get photos ready and list everything.  Much longer than ebay listings I’ve done!

I want to share fun stuff with you but need to get this work done. 

Yesterday I got a BIG box as my The Quilt Show prize and I’ve only peeked… not unpacked it yet.  

I took the time to weigh Nina today…  TWENTY POUNDS!!!  She was 12 pounds 3 weeks ago when we brought her home.  Phil thinks she makes the same size footprint in the snow as Molly!

Just had to fill you in…. I’ll be back soon with more pictures!  🙂

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Loving Pets

See Molly really does like having a new puppy here!  Ha!!


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