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Three Sisters

When we 3 girls have been together lately, one brother-in-law thinks we remind him of our great-aunts and grandmother on Mom’s side.

The aunts:


L-R: Aunt Ann, Grandma Riddle, Aunt Blanche (1965?) on Grant Street, Ashland, Ohio


Just kids:


L-R: Nancy, Joyce, Margaret Spring 1965 In front of house at 811


December 2008:


Not quite like the aunts but funny none the less!  I’m trying to leave good impressions on the great-nieces & great-nephews.  🙂

Said BIL would have been a good match for Aunt Ann who would quiz us on our Longfellow poetry and make sure we understood about penmanship.  

We just take care of the Grammar Police role now.  :p



{look how distracted I can get when sorting JP’s baby pictures.  🙂 }

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