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I got home with K and we had a late supper all together.  JP & Phil had been at the 4-H Ice Cream stand working so had just finished cooking when we came in.  K thought it a great idea to run to the fair tonight after supper so I could get pictures of my stuff.  You owe her! 😉

My Best of Show quilted pillow

pillowcasesEmbroidered & hand made pillowcases

(one is brights with hats and one is drums & a music theme)


coastersCoasters – I had 1st

denim jacketEmbroidered denim jacket.  It is variations of pink for the flowers and swags.  They artfully arranged it on the shelf to show the front & back at the same time!

soapI have yet to figure out why a set of 3 bars of homemade soap are in the canning section but I still play along.  Usually I’m the only entry which = $5.  Why not?

wallhangingThe 2nd place wallhanging is mine in the light batiks.  It is 3 paper-pieced stars and hangs vertically with the point at the bottom.   I would have to agree the McKenna Ryan all stitched down w/ buttonhole stitch is quite nice and deserves the 1st.

We were probably only at the fair an hour.  Visited with some friends who were happy to see K and checked on Grandma M’s antique entries.

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Fair Update – Tuesday night

We headed to the fair just after 5 p.m. on Tuesday.  It is about 18 minutes to get there.  No traffic worries in the little village that hosts the fair.   🙂

Our first stop was to check on JP’s pig.  All was well with the food & water so we walked to the other end of the fairgrounds.  Maybe that is 1/2 a mile.   The county fair had just opened officially at 4 so a few more people than my walk the night before.

Of course, I made them see my stuff next.  As soon as I entered the building, I saw my Best of Show ribbon laid upon my pink quilted pillow.  🙂

fair 6

And I totally forgot to take pictures there so yes, this is a repeat.  :p

Last year I was the only entry in the quilted pillow category but this year there must have been 10!  Thankful for the 1st place that went on to earn Best of Show!  🙂  No extra prize money…. just the pride.

Embroidered pillowcases won 1st & 2nd.  Purses also won 1st & 2nd.  Other 1sts: my denim jacket, coasters, apron, soap, cosmetic bag.    One wallhanging got a 2nd and my quilted tote got a second.  (I think… just picking this from my brain…)

I was non-too-happy that I had a 3rd & 4th as well.  😦   But let’s not go there today, OK?

Next was supper for the men.  We get a coupon for one of the local eats for our work at various 4-H events.  JP used one on Saturday after we had helped with the general projects judging. We used 2 from the swine show work last night.  I had a brat at home and the men had variations of a brat (polish sausage & hot dog), some nachos, and pop there.  (my opinion = blech!)

Next we walked through the 4-H building now that all the displays were arranged and I could see things better than during judging on Saturday.  Found some friends to visit with (Lamoille & Cathy) and they wondered about the tall kid we had with us!  😉

We returned to the auction area which is the same building and area where the hog show was Monday night.   JP got a pail of clean water to clean off the pig just a bit.

before auctionFresh, cold, & clean is fun for Mr. Pig to drink!

before auction bath

At home the pigs get baby shampoo & a hose but all those ammenities are not available at the fair.   Just some water & a brush will have to do for sprucing up.

His pig is in a pen to the side of the show ring from the Monday pictures.


While each animal is up for auction, the 4-Her shows the animal in the show ring.  Our vet (& neighbor) helped the bidding and a VP from our local bank was the final bid.

The market price for hogs they started with was .38/pound.  {Yes, it is a crime and makes one wonder why we are farmers…. }  However, JP sold his hog for 3.25/pound.  A nice deposit in his college fund.  (Back in the bank makes the VP happy, too!)

auction 2

during auction

I was on the far left of the show ring and got this shot before it started.  My men visiting; our vet is talking with JP.

auction buyer

I was glad to get a picture of JP & his hog buyer after the auction.  We really appreciate the local businesses that support the 4-H kids!

There were cattle, sheep, & hogs at the auction.  (Twenty-two animals.)  Sometimes there are rabbits & chickens which are always fun to watch!

A good time was had by all!

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