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I got


(and you thought taking pix of littles was difficult!)  These are from Thursday.  Maybe too much birthday pie and fair food!

kids 1

kids 2 disappeared

(quick disappearing act!)

kids 3(note the fake arm around sister…)

kids 4

kids 5(why the head shadows????)

kids 6(nice flash in the mirror and someone seems taller here ???)

kids 7

kids 8(Ugh on the shadows!!  And too bad I didn’t know this until after K went home!)

kids 9(So is this with the flash off?  I have no idea but no shadows but not great lighting either. )

On Friday, K had appointments for a massage and a haircut.  Afterwards, we all headed to the good shopping city.  We had another birthday supper for JP at bd’s Mongolian Grill.  YUM!!  And a picture again for Mom. 🙂

kids at bd's

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Birthday Recap

Sorry to keep you & JP waiting… it has been a tad busy around here!

When does this merry-go-round stop???

But back on Thursday, August 6th…..

We usually do birthdays at noontime when we have our main meal.   JP’s request was Subway but I did the override since I was cheating and buying supper out, I grilled steaks instead.  JP liked it all the same.  🙂

bday 1

Presents after dinner included:

bday 2Linux magazine & a Wii game

bday 3Can you read this t-shirt?  🙂

bday 4

A new cymbal for the drumset!  Yeah!!  And a refill on his card for the local coffee shoppe! 😉

After the parade at the fairgrounds that evening, we brought home 2 pizzas for a late birthday supper.  {I had asked Phil’s parents about coming over in the morning.  One wanted to stay at the fair to see exhibits and one asked again, “What time is pizza?”  🙂  It was cute!  And the pizza won out.  heehee}

bday 5The grandmas provided some flat & green gifts (what every 17 y/o loves!) and an old collector pig from Grandma M since he had done so well showing at the 4-H show.

bday 6Snuggles with Nina

The flat, green gifts are providing an MP3 player for music, videos, pictures, & books and some new Wii games for all of us to play!  🙂

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