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Another Hat

While K was home last weekend, she worked on a hat for her friend, Beth.

Here it is before the lining went in:

coon hat

The fur is so thick and soft!  I could touch it once she had it cut out and I wasn’t really touching the whole animal. 😀  K has found the wonderful fur dealer where Phil used to sell when he was of trapping age.  What a funny circle & one we never expected!  😉  (He quit about the time K was born.)

I can’t find any finished pictures with Beth in her hat.  The lining was to be turquoise & purple plaid flannel!!

K has plans to make more hats like this and I think her own head will be warmed by fox this winter.  Beth however wanted the tail and a coonskin hat!!  No thanks.  😉

After she had a trip to the local thrift stores, I helped her get started on altering a 1980’s wool coat into a cape!  More on that after she completes it.  It is going to be so fun, I just know she’ll send me pictures.  😀

I’ve had a headache most of the week so haven’t accomplished as much as I had wanted.  But JP is ready for college and K is moving to her first apartment.  Yeah for big kids! 🙂

(I need a new category for life out of college for Miss K….)

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Phil is out planting (direct seeding) radishes for a fall cover crop. Imagine that! I hope I get pictures later. Can’t wait to see this!

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