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In the Soup Pot Today

Wednesday is a good work day for me.  It isn’t a swim day and JP leaves at 7:25 a.m. so the morning is really quiet.

Today I worked on Chloe’s Virus Killing Soup.   Chloe (her pseudonym) is a friend from the Sonlight forums.  She is famous for being wise & sweet as well as for her famous soup.

The house smells divine!  If I had a smell-o-vision-blog, you could enjoy it.  But since I don’t, I’ll let you make it yourself.

Virus killing soup…

One chicken
Appx 15-30 cloves garlic, peeled and crushed
1 Tbs salt
3-4 Thyme sprigs
Cayenne pepper (to taste. I use about a tsp)
Fresh Rosemary sprigs
Fresh ground pepper

Place chicken and other ingredients in a soup pot (I use my pressure cooker) and cover with water or chicken broth (I really like those boxes of organic chicken broth). Cook on stove top until chicken starts to fall apart. Remove from heat. Strain out chicken and stuff and set aside until cool enough to chop. Reserve broth for next step.

1 large onion (coarsely chopped or sliced)
1 fennel bulb (sliced thin)
1 leek (sliced thin)
4-6 stalks of celery (coarse chopped)
large red pepper (coarse chopped)
1/2 lb. carrots (coarse chopped)

2 tbs olive oil
1/2 C good White Wine
salt and pepper

Place oil in bottom of large pot and heat. Add onion, fennel, celery, pepper and leek and saute until onion just transparent. Add wine and simmer for 3-4 minutes. Cover the vegetables with chicken broth from chicken–add more broth from can or box if you don’t have enough broth from chicken and simmer veggies until just tender.

Frozen green beans
Frozen peas
flat leaf parsely (chopped)
1-2 cans chopped tomatoes with juice
salt and pepper to taste

Add these above ingredients and simmer until everything is tender. Add chopped chicken, salt and pepper to taste.

No virus can withstand this soup.

You can also add cabbage with the end ingredients if you like (I do!), or any other veggies your family likes. Sometimes I’ll throw in whatever is in my veggie bin in addition to the above.

The next day add egg noodles and turn it into chicken noodle soup.


Because I am using my own chicken broth (as well as some water) to get this going, this will be safe for me on the HG diet.  Yeah!  And most of this will head to the freezer for the next time a bug tries to invade our house.

Especially if I am the one that is sick, it is very hard to have easy but safe for me foods.  (Soups in a can have starches and/or sugars. 😦  )

My version today is fennel-less and I don’t know how much that will affect the virus killing tendencies.  But I was so excited I had the herbs — fresh — in my herb garden just beside the deck.  🙂  Makes me feel smug!!  We like garlic here so I used the 30 cloves – 2 heads.  🙂

I also don’t have a “good wine” and would have to have someone point one out to me specifically while in the store so it is missing that 1/2 cup. 🙂

Stage 2 is still simmering at this point.

Meanwhile, I made dinner (grilled pork chops & zucchini ribbons), baked bread (enjoying the first piece now 🙂 ), quilted a bit (nearly done quilting the 08 BOM), sold $36 worth of soap to the 2 nice ladies at the door, forgot to get JP out the door for a haircut, and got Nina to eat & drink twice.   (Somehow she managed to find the umpf and found me downstairs in my sewing room.  She is zonked out there now.)

Next I am going to go over our small group study for tonight.  It is just for a few weeks and started last week.  However, the leader’s granddaughter’s birthday is tonight so I’m leading.  I hope they are fine with the leader not having all the answers.  🙂

I hope you make some soup & stay healthy this fall & winter!  🙂

~~~~Edited to add:

The soup is quite yummy!!! Phil & I had a bowl for supper that night.  It is chocked full of veggies.  It wasn’t strong or too spicy at all.

I boxed up the rest for the freezer but I’m thinking if I start eating that before we are sick, I’ll just make another pot full.  It is a super veggie-filled soup.   And carb-free w/o the noodles.  🙂

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Frisbee Fun

A great afternoon routine this summer has been frisbee time for Nina & JP.   We have had this huge frisbee for several years and it is Nina’s favorite!


Obviously, Nina is a bit hard on it.  Now I have to try to find a new one.


She just loves this!



She catches it nearly every time.  Sometimes by the inner opening and sometimes by the outer edge.  However, she doesn’t take it back to JP very often.   Mostly, he has to trick her and give her a good tackle!



No frisbee play today.  Nina went to the vet this a.m. for her “Bob Barker treatment”.   The men returned before noon to bring her home.   She is sleeping away the afternoon in the hallway on a flannel sheet.

JP had to go out and work with Phil.  I heard a thump and I think she tried to go out with him.  She is now turned around.  I petted her and laid her head back down and soon she was sound asleep.

I want to get to swim soon but think I’ll wait until JP returns.

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Radish Update

We finally had some sunshine yesterday so Phil & I went to check his radishes.

Nina went with us – she loves rides!  First we stopped to feed the gilts at his dad’s barn and Nina was tired of waiting for Phil to get back in the truck.


radishes Sept g

Phil drilled these into a (previous) wheat field in August.  He had hauled manure on this field and the radishes are great at finding that nitrogen and holding it for next season’s crop.  (So we’ve been told.)

After only going 8 days w/o rain once all year, soon after he planted these radishes, we entered a 3 week stretch without rain.  Personally, most of us were thrilled!  Maybe the radishes weren’t so thrilled and were thirsty.

radishes Sept a

Not sure if just missing rain but they are VERY green and bushy in the rows where the manure is incorporated.

radishes Sept b

See how tall the radishes are against Phil’s boot?

radishes Sept c

He tried to dig one up but couldn’t w/o a shovel or fork.  Next time!

radishes Sept eWishing the radishes had grown well everywhere and snuffed out some horse tail weed.  :\

clover sept 27

When he ran out of radish seed, he finished up the area with clover.  At this point he is pleased with its growth.

JP Sept 27

Coming to see us is a good ride for JP.  😉  (He isn’t legal for the real roads yet.)

JP Sept 27 b

Sept 27 checking beans

These are some early soybeans that Phil thinks would need a bit more time but will be ready the soonest.

Sept 27 checking beans 2

And so the fall farmer ritual…. of trying the beans…. a bite tells you if they are still too chewy or ready to combine.

This answer…. they need a LOT more time!  :\

radishes Sept f

He also put radishes along the corn plot where he had wheat.  A few of the companies have put up their signs for each variety.

The farmer’s almanac forecasts 2 light snows in October and a harvest-ending snow by Thanksgiving.   Praying for some more good drying days!  We have a long way to go and haven’t started yet!  (Last year they finished within hours of the big snow.)

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Super Meet-up SL-style

I was up bright & early on Tuesday morning and for good reason!  I was joining with some friends I’d met before and some I’ve only known online for a meet-up!  We all have the connection of homeschooling our kids with Sonlight curriculum.  (Well, except that I’m retired but they still let me come!)  The forums that Sonlight provides are such a great sense of community.   It is a treat to be able to join a meet-up.  🙂

I packed my lunch and headed out at 7 a.m. in the rain & fog.  I stopped for a gas fill-up and continued on.  I hit pouring rain where I slowed to 50 mph and had the wipers on super-fast.  Ugh!!

I arrived at Sheila’s a bit after 8 a.m. and we continued on with Sheila and her dd, newly minted 9 y/o!  🙂

With great map reading by Sheila, we arrived at Naper Settlement about 9:30.  Yeah!  Sure not much traffic at that hour.  🙂

DSCF4766(I couldn’t resist this picture!  Moms enjoying getting to know each other.  Children not so thrilled!)

After a few minutes the rest of our crew arrived.  Sarah + 5 from Naperville, Leslie + 4 from CA, Judy + son from the burbs, Becca + 3 daughters from IN, Sheila + daughter, and me.  Fun!  Fun!  Fun!

DSCF4773The Moms

L-R: Sarah, Me, Judy, Leslie, Sheila, Becca

kids bestThe 14 kids – aren’t they so cute!

The Naper Settlement was really quite nice midst the drizzle that we had occasionally.  The workers were great at explaining their area and answered wonderful questions from any of us.


We went in the blacksmith’s shop where he made an iron hook, the print shop, the lawyer’s home, the post office, and a log cabin.  Then the kids loved playing on the covered wagon and at the fort.



We thought we’d aim for the schoolhouse 😉 but instead went in the meeting house.  Great!  There were lots of activities and toys for the kids while the moms all pulled up a child-sized chair or the step and sat to visit!!  🙂


It was fun watching the children role play and enjoy the dress-up clothes.


Sarah had taken her 2 youngest home earlier so after telling Judy & Becca good-bye, Leslie, Sheila, & I went to Sarah’s for lunch and more time to visit.

best kids 2

Sheila & I headed back home about 4.  The traffic wasn’t as bad as I expected until we came upon the back-up on the toll road because of an accident.  We traveled 3 miles in about 30 minutes.  All the while, Miss E in the backseat was wonderful!

I got them home at 6 and arrived at my house just after 7 p.m.

A 12 hour day!  🙂  It was fun but I was sure tired!!

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Quilt Guild Sept

Soon after our potluck Monday evening, our speaker arrived to set-up for the program.  Our members love to shop so it was great that Tammy Tadd brought lots of goodies from her store to sell.

Tammy & her very funny assistant gave us a trunk show of her patterns & quilts from the shop.

sept 3Tammy on the left while her helper & a lady from guild (r) help hold this Lifesaver inspired quilt.

sept 4

I like these young child/baby quilts!  I usually don’t do appliqué but really think these are darling!  I need another great niece or nephew, don’t you think?  🙂

sept 5

sept 6

LOVE THIS!!  And those dots!!  Tammy explained that the dots are a piece of fabric.  If you cut strips one direction, the dots are multi-colored and were used in the outside border.  When the strips are cut the other direction, the dots are from one color family, used around the blocks.

I would love to use fabric like that!  However, it is out of print in fabricland.  😦  It even came in dots on black fabric!!

sept 7

Three quilts – all from the same pattern.  What variety!   Cute & fast piecing.

sept 8

I know this is out of focus but the pattern design is great.  I’m not too keen on the green border this time but loved all the movement in the block piecing.

It is such a treat that we have her in the area.  This fall she is featured in the Top 10 Quilt Shops magazine!  I wish I could have gone for their party.  It sounds like they can really put on a party.  I would have been so tempted with all their yummy food.

They filled 2 “church” tables with things from their shop.  I barely got to pass-by and say a quick Hi as I had my own busyness to attend to with guild responsibilities.  Others kept them busy with shopping before & after the program.  They said we were very organized.  🙂  Thanks!!  I’ll take that one personally! 😉   And share a bit with my board & show committee.  (Of course, I take low attendance personally too!)

I really need to pay a visit to her shop!   I will have to not be so busy the next time K arrives by train and plan some time at the quilt shop near there.

We had a good crowd for the program.  Along with better member attendance, we had 17 guests.  Yeah!   Plans are finalizing for the quilt show, October 17.   And I need to get a few quilts finished that I want to show!  🙂

I got home at 9:15 p.m. Gone for 11 hrs 45 mins.  I quickly loaded the dishwasher, checked my email, and got to bed.  Tuesday was so close….

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Quilt Guild Workshops

Monday was quilt guild and besides the meeting in the evening we had 2 workshops as well.  Before I tell you about the meeting, here is my review of the workshops.

I was there by 9:45 a.m. to open the church, it was posted for 10 but you know how those guild ladies are… early!  🙂

I had packed SO much for the 12 hours I’d be gone!!  Thankfully, there is a drive going right up to a door.  Then 15 feet inside the door is an elevator to the basement! Just wonderful for quilt guild.

Bunny was unloading while I was unloading, so I put some of her things on the elevator with mine.  I saved room for my feet!

Sept elevator full

Class started at 10:30 and I had a sheet for sign-in and to pay for the workshops.   We had about 11 and 2 teachers; not the 23 she told me would be there.  (She counted each page but that was counting each one twice since nearly all of us signed up for both workshops.)

First we started on our fabric covered boxes because they needed time to dry before the final assembly.

sept 1(Here near the front of the table closest to you you can see Susan’s box pieces drying with the clothes pins. )

Thankfully we got that done by noon as we were quite hungry by then!  😉  We had only worked shy of 2 hours but breakfast was long before that… for those of us that did that healthy start to our day!

sept 2

In the afternoon, we worked on our woven baskets.  These hold a large glad leftover container so using them for food or crumbly items would be fine.  🙂

To keep the handle stiff, we inserted that strapping that sometimes comes around a box that is shipped to you.  Or you can asked at Menards for the pile on the floor when they are unpacking!


My handle needs some fiddling as  it is droopy.  I think the strapping was cut too short or the handle cut too long!  🙂


I found this idea for the top of my box in a magazine by Somerset Studios.  Love their stuff!


We finished the workshops 4:00 – 4:30 and packed up all our equipment.  Some took walks outside as well.  We had a group potluck at 5:30 and some that weren’t there for the workshops joined us for supper.

Next post will be about our program!

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This week is so very busy!!

I spent Sunday working on getting ready for Monday & Tuesday!

Monday is quilt guild.  But we have 2 all-day workshops (I will be the first one there to unlock the doors) so I got my fabrics all chosen & precut on Sunday.  Then packed up my sewing machine and tools.

On these workshops days we take our own sack lunch so I grilled extra chicken at  Sunday lunch for me on Monday.

Plus I have a meal for the crock pot to share for the potluck supper.

Then I have my president’s stuff for the meeting and wrote out the agenda on Sunday too.

I also have the VP’s stuff that I forgot to take in August when she wasn’t there.

Plus the secretary has resigned so I have new member folders from the secretary to distribute.

Another member can’t be there so her husband brought a bag over the other day for me to take.

I have my 4 embroidered clutches to take so they can be ready for the quilt show next month.  (I finished these 2 the other day.)

emb clutches

It will be a very long day… hoping the fun outweighs the responsibilities!!

Tuesday I’ll meet a new friend and we’ll go together to a Sonlight Meet-up with lots of us in a Chicago suburb.   Another packed lunch  😦  and a long day.

Wednesday you’ll find me napping but then I get to end the day with a ladies small group so I’m excited for that! 🙂

Here is another picture – another month of New York Beauty blocks were finished sometime before the cold hit me!  😉

june block

The 4 quarters won’t be joined — I just arranged them like this for the picture.

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Sewing Day

So after my work day last Monday, the next day was for sewing for the new house.


Some  sewers met over the weekend and worked on some projects but not all the fabric had come in yet.  I was going to go on Monday evening after the work at the house but still.no.fabric.   ???   We were asked to come at 1 p.m. on Tuesday.

The sewing was at a church about an hour from me.  I had thought it would be on site in tent city but then thought of all the dust in our machines and not good work spaces so was glad they had a church basement to use.

sewing group Tues nightKaren is in green & I have on the pink stripes… far right side.

There were so many of us there!!  Several left after hearing we still had a few hours to wait.  I wanted to help sew and didn’t want the round trip so stayed there.  I was so happy that Karen was there so we enjoyed catching up on each other’s family.   Another perk of Facebook… reconnecting with those whose paths we don’t cross anymore.  (And those quick grocery store run-ins aren’t the same!)

At 4:00 our 1st batch of fabric and instructions arrived via Linda & Kathleen.   We made rod-pocket curtains for the front room.  There are 5 windows and each has 2 panels.

panels for front room

The curtain fabric is a smooth fabric, like a sateen but not too shiny like satin.  It is a modern black, white, and touch of gray print.  Lovely.  Then we were asked to add a linen strip to the outside edges and the bottoms.   Rust.  Linen.  Very natural & a bit knubby.  ????  No one there thought they went together.

sewing finally!

I had been inside the house the day before and there are yellow walls in that room.  Very dark hardwood flooring and tan stones for the fireplace.

However, we completed our tasks and sent the panels off to be hung at 6 p.m.   We had plenty of time to wander outside, enjoy subway sandwiches, and take a drive to the mini-mart for a pop to get me through the night.  😉   I realized I hadn’t taken many pictures of that process – it wasn’t that exciting.  Then I realized none of it would be exciting!

J & Kathleen 2(with Kathleen)

At 7:30 p.m. Linda arrived back at the church with more fabrics and more instructions.   This time we were sewing for the master bedroom which will be called the secret room on the show.  Remember I was in the whole house, there was no where we weren’t allowed, and the male star was gone most of the week anyway.  (get the picture?  :\  )

sewing day 1

Again the walls in the master bedroom are yellow.  (not as shocking as the outside trim tho.)   We made tan linen panels for the 5 windows and they had a black print on them.

Karen & I did a white linen with gray screen-print for a throw (just decorative) on the bed.

karen at sewing

throw sewing

sewing fumes(This is our goofy-ness after spending too much time with this fabric!  The fumes… lingered through many handwashings!  Ugh!!  Not on my bed!)

Others made pillows from screen printed squares using a light yellow/gold linen for the backs.

master bedroom pillows

master bedroom hanging(This was just a large piece they were going to frame after this sewer s l o w l y  machine stitched the cut out & yarn-dec’d flowers.)

The fabrics were nice.  Just not the color combo I would have chosen.  All the yellow with the white.  Sure.  Throw in the grayish tan in the curtains (and the pillow above on the right)and you lose me.  🙂

Karen found a bolster pillow form so used some of our white linen print to cover it.

Karen working on pillow with Diane

She added old black buttons from her Grandmother’s stash to the ends!  🙂


Most of us were finished with the pillows and curtains by 9:30 and Karen & I left at 10 p.m.   Several stayed while the one lady worked on the wallhanging for the frame.

We were told we could bypass the road detour on our way back and sure enough, the police were fine with our sewing reasons!  🙂  The house was ALL lit up as we passed with lots of spotlights inside & out.  (This very busy east-west highway had been closed for the week, much to the dismay of nay-sayers in the area.)

Karen & I stopped at the V check-in as we were told we could get shirts for our sewing work.  Yes, I had one but was really fighting for Karen.  And mine has paint on it.  They were OUT of shirts!!  😦  We continued to our homes… I reached home at 11:05 p.m.  Yawn!!

My next thought for shirts was to go back on Thursday so Karen & I made plans to meet there once she got off work.   But during the day on Thursday it was announced that the V bus wouldn’t be running that day so we assumed the V check-in tent was gone.  😦

So I started emailing and got some response.  First an offer to take our shirts to the town we sewed in except neither of us live there!  So when I got on the computer Friday morning, an email from the powers that be greeted me with the news that their office had a bag with 2 shirts!!  🙂  Yahoo!!!  Karen was able to get them and I got mine picked up last night.

The shirts are HUGE but I pulled out my trusty Pamela’s Pattern to re do the tshirts into something for a lady.  🙂  I’m swamped this week so Karen will be sewing on hers first.

Oh what fun and a great experience!  I sure would love to know how the family is settling in.   The family came home on Wednesday.  My 2nd work shift had been cancelled but I could have ridden the V bus with my work shirt on which was a much shorter ride & turn-over time.  However, I wasn’t sure I wanted to go with the 5,000 others I thought would be there.

Part of me was sad that it was so close to me and I didn’t go.  However, they did say there were 5,000 – 6,000 there to welcome home the family.  I was glad I had stayed home.  I watched the coverage on the news and will watch the show when it airs.  Good enough for me!  Plus I was tired!!

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Monday was Work Day

Most of you know I was a person who offered to work for free (V) for a house build in the area on Monday.   You know…. the show where they build a new home for a needy family in 7 days?  On the alphabetical network.  🙂

(I’m not naming the show so this doesn’t come up on a search.  🙂 )

The site was about 35 mins away and I was lucky to get signed up for the V spots within 5 minutes of the start time for sign-ups.  We were only allowed to sign up for two 4 hour segments and all the spots were taken in 5 hours!  I was also on the on-call list for days but so were about 500 others I heard.

We were to report to the V check-in about 3 miles from the site 45 minutes before our time began.  I actually got there an hour before.  Signed 2 papers of fine print that I had taken with me from the website, got my blue tshirt, and hard hat.  She said, “Run to the bus before it leaves!”

Since I knew I had to wear the tshirt, I had worn a tank top so the extra layer wasn’t on top of another tshirt.  So there I went running to the bus.   It seemed like maybe 6 or 7 others were on the bus.  But sure enough, as I sat down the bus pulled away.

I chatted with the woman across the aisle.  This was her 3rd day at the site but she gave massages so not really V-ing at the build.   As we got off the bus, there were no instructions AT ALL but another gal & I saw a sign across the road for Vs so we headed there.

We had gotten there just after 11 a.m.  Probably the bus crowd was light because we were early for our shift.

At the top of the hill, the massage lady was coming back down and she said we weren’t to go there, we were just to go down to the house and ask where they needed help.

Sounded odd, but we had no idea what we were doing so turned and went down the long lane to the house.   As we walked, we introduced each other and I had my new friend, Jen.  🙂  She had driven an hour to work on the site.

At the house, there were lots of people in blue V shirts just standing around.  I asked 2 if they knew where we were to go and they said no.  I recognized them as the letter-writers that had nominated the family.  I asked another place and they said at the top of the hill across the road, follow the V signs!  Argh!! That is where we were heading the first time!

So back up the hill.  The lane was not finished yet so rough with large rocks.  We had to watch for motor vehicles… usually little golf carts transporting someone else back up the hill to tent city.

Finally at the V check-in table, we were given charge of the table while the coordinator went to the house to get a job list.

just arrived

Thankfully no one came to check-in because all we could do was tell them to wait!  The head of the food tent came and requested the first 6-8 people to go help her.  (Jen & I confired with each other that we didn’t want to serve food, we wanted to go to the house!)

The coordinator came back just as 10 blue shirts headed up the hill!  After several went to serve food, she gave us a job.  We were to go find brooms and “sweep the steps”.   So down the hill we went again!  We tried the barn, no brooms.  The next building (also for livestock) netted one broom but we both wanted to work!

house 3

(The paperwork included rules that if you aren’t working you may be asked to leave.)

Off to another area where there were work tents set up and there a PILE of brooms so we took our pick!  🙂  We each took a regular broom and then we also took the push broom from the first building since we didn’t know what we’d really need.

Now back to the house.  And where do we find the steps that need sweeping?  So we wandered down the hallway to the kitchen/great room and in the center were steps.  Nice, very nice, hardwood steps with people working there, work crew steps to the upstairs were beside them, and then basement steps.   All were dirty.  We swept the basement steps.   Took 2 of us about 2 minutes!

We checked the nice steps and decided to sweep them.  Not so many men on them at this point.  The railings weren’t up yet so it was easy to sweep over the edge.  🙂  Just what your mom would love!!

Done with our job!  And we were now upstairs so we swept the hallway a bit.   Soon a security man from the production crew said he needed me to keep the hallway & steps clear of workers.  😀   OK.  A group filed out of one bedroom and once they were down, no one else came by.   Jen stayed in a room at the end of the hallway, still sweeping.

If needed, Roger would tell me what to do.  Roger (from the production crew) was holding a huge tray of electrical equipment and had a few ear pieces in.  They did a few dry runs with the female star in pink.  You know who I mean, right?  🙂

Then Roger said the next one was “it” and we’d have to step back into the doorway to the bathroom for that.  I said OK.  Then he had a thought and asked if I wanted to be in the filming.  🙂  He suggested I go stand in another bedroom doorway and sweep.  “Keep sweeping in the doorway until they are done.”  (It ended up being the cleanest 3′ of the whole house!)  Three takes later, they were done.

FYI, this was all the work the stars do.  Just pop in for filming and then are gone.  They don’t build the house.  (sorry to pop your bubble!)

Jen & I then continued sweeping because it was all we had found to do.   In that  room where Jen was sweeping and I did the doorway,  the girl who hand painted the wall design was there working.   And she was secretly hoping we’d leave so the dust would settle!  We were sweeping up drywall sanding dust.  :\ (which then settled in my lungs)

We went to the next room and swept there.  It was the sheep room where they had just filmed.   The family has some sheep and I assume the crew took this picture after the family left for vacation and they had it made into wallpaper.  Quite cool!

Jen & me in sheep roomJen & me in sheep room.

Jen & I then swept the kids’ bathroom and the last bedroom.    Looking for more work, we went downstairs to what is now the dining room and swept.  After another worker emptied the large trash barrel there, we picked up more trash.  We got trash from the workers in the kitchen and took out some boxes to the dumpster.

While we had been inside all this time, the contractor and some of his workers had built scaffolding on both sides of the center staircase and hung this “chandelier”.   (I got this pix off FB by someone else.)

inside house

Nearing outside again, I found a contractor worker and asked her if she had a job for us.  We were given new rags and sent up to the bedrooms to wipe the baseboards and clean out the window sills before they shop vac’d the room.

We ended back in the “science” room again and the painter agreed to pictures with us.  🙂

in science room(L-R: Me, someone I knew from swim but can’t remember her name, Jen, & the painter.  She has done other houses for the show.  But alas, is a V as well; not paid.)  The beakers on the shelves will have paint dried in them.

Finally we could wipe/dust no longer.

Outside, we wandered a bit looking for a job.  Soon the head V coordinator found us and sent us to the sheep barn for painting!  Yeah a good job!!

We missed being found 1st & put in charge of the job but as #2 & #3, we wereher first workers.  We got buckets of red paint & new paint brushes and started painting the posts.   After a while as others came in to paint, another worker said she had been working in the food tent.  Food was dwindling so if we hadn’t eaten, we should go soon!  It was 2:30 and I was getting hungry so Jen & I begged our “boss” to not give away our paint tools and promised we’d eat fast.  🙂

Back up the hill to the food tent.  I had some roast beef, salad, & 2 thin slices of cantelope.  Another bottle of water.  They served our proportions and I didn’t beg for more.   There were also tables in another corner with cookies and some place had ice cream treats.

Down the hill, back to painting.  The building was nearly done, we had done 2 coats of red on the posts and others were painting the walls a warm cream.   (For the sheep!!  I knew Phil would just LOVE this!  Not!)

The production crew came in the sheep barn and while we painted a few more coats of red to look busy, they filmed a male star (not THE star) along with a guest actor “painting”.  Then they went outside of the ‘barn’ to demo the solar curtain along the south side.

sheep barn

Finally, after we had put on the 4th if not 5th coat of red paint and all the cream brushes were busy on the walls, we headed out of the sheep barn.   They were now filming those 2 near where the real workers were laying sod for the front yard.  What a difference that makes!!

before sod

house 2

house 5

Jen & I headed in the house, hoping to find a job.  We swept again and then I used a poor excuse of a shop vac on the great room floor.  No attachments so basically on my hands & knees.  Oh brother!!  My little shop vac here in the basement does a better job.  Maybe it needed emptied.

The hardwood floor men had come in and started in the other side /parlor area.   (Parlor in a farm house???)   It is beautiful dark mahogony hardwood!  There had to have been 8 – 10 guys… nearly tripping over each other.  I’m sure they had the downstairs done in no time.  I wonder if the upstairs & kids’ rooms got the same flooring.

house 4(From the west end of sheep barn.  VIP tent on the left.  Tent city across the highway.  Horse barn on the far right.)

It was about 4:20 so Jen & I figured without much to do, we should leave before they read the marks on our hands that we were done at 4.   We walked back up the hill for more drinks and then waited at least 15 mins for the V bus to arrive.

volunteer sign

It was so great to have Jen to hang out with all day!   Very fun & nice!!

I got home just after 5:30 and was thrilled to see my back door in the skid loader bucket!  My carpenter had arrived to put in my new door.  🙂  Bliss on a small scale.

My thoughts:

  • the house is small and very modest.  Totally not over done from what I saw.
  • learned later that the wife asked for a not huge house.
  • there is a story behind all the yellow that we’ll hear when the show airs.  Good to know!  (outside now has shutters that match the trim)
  • baskets as kitchen cupboards looked cute.  Then I thought about it and wouldn’t want to use a basket for green beans & peanut butter, mixing bowls, or pots & pans.  I’d only need 1 basket – for towels & dishcloths.  Do you have baskets instead of cupboards?
  • the kids’ bedrooms are small.  Anxious to see them on the show with furniture.

The show will air in Dec 09 or Jan 10.

I was really glad to be able to help.  I enjoyed (in the past) watching the show but not because of the stars.   I’m not so sure I’ll be so keen on watching it now.  But I’m anxious to see this house.   It was great to see so many V come together for the project.

I worked another day as part of this and I’ll post about that later.

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Twenty years.  It sounds like a long time ago, but the memories for all of us are as fresh as yesterday.

Z&J footprints

This is a card I made with their actual size footprints at birth.  I worked to get this scan as near actual size as I can.  It is a wallet sized card so the size of your driver’s license or a wallet picture.

I miss having twins and knowing what kind of men these 2 sons would be all grown up.  Jacob was more quiet inside and Zechariah was the punchy one! 🙂

Not really wanting to post anything else today.  Some pictures from my week tomorrow.  Thanks for being dear friends!!

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