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Auction Prep

Last week the men were working on getting a few things to take to the local 3x a year consignment auction.

Several wagons went out – like older, smaller gravity boxes that they don’t need anymore.

I thought you’d be more interested in seeing this old wagon:

DSCF4580 b

Phil’s dad asked me to take pictures of this, which is more technically called an end-gate seeder.

DSCF4583 b

Phil has not-so-fond memories of riding in the back of the wagon, filling the hopper with shovels of seed as his dad drove the tractor so they could get the oats seeded.

DSCF4584 b

Then his mom said how his older sister would have to go out and shovel before school sometimes!  We’ll see how these stories surface at the next gathering.

DSCF4585 b

They also took some old barn beams down to the consignment auction.  Over the last year or so, Phil’s dad has sold them with just an ad in the paper.  He still has a few more to sell.

DSCF4567 b

Phil also has his combine for sale.   We are praying a buyer comes forth from ads placed online, in an Ag paper, and on a tractor sale site.


Yesterday he got brave and decided to put it at the end of the lane next to my homemade For Sale sign and a man called about it today.  Praying that develops!  Otherwise, by Thursday he will probably take it for the consignment auction.

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Nine Month Old Puppy

Nina wanted to show you her 9 month old pictures.  Do you think she is still a cute puppy?  🙂

DSCF4507She loves to sleep on her back!

DSCF4588Hangin’ out with Phil.  So funny she put her arm up on his leg!  They had just been playing on the floor and I think she thought she was still top dog.


DSCF4556To give you a better glimpse of how big she is.


Comfy chair!  I had to use 2 tapes on the lint remover to get off the dog hair!

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