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In the Soup Pot Today

Wednesday is a good work day for me.  It isn’t a swim day and JP leaves at 7:25 a.m. so the morning is really quiet.

Today I worked on Chloe’s Virus Killing Soup.   Chloe (her pseudonym) is a friend from the Sonlight forums.  She is famous for being wise & sweet as well as for her famous soup.

The house smells divine!  If I had a smell-o-vision-blog, you could enjoy it.  But since I don’t, I’ll let you make it yourself.

Virus killing soup…

One chicken
Appx 15-30 cloves garlic, peeled and crushed
1 Tbs salt
3-4 Thyme sprigs
Cayenne pepper (to taste. I use about a tsp)
Fresh Rosemary sprigs
Fresh ground pepper

Place chicken and other ingredients in a soup pot (I use my pressure cooker) and cover with water or chicken broth (I really like those boxes of organic chicken broth). Cook on stove top until chicken starts to fall apart. Remove from heat. Strain out chicken and stuff and set aside until cool enough to chop. Reserve broth for next step.

1 large onion (coarsely chopped or sliced)
1 fennel bulb (sliced thin)
1 leek (sliced thin)
4-6 stalks of celery (coarse chopped)
large red pepper (coarse chopped)
1/2 lb. carrots (coarse chopped)

2 tbs olive oil
1/2 C good White Wine
salt and pepper

Place oil in bottom of large pot and heat. Add onion, fennel, celery, pepper and leek and saute until onion just transparent. Add wine and simmer for 3-4 minutes. Cover the vegetables with chicken broth from chicken–add more broth from can or box if you don’t have enough broth from chicken and simmer veggies until just tender.

Frozen green beans
Frozen peas
flat leaf parsely (chopped)
1-2 cans chopped tomatoes with juice
salt and pepper to taste

Add these above ingredients and simmer until everything is tender. Add chopped chicken, salt and pepper to taste.

No virus can withstand this soup.

You can also add cabbage with the end ingredients if you like (I do!), or any other veggies your family likes. Sometimes I’ll throw in whatever is in my veggie bin in addition to the above.

The next day add egg noodles and turn it into chicken noodle soup.


Because I am using my own chicken broth (as well as some water) to get this going, this will be safe for me on the HG diet.  Yeah!  And most of this will head to the freezer for the next time a bug tries to invade our house.

Especially if I am the one that is sick, it is very hard to have easy but safe for me foods.  (Soups in a can have starches and/or sugars. 😦  )

My version today is fennel-less and I don’t know how much that will affect the virus killing tendencies.  But I was so excited I had the herbs — fresh — in my herb garden just beside the deck.  🙂  Makes me feel smug!!  We like garlic here so I used the 30 cloves – 2 heads.  🙂

I also don’t have a “good wine” and would have to have someone point one out to me specifically while in the store so it is missing that 1/2 cup. 🙂

Stage 2 is still simmering at this point.

Meanwhile, I made dinner (grilled pork chops & zucchini ribbons), baked bread (enjoying the first piece now 🙂 ), quilted a bit (nearly done quilting the 08 BOM), sold $36 worth of soap to the 2 nice ladies at the door, forgot to get JP out the door for a haircut, and got Nina to eat & drink twice.   (Somehow she managed to find the umpf and found me downstairs in my sewing room.  She is zonked out there now.)

Next I am going to go over our small group study for tonight.  It is just for a few weeks and started last week.  However, the leader’s granddaughter’s birthday is tonight so I’m leading.  I hope they are fine with the leader not having all the answers.  🙂

I hope you make some soup & stay healthy this fall & winter!  🙂

~~~~Edited to add:

The soup is quite yummy!!! Phil & I had a bowl for supper that night.  It is chocked full of veggies.  It wasn’t strong or too spicy at all.

I boxed up the rest for the freezer but I’m thinking if I start eating that before we are sick, I’ll just make another pot full.  It is a super veggie-filled soup.   And carb-free w/o the noodles.  🙂

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