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Wowsers Weekend!


Saturday started fast.  I cleaned a bit and then got in a workout.  Good thing I did it then… not one second any other part of the weekend.

After I got a shower and was nearly all ready in good clothes, the doorbell rang. One of my quilt guild ladies was there and distressed, I could tell.  She was driving and heard something dragging.   She pulled in the first lane and was thankful to read the sign and see it was my place!  (She knew just the general area where we live.)

I called Phil and he came and surveyed her car.  He slid under the car and decided to put it up on ramps so see better. JP helped back it up.  He found the bracket holding up her FULL gas tank was off and dragging.  First he tried to tighten the bolt that holds it but it broke off with rust.  :\  So he asked and she agreed to having him wire it and the other side too.

She was heading to Indiana to her son’s.  He is good working with cars so will take good care of her this week.  I asked and Phil said he would have let me drive 5 hrs to IN like that so she felt confident to make the trip.

Meanwhile, I had JP call the grands to let them know we were going to be late.

We met them about 30 minutes late for noon dinner Saturday.  We were celebrating Phil’s parents 55th anniversary, 10/10.   Phil’s sister & family came from Ohio for a quick visit.





After lunch and fun visiting, JP headed to church and the rest of us went home.  SIL & fam came over and she chose a new stash of soaps & lotions while her little guy & hubby visited with Nina.

Just as they headed out, Phil came in to get ready for church.  They took him so I could use K’s car to go meet her.

K thought she’d be getting off work at 4 and would catch the 5:40 train.  I have to leave a bit before her train and hadn’t heard anything from her.  I found that odd but left anyway.  About 20 mins from home she called and had just left work at 5:30!!   So…. she hurried via the CTA bus & train, I returned home, and petitioned my online prayer warriors to get her to the train home on time!!  Only an hour and none of us were sure that was possible.

I headed out again, not knowing if she’d make the 6:40 or have to wait for the 8:40.   She called at 6:35 that she was ON, had grabbed something to eat at a kiosk, AND was able to buy a ticket before boarding.  It is a few dollars more to buy it on the train there.   Yippee!!  I knew those prayer warriors would pull us through.  🙂

So she arrived just after 8, we headed home, and arrived at 10 p.m.  She had been up since 6 a.m. and had a HUGE day at work.  We were both tired!

JP had since arrived home and was already in bed.  We all headed there as well.



Today brought several good hours of spending time with K.  She spent a few minutes with Gma & Gpa M before heading back to the city ALL.BY.HERSELF!!  Yes, her main goal of the weekend was to get her car.

She had found a parking garage not to far from her apartment so was ready to rid herself of the cold and hour-long commute to work every day.

K called just after 7 that she had arrived, unloaded her winter clothes & soup care pkg in 2 trips, and checked in to the parking garage.  It took her just 7 minutes to walk back to her apt from the garage.  Now she’ll need to decide how much time to allow for the commute in the morning.  On the plus side is that she will be doing a reverse commute so against the main flow of traffic each way.

She brought home goodies from her bosses that I’ll share with you in another post.  We continue to be fascinated with her contacts!

And as for that red thing the kids are on… that is another post as well!  Hey!  I have quilting to finish and men to feed.  😉

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