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What She Does

Have you been impatiently waiting curious to learn more about Miss K’s new full-time job???? 🙂

Her job is Wedding Gown Coordinator for THE dry cleaner of Chicago.  They cater to the Oak Street shoppers.   The amount of business they do is tremendous!  K is swamped and works an hour or so of overtime nearly everyday.   She barely gets a 10 min break and sometimes lunch is late in the afternoon.

K works with brides to help them with the various preservation packages they offer and schedule appointments for preservation and/or alterations as well as all the paperwork to do such things.

This is the area’s “natural” dry cleaner and they use safe preservation for the gowns.   After the wedding, the dress is cleaned, pressed, and packaged in an amazing way!!  In the box, lined in triple-washed muslin that is embroidered with their names & date, and packed so that using the gloves provided one could open the box and lift up just the bodice for a peek.

They also do cleaning & pressing before the wedding, and any alterations or color restoration needed for those wanting to wear Mom’s or Grandma’s gown.

K does extensive documentation & paperwork for the gowns coming in the shop.  Photos and sometimes video of the gowns and checking with a blacklight for any hidden stains.

When she arrived home last weekend for her 18 hours (*sigh*), she brought home a few goodies from her new bosses for me.   Lynda said (when she heard K was coming home), “When you tell your mom about your new job…”

LOL – how little she knows about us. 🙂  We love to chat and do so usually every day.  Phil & I just love hearing her stories.  This is more new territory for us.

K 1

Lynda took K’s picture so we could see her “at work”.   Uniform is anything white, gray, or black.  K wears the lab coat they provide.

K 2

This is a Chicago Social magazine – the brides edition. Chicago Social Bride edition

Inside there is an article on the preservation they do and it is a super description of K’s job. magazine article

Looking at this magazine is amazing!!  It features how to make one’s wedding in the city ultra-special and I just can’t believe some of the weddings!  (Our wedding was so plain-Jane in the 80’s!)  It is filled with ads for Chicagoland wedding services.  Wow!

A big tote — tote

And a folder with some of their press releases.  Huge places for name dropping. DSCF4916

K is happy with her job and thinks this is the 1st place she has worked that she can ask the boss (either one) how to do this or that and they don’t get mad at her for asking.  Novel idea, boss!!  🙂   Rick & Lynda have been so nice to her even midst the few slip-ups and learning days.

With her car there now, it is about 1/2 an hour to get there for work.  (vs a good hour using feet, the El, and a bus)  Traffic hasn’t been much of a problem and she does a reverse commute which helps.

She also answers the phone when the receptionist isn’t there or is already on the phone.  And many of the calls get sent to K for appointments and gown questions.

One day she finished with “Mary” and had to get back to her later.  Later, Rick asked if that was Trump Tower.

K said “It was ‘Mary'”.

He clarified, “at 555-1212?”


“That is the concierge at Trump Towers.”

Yaw! 🙂 🙂 🙂 All in a day’s work.

And where is YOUR wedding gown?

Mine is hanging in Phil’s side of the closet with a plastic garment bag from a Richland Mall store over it.  I hung it like that after I had put shout on the frosting glob and run it through the washer & dryer…. 26+ years ago!  LOL!!

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