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1st Day of Harvest

Oh my goodness have we EVER been so very very late?

I think NOT!!

Phil said today was  a PERFECT day for soybeans.  🙂  Sunny, nearly 60′, and a good strong wind all night kept the dew off.

The mechanic from the new dealership came mid-morning so Phil was glad to have his opinion on the first few passes.

After lunch, all 3 men were out with some equipment.   Bob (FIL) was in the combine, JP was hauling the wagon loads back home, and Phil was drilling wheat, probably right behind the combine!  (I was putting primer on the peeled & flaking bare wood trim around the outside doors.)

It is late to get the wheat in as well and that gives Phil an early place to haul manure next summer.   Plus the crop insurance for wheat has a deadline for planting.   Because we lean towards the no-till side of farming, Phil uses the drill and plants right into the corn stalk stubble.  Super compost and the “trash” (good trash!) holds the soil and prevents wind & water run-off erosion.

An error light came on in the combine around 5 p.m. which sent Phil & JP on a quick run to the dealership.  The part wasn’t in but will be by 7:30 a.m. tomorrow!  Meanwhile, Phil jiggled the part and the light went off so they continued on.

Phil only got to make 1 pass in his new combine.   He liked it tho!!

Score today: 25 acres of corn combined + 25 acres of wheat drilled! 🙂  Keep up your prayers… rain is due again!

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