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No news is NOT good news here!

It continues to rain and we haven’t seen the sun since LAST Wednesday.  OK, it peeked out a bit last Saturday.   Not enough to do any good.  Not even for a full day.

By November 1st, usually 80% of the state’s corn is harvested.   As of today we (personally) are at 0% harvested.  They have had 3 days of soybeans in but those are short days b/c beans are finicky.   Because it is so wet, they couldn’t start until 1 and have to quit near 7 when the sun is down and the dampness returns.   That was on the dry days.

The fields and paths out of the fields are so very muddy.

Phil and the other farmers could use some prayers for endurance, long-suffering,  safety, AND SUNSHINE.

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