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Radishes Continue

Phil got an email from the Crop Systems Extension Educator (multi-county region) asking what he had growing!  (The field is along the highway.)  So Phil pulled 2 and brought them in for pictures.  Just what I have been waiting for!!

The bigger one was in the row where the manure was knifed in.    It is probably 2 1/2″ in diameter!

The bigger one appears to have been in the ground 8+”.   Even though the smaller one seems to not be doing as much good, it has put out a long taproot.   The taproot seems to be a good 8″ as well.

So both the smaller plants and the larger plants appear to be doing really well in their job!  We have had a very mild November (yeah!!) so they are still green and alive.  It is funny to see the bright green field.   (The radishes will die off with two 17′ days.)

Both the big tuber and the long taproot will aid in reducing soil compaction and the radish itself is storing up nitrogen to be released in the spring when the new crop needs it.   It is obvious the bigger radish soaked up lots of nutrients from the manure he applied prior to planting!

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Our Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

My parents came from Ohio on Monday afternoon.  I expected them (by their location at the phone call) around 2.  Busy mixing bread, I didn’t see them pull in or hear the doorbell at 1:30!!  {Someone still has a lead foot.  I thought they fixed that with his new knee.}

Tuesday morning Mom & Dad and I went to get the rest of the groceries we needed.  No place was crowded so we made the rounds in record time!  In the afternoon, we decided we were saving too many jobs for Wednesday so Mom & I made the mashed potatoes.

K got off work Tuesday night and landed in the midst of rush hour traffic during a holiday so came home slowly.  She got here about 9 p.m. after a quick stop at Gma M’s.  She didn’t know until the way home that they were still home so was glad for a quick Hi with them.

Thursday morning gave these 3 a chance to play games.

We were so thankful K was able to take her weekly day-off on Wednesday and have an extra bit of time at home.

On Wednesday morning, Phil & K went to a super fur place just 10 mins away for some winter projects.   Her box of treasures was fun to see!  …. from a distance!  Even Gma petted the (dyed) bright green fox since it didn’t look so real.   Otherwise, most of her pieces are complete with little feetsies and heads!  ~~~!  I can’t wait to show you what she makes!!  Hurry, K!

Mom & I made Peach Berry Pie and Marinated Veggies while they were out.

Here are my little how-to pictures for Shelly for crimping the edge of the pie.

Line your fingers up like this

Then push your index finger in between the other fingers.

With my family’s favorite filling… Peach Berry Pie —

I use my Pampered Chef round baking pan for pie.  Deep & it makes lots so there are leftovers.  🙂  This time the pie held its shape and wasn’t runny.  Of course, there were only 6 of us to witness it… as opposed to the 70 or so that had it runny at JP’s grad!  *sigh*

Thursday we awoke to find the turkey in the frig (in the garage) since Sunday was still frozen!  Hard as a rock!  😦    I broke the rules and thawed it out in warm water in the sink.   I always bake my turkey in a bag so finally about 2:00 we were able to eat.

It was a good thing that JP & K had made cinnamon rolls on Wednesday night.  Everyone (of them) were glad for a bigger snack to hold them over until dinner.

JP loves the Greek Salad at Panera’s so we did our version of that.  One new ingredient were Kalamata olives.  However, the store only had ones that hadn’t been pitted.

At dinnertime each one could make their own salad with greens, marinated vegetables, cherry tomatoes, feta cheese, olives, peppercini, red onions, and a duplicate recipe of Panera’s Greek Salad dressing.    It was yummy!   I especially liked the dressing as the marinade for the veggies so will use that again.

After eating and cleaning up the dishes, K & Grandma sorted through some kitchen items they had brought.  K made a box to take back and a box for a bigger apartment before she headed back about 6 p.m.

(the unique packing boxes are blamed on Uncle Don. 😉 )

During our spare evenings and Thursday afternoon we watched movies together.  We saw Chariots of Fire, The Queen (of England), Far and Away, and The Preacher’s Wife.  Lots of sitting around!!  (And yes, I snuck in a show or 2 from the current Project Runway DVD in my stash as well. 😉 )

Mom & Dad left fast Friday morning and went most of the way through Indiana on their first day.  They arrived home safely this morning.  A fun week!

I am praying I don’t age like my parents and have apologized to my children already in case I do.

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She Keeps Working

While K is putting in over 50 hr weeks at her job, when she started there she also had a few freelance jobs to finish.

One client found her at the summer designer show on Daley Plaza.  (That sure netted extra contacts well!  Two deliveries for a top Federal Judge there! Yahoo!!)

This client was designing outfits for a Macy’s show and asked K to provide hair accessories for the models.  K said later this was a much bigger deal than she realized at the start!

One model had a hat designed and made by K —

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Baby Quilt

I started making the great-nephews & great-nieces baby quilts 5 yrs ago.

Number Seven arrived on Labor Day this year.

I finished her quilt in time for our guild’s quilt show and then sent it off to its new home in Indiana.

I used a new quilting book for the quilting patterns.  I liked how it showed me how to line up the quilting design within the blocks.  I didn’t have to use a marker on the quilt top this way.

Her momma says she likes it!  🙂  Thanks for the smile!!!  She is such a pretty baby.  (I wish these babies didn’t live so far away!  Imagine being a free babysitter. 🙂  Ahhhh… )

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New Wheels

After K took her car back to the big city, the men did some (more) serious truck shopping for JP.

Soon they found all he was asking for on Craigslist!

This is a 2001 Chevy S-10 with manual transmission and the bit of extended cab gives Nina a bit more space for her ride!

JP loves having his own (and paid for!) wheels and mostly uses it for college classes and heading to worship team practice.  It works for hauling feed home for Dad and it is nice to have an extra set of wheels with field work season!

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Watch TV on Sunday!

I forgot to give you an earlier warning!

The home rebuild show is on Sunday, Nov 15th on ABC at 8 eastern, 7 central time.

Hope you watch and hope you see me! LOL!  Only filmed when Miss Pink goes up the stairs to the kids’ rooms.  I’m sweeping in the doorway of another room.

But we weren’t allowed to look at the camera.  I have on my blue shirt & hard hat like everyone else. 😉

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Harvest Update

Obviously, my prayer warriors are terrific because it hasn’t rained all month! 🙂  Thanks!

Phil (with JP & FIL) are going strong at the harvest.  They finished the soybeans the beginning of the week. That is always a relief to have them done as they are so picky for harvest. Dry enough, but not so dry they shatter and they don’t hold up to snow.

They have some far away fields finished so that is better.  Yesterday a lot went south :\ with one landlord not wanting to make changes so Phil could haul out around the newly poured lane.  However, it is a difficult place to combine so Phil had hoped to get it out soon while the weather is tolerable.

Another thing can’t be posted but at least they know their error and have to fix it next spring.  But stress he didn’t need!

Today the combine plugged something terrible so Phil & JP are cleaning it out by hand here near the shed.  Not what he really wants me posting to you, so don’t bring it up!

I’m thankful they have had all these dry days to work.  It is terribly busy and stressful and long but at least they can keep going.   Phil is outside for over 16 hrs most days so I don’t see him much.  He eats on the run, usually a sandwich and a pear.

This week we hope to get the corn plot done and a lot of other acres taken in as well.

Thankfully tomorrow is Sunday and we can rest.  🙂

Miss K is heading home late tonight after work and will need to return Sunday evening.   Will be great to have a day with her.


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