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Out With The Old

No!  Not the old parents! 😉

(I tried to get JP to take our picture on Christmas morning and I got 8 duds and this not-quite-so-duddy… :\  )

All in all I think 2009 was pretty good for us.

JP graduated from our home school high school and launched me into retirement and himself into college!

K graduated from college (BFA 09 SAIC) and launched into independence, apartment life, and a full-time job!

Phil considered launching an ark but did plant his crops in the very wet spring and harvest in the very wet fall.

My health is better than ever with my fibromyalgia (more on that in an FM progress report) and I am super busy most days.

We enjoy our church and JP continues to drum for one worship team.  We’d really like to see him playing more but haven’t figured out that issue yet.  Phil & I are in a couples’ small group that will resume in January and he & I are in mens’ & womens’ groups too.   I enjoy making such wonderful new friends!!

I’ve considered making a list of all my unfinished quilt projects but don’t worry, it  probably won’t be posted here.  Haha!  But my focus for 2010 is FINISH.

Happy New Year!

(a glimmer of a sunset the other day…)

This is from my deck at the back of the house.  The group of pine trees to the far left is where Phil’s parents live.

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Christmas Purse +

Two years ago I made a purse for Christmas time.  I used a bag of “garage sale” fabric I had bought at the local quilt shop. It is a gallon ziploc bag FULL to overflowing and I paid $5.  🙂

The main fabric is a black floral with reds & greens & blues.  Not hugely screaming Christmas but that is my preference.

But when I pulled it out this month, it was just too small.  heehee!  So I made a new one and tested out a new pattern.

The 1st purse had a paper-pieced panel in it.  I couldn’t find that pattern :blush:  so I opened up my new quilt design software, EQ6, and learned how to draft my own block. This is a “block” that is 3″ x 17″ tho!!  Then I learned how to print the foundation for it.  Very cool!  🙂

{Another use of paper-piecing without picking paper and I love it!! 🙂 }

I still have that $5 bag of fabric but did add other fabric for the lining (cream with red snowmen outlines) and the pink & blue in the flying geese strip. There are 2 pockets inside for holding my gum & my phone.

Of course, I had to have a coordinating cosmetic bag inside.  🙂  (this is becoming a new sickness!!)

And then I made another purse & cosmetic bag for a gift.  😉

(sorry the colors get wonky… that happens when the sun doesn’t shine for 2 weeks! :p )

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Christmas at Home

Our Christmas morning was wonderful & leisurely!   🙂

I was up and got a beef roast in the crock pot about 7:30 and was working on breakfast when K ventured out.  She got her shower in before Phil was in from chores.  JP checked in as well.  No special pan of cinnamon rolls but JP had muffins from the day before to enjoy instead of his normal.

We started with stockings as usual and I wonder if this is the last year for them.

We got a game for all of us called Killer Bunnies.  It came recommended by the Sonlight crew.

JP got a backpack with a zillion pockets from K as well as a new hard drive, computer tools, truck heater, etc from us.

K got a cordless drill & screwdriver, insulated bib coveralls, & etc from us.  JP added car mats and new jammies to her loot.

Phil got all the makings for an office makeover!!  Yahoo!!   I got new Kaffe Fassett quilt fabric & his book as well as jewelry and a Wii Fit Plus.  Yahoo for me!!

We enjoyed eating our dinner together at noon.  I added cheesy cauliflower & baked spinach to the roast beef for our meal.   (K delights in gathering the leftovers for her lunches the following few days.)

We played Killer Bunnies most of the afternoon.  Here K is getting her next move ready as we head back to play.    It took quite a bit of figuring out, we called some house rules, and now really like it.   We have blue & yellow cards in case you want to add other card sets to our game.  😀

We all registered on the Wii Fit that night and JP & I have used it this week.  It is fun and hits the competitive part of me just right.  JP added the Jillian Michaels workout for me so I’m going to try that this afternoon.  Otherwise, I’ve been working on yoga (stretching is good) and the step aerobics.  I also like the obstacle course.  Who knew???

K tried a new routine and stayed over that night.  She awakened at 4:30 a.m. and left for the long commute to work just before 5:30!  Yawn!!  She had snow-covered roads most of the way and even 90 wasn’t plowed until she got in Chicago.  Hmpf!

She got to work on time (8 on Saturdays)  & safely so we were thankful for that.  Her energy level was low and the work load low so she was glad to leave early on Saturday.  We had plans to meet her for shopping mid-way on Sunday but the weather was too snowy for us.  😦

We all enjoyed our Christmas Day together!

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Christmas “Dove”

Dove is in quotes because it isn’t a dove.  I considered the title “Redneck Christmas Dove”, if that helps any.  Phil calls it his “Cheap Christmas Dove”.

It has been hanging around this week.  Mostly on the roof of the garage but we have seen it fly around.

Trust me, it can fly mighty fast! Especially when a big white dog is outside.  >picture dog walker’s arm being pulled out of socket<

On Friday I saw BIG birdie footprints in the snow on the front porch.

And through the screen door, there it was!!

Today (this a.m. at 9)  it is huddled here on top of the garage.

We put some finch food on the front porch.  And now at noon, it has been down on the porch to eat it!!  🙂

I know because the food is more spread out…. and the pigeon left presents in return.  :\  Ok… next batch of food needs to be somewhere besides the front porch!!


  • Are you my neighbor?
  • Do you have homing pigeons?
  • Is one missing?


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Christmas Ice

The heavy rain, freezing rain, and drizzle continued on Christmas Eve.

K was able to leave work about 12:30 and we met near church at 3 p.m.  JP was on the cajon for the Christmas Eve services at 2, 4, & 6 p.m.   It was wonderful to be at the 4:00 service with Miss K.  🙂   {I had my camera there to capture the worship team… the battery was d.e.a.d.}

Phil drove her car home & I drove ours and we arrived to a dark house.  A dark neighborhood. Odd when there are NO yard lights as I drove down the highway.  That is dark!   The power was out A G A I N!

Of course, we had decided to make homemade egg rolls for our Christmas Eve supper (and it was COLD!) so I sent Phil out pronto to start the generator.   He got all bundled and as soon as he got the tractor out of the shed, the power returned.  😉

The egg rolls were ABSOLUTELY yummy!!!


JP arrived home just as the egg rolls were ready but he had already enjoyed pizza and treats provided at church.

We lost some branches in the pine trees north of the house and some branches in the already not-so-lovely tree at the end of the lane.  :\

Many branches are down all over the countryside.

“and to all a good night!”

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More Weather…

5:30p.m.  Wednesday

Yes, we have it!

Howling wind all last night and this morning freezing rain when we awoke.   It is FIL’s birthday today so he wanted to take us out for lunch.   😉  Nice!  As we walked out to the car, we were pelted with ice balls!  Ouch!

On the way home, it was all rain.

In the small town before our house, Phil noticed the bank sign wasn’t on and then we saw the gas station was closed.  Sure enough we didn’t have power either.   :p

We got home about 1:45 and the house was 62′ F then.  It got to 58.8’F before I called Phil to say I was ready for the generator!  It was 4:30.

I had wrapped presents in the basement because it was warmer down there without the wind blowing in.  But it was getting dark so I needed to come upstairs.

I’m still very cold.  I think I’ll dig out the fleece pants to go on top of my sweatpants.  I have on 3 shirts.  Hot cocoa is being poured to warm my insides.

Phil called for JP about 45 mins ago.  He buried the tractor at the neighbor’s.  Now they are there with 2 tractors and I hope they are getting one out.  It seems to be taking a long time.  JP isn’t out for longer than necessary!

When we use the generator, Phil has the furnace set to only run on 1/3 power so as not to use all the generator power.  It doesn’t get the house to the normal temp.  I’m going to get out a portable heater once I settle on a place to be.

I think someone mentioned a hammock in the southern hemisphere.   Sounds absolutely delightful!!  🙂


ETA: A bit after I posted JP called.  He was just waiting for Phil to finish at the neighbor’s as the tractor had been pulled out twice already.  Phil thought the last snow was hard to push since it was so wet & heavy.  This snow from Tuesday now had a day’s worth of rain & ice on top.  Ugh!

On their way home, they left one tractor at Gpa’s so he could run his generator.


ETA: Power came back on at 7:30.  Yeah for the full-force of the furnace.   🙂

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Christmas Status

Yesterday K asked about having Saturday off.   You know… ‘mom really wants me home’… ‘Gma hopes I’ll come visit’… ‘the 3 hour drive’….

And they said no.

Which is no worse than where she was before she asked.


She gets to leave at noon on Thursday so that is terrific!! She should make it home in daylight and hopefully w/o much sitting on the highway or snow!

I’m excited!! And thankful that she has a good job!!  And I’ll enjoy our time together very much!!

{Last week Phil had the thought about the owners’ beliefs.   Gma M wondered, too.  I asked K.  Yep.  They are Jewish.  🙂

And finally with this job I had thought she’d enjoy a nice Christmas party for work and a nice Christmas bonus.


I’m sorry they don’t know the Messiah has come. }

I’m thankful He lives in all 4 of us.

Praying that the weather is tolerable for all the travelers this week!  We got about 6″ today.  More is coming.  Rain is due.

And in other sundry news… we’ve had a WHITE pigeon hanging out on the roof of the house (mostly) the last few days.  Are you missing one?  Please ask my men to take its picture!!  🙂

Here is a pix… Christmas past… 😉

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Christmas Card!

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Nina & the Rules

Our biggest rule for Nina is that she stay off the carpet.

However, we are softies and she ends up laying on the edge most of the time.  🙂  (I love the new Dyson vacuum!)  Mostly she stays behind the rocking chair but that leaves plenty of room for one very large puppy!  I prefer to have her off the carpet!

This last week she has taken to just sitting 100% on the carpet but with her back to us.  I guess if she can’t see us, we can’t see she is ON THE CARPET!!  What a game!

Phil was on the couch the other night and saw her find this new position.

It is funny how frequently she has her head smashed against something hard when she is sleeping.  I wonder if it has anything to do with being born in a wooden box with 7 siblings and a big mom!  🙂

Another day she walked around with her pacifier toy in her mouth correctly! It was so funny but hard to get a good picture.

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My Prize!

Yesterday when the UPS man had a box for me, I laughingly wondered if it was a Christmas present.

It was my prize from 7 gypsies!!


All this!!

The paper includes many pages of their Venice line and a lot of it is double-sided (2 designs per page).  And the phone carousel is huge & terrific!  Along the bottom of the picture there are lots of the accessories to hang on the carousel.



Thank you!!

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