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Girl Gift

For a few years, I have thought about doing the anonymous gift tree that our church coordinates.  But I never knew the “rules” and was concerned that I’d have to spend too much.  Dumb reasons, I know.

But this year, I mentioned it to Phil.  This week he was part of a large email from the organizer asking for more helpers as they still had a good number of names to fill.

I replied to her that I had never done it but we’d like to take care of 1 child.  I got the rules & her wish list on Tuesday night… right as our big storm was hitting.    A girl – age 7 y/o.

And the gifts were due this weekend!  🙂

After making the 6 1/2 mile treacherous trek to my haircut on Thursday, I decided to continue hibernating.  Phil offered to go shopping with me today.

We had a limit of $25 but this dear one had so many things on her list!!  She likes girly girl things so I decided to make one of my clutches in bright girl colors and add a strap for a purse.

This picture shows the strap.  I posted on the Sonlight forums for help with a 7 y/o and asked how long to make the strap!  Thankfully a few moms replied and helped me!!

The purse zippers closed and then the tab comes over with velcro.

Then this afternoon, we went shopping and found a Bible (geared to kids) which was on her list and a game, Trouble, which was also on the list.  We found a tube of lip gloss for the purse.  I was quite pleased with our purchases!

(it all went in the snowman gift bag which Phil tossed on top when I went to take the picture… all in the backseat before I packed it up!  LOL!!)

It was fun and I’ll help out next year.  Next year I’ll get my tag early so I can plan better. 🙂

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