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Another Christmas!

Phil’s family gathered on New Year’s Day to celebrate Christmas together at his mom & dad’s.

K was able to do another 22 hour trip home since she had New Year’s Day off.   But she worked until 4:30 on 12/31 so she had a late start.  The roads were clear so that was wonderful!!

(No, I didn’t stay up to welcome in 2010.  Cuz really, in my mind… it felt no different than the day before or the day after and I was t.i.r.e.d!!  Just say “twenty-ten”.  (small pet peeve…)  {that includes YOU, Jason!})

Friday morning, I made a triple batch of cheesy cauliflower.  Some to take for dinner & some for K’s leftover stash.  🙂  We also spent about 1/2 an hour working to de-junk straighten Phil’s office.  (more on that later)

Oopssiee!!  Lost track of time and I had to shoo everyone out the door for Grandma’s!

We had dinner (noon) together.  We are 9 when we all gather.

Then we moved to the living room for the exchange of gifts.

JP & his cousin passed out the gifts to everyone.  It gets confusing with 2 names that start with J, 2 start with D, and 2 start with P!!  And then throw in cursive writing for those that can’t read it and that is why JP helps. 😉

After the gifts, we were expecting Grandma to hand out the 2009 installment of her book.

Instead she brought out shadowboxes for the 3 grandchildren.  🙂  Do you see her large one on the wall (above FIL’s chair) in some of these pictures?  She loves these!

Then she brought out antique rug beaters for Phil & Deb along with the story she had written to go along with it.  She told of her memory of beating the carpets as they hung on the line.  Cute!




she brought out the books.  The first several pages are a running diary of family activities from the year which is always fun (& funny!) to read.  Bob’s last sister-in-law had died in August 2008 so this family history part focused on their children.  She even had copies of their graduation announcements!!

We came home about 4, had supper together, packed K back up again, and she headed back home about 6:30 p.m.  That night we (3) went back to Grandma’s to play 2 more rounds of Killer Bunnies with them.  Even young cousin enjoys playing that game.

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