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Nina’s Turn

Just because she doesn’t get much blog time.


You know we have this issue of Nina wanting to sleep on the carpet.  Sometimes she stands totally on the carpet and plops down.  A great place for a snooze.  >insert eye roll here<

But sometimes if we don’t close the basement door T I G H T, she sleeps on the cold, hard cement next to Molly, the collie.

So really it isn’t the comfort, I think.

But EVERYONE really thought I should make her a bed.


  • I bought the foam.
  • I bought the fabric.
  • It cured in the bag for 3 weeks.
  • Did I say I finished quilting the tshirt quilt? 😉

And then…..

I made a dog bed!


with a removable cover for washing…

with 5 recycled buttons across the back flap.

And twice Nina has chosen to lay down …




Twice in 7 days!

Now who’s laughing????

Today I wrapped 2 more batches of soap.

She came down to the basement to keep me company and cozy up to that oh. so. comfy CEMENT!  With her head wedged under the table legs.

Hopefully, she won’t be startled and try to jump up quickly!

(She has a very hard head…)

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Sore Shoulder…

I’ve had an issue with my (mostly) right shoulder since the end of January.  It didn’t help that my massage therapist (MT) had ruptured a disc in her neck  and was out for a while.

After about 2 1/2 weeks, it dawned on me… that I didn’t injure it, nothing makes it worse, not much made it better.  I couldn’t place the root of the problem.. until…. I finally remembered if I can’t find a source, no rhyme or reason, how about fibro?  At that point, I remembered that the support group I read via email has said that the neck & shoulders clear last and are painful!  Maybe I’m in a bad fibro cycle!  It feels a lot like the summer & fall of ’05 before I started on guai.  Just not as bad as then.

Well, I sure felt the painful part!  I can’t really remember the last painful cycle as I just don’t have them much anymore.   To blame the pain on a cycle and to have a glimmer of hope of this ending, really helped.

{I speak of a cycle of clearing out the phosphates that led to my fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.    I follow the guaifenesin protocol for reversing my fibromyalgia.  I have been reversing for 4 yrs and 3 months.  Going by the general estimates, I should be clear in 7 1/2 yrs.  (A little over 3 more years!)  However, I have been ahead of the clearing schedule many times and I take extra guai to help clear faster.  So… in reality, I could be nearing the end!! 🙂 }

Finally, I was able to see my MT on Tuesday.  She spent most of my hour doing some stretches for my myofascial layer and helping level out my hips & shoulders.  I’m wonky!

But I didn’t feel better on Wednesday or Thursday so I called my MT to ask for a 30 min session to work on my shoulders.  I went for that this afternoon.

At one point she worked at slowly lining up my shoulders so my left one isn’t so high and my right one isn’t so very low.  I felt all wonky…. and by then I was nearing level.  :\   Funny how ones body adjusts to wonky.  *sigh*

And then it hit me.  My drumming days in high school.  I could be reversed back that far at this point.  And I injured my right shoulder carrying my snare drum back in the day.

{I did the math…  I could be cleared back to age 16 1/2 if I am on the general schedule. }

My sophomore year of band, we got new drums.  The new ones had steel frames and were much heavier than the ancient wooden framed drums we had been using.   It didn’t take too many weeks before my shoulder was injured so much I couldn’t carry a drum anymore.  The strap was only on the right side.  The drum hung diagonally and rode on our left leg.  Oh those thigh bruises… 😦  I ended up finishing out my marching band years by playing a glockenspiel.

And so, there I am.  A little less soaping, quilting, blogging, and fun.  A lot more resting.

I’m thankful that I hardly ever have pain in my clearing anymore.  This last month has reminded me of how good the days have been.  I’m glad I’m getting beyond most of this.  And I’m anxious for this cycle to end.  I work slower and with less energy as this works out of my body.  I was so used to the fast pace!  🙂

But even though this shoulder has been bothering me, I have kept up with working out with my Jillian Michaels’ Shred DVD nearly everyday.  I’m at level 2.  If this shoulder hadn’t flared up this week again, I was going to move to level 3.  And I still go to swim 2x a week.  I’m enjoying going during free swim instead of during class time for a few weeks and have avoided a lot of crowd that way!

I have added in some e-cises.  I did these before I started guai when my shoulder was so very painful.  They really help with aligning my body and putting it back in the position it needs.

I’m going to rest on the couch with an ice pack now.  I hate ice!! 😦  And later, after Phil comes in, I’ll look for a band picture to share with you.  I sure wish we would have taken more candid pictures when I was a kid like we do now.

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Fixing the Bare Wall

Since the kitchen redo of October 2008, I’ve had a bare space of wall in the kitchen.

In November when I found the new quilt shop in the town an hour away, I picked up this charm pack and a pattern I could use with it.

I love the fabrics and thought they’d be a great burst of color in the kitchen.

The store was expecting the coordinating bolts of fabric to arrive in December.  However, when I made it back to the shop in January, the owner said they weren’t getting the fabric bolts in afterall.  *sigh*

To the rescue, another quilt shop near that town announced in their February newsletter that they had this fabric line arriving!! 🙂  So I bought the border & binding fabrics I wanted last week.

So far I have the center of the quilt done and just before I cut the borders I thought I’d see how it was going to fit!



So if I continue as the pattern directs, the quilt will

cover up the light switch!

In the kitchen!!

And I live with 2 men!!!


That’s right, I have no brains!! :p



Here is the quilt center —

Still needs 4″ borders of this fabric:

Do I continue on and use the quilt some place else?
Do I not add any borders, use as it is, just the 5 x 5 blocks shown above?
Do I take off one row & one side to make it 4 blocks x 4 blocks and then add the borders?

Please vote early & often 😉 and no, there is no prize connected with this post!!   🙂

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Sleepover + Craft Days

Makes for one happy blogger!  Me! 🙂

Friday night I packed and headed to Lori’s.   We moved in and when most had arrived (about 6:30 p.m.) we had supper.  Lori had 4 large pizzas and a yummy salad and the rest of us had brought snacks.  There was a ton of food!!

Along with Lori,  there was Shelly, Lucinda, Ami, Stephanie, Becky, and me.   After supper we popped in The Proposal to start our night of chick-flicks.  Shelly was working on a wreath… paper circles cut w/ a scalloped edge, hot glued onto a foam wreath (pipe insulation).  She’ll add bright butterflies when it is done.  Stephanie worked on crafts for Kidz Link and Lori worked on photo editing.  I had the binding to sew around the tshirt quilt.

After the movie, a few headed home and Lori, Ami, Shelly, and I headed to our own rooms (!!!) to spend the night.   :yawn:  it was 11:45!

I was thankful to sleep great on the granddaughter’s airbed. 🙂

In the morning, the house started to fill up as Sue, Stephanie, Becky, Marsha, Pam, and Amy joined the 4 of us.  After a yummy breakfast that Lori made, we started crafting.  Shelly was our leader and we started with metal punching for necklaces.

There were 2 stations.  At the kitchen island, we’d get the center marked on our disc and put our pearl on the metal wire.  Of course, Shelly made that part look oh.so.easy. but we fiddled and managed to get ours acceptable.

The other work area was in the garage/man cave.  🙂  Here Shelly helped us with our chosen word or phrase to hammer into the metal.  This is my piece getting set up.

The black sticks are the letter punches.  We lined them up from our center dot and hammered to punch/dent the metal.

{Dad, I was given bonus points for holding the hammer correctly! 😉 }

This is my finished necklace.  I laid them out like this but the 3 pieces all move around on the chain.   I’m quite pleased!! 🙂

Our next project was a mixed media wall hanging using a stretch canvas frame for our base.   Shelly had given us suggestions for lettering at small group on Wednesday so there was a large variety of verses or words that we used.  We brought our own scrapbook papers and paints.

This is my board with just the papers mod podged onto the canvas.  And my pile of leftover pieces on the floor. 🙂

I gave it a layer of pink (everyone said blech! pepto bismol), a layer of burnt sienna (everyone said blech!#$*&), and then a wash of a titan buff Golden fluid acrylic (I love them!) (everyone gasped with bliss!)  Ha!!  They just needed to be patient and trust my layering process! 🙂   Here I also added a bit of a tan wash (really cheap craft paint that doesn’t cover) and added some additional texture with bubble wrap.  🙂

Above, Stephanie is holding one of Shelly’s previous paintings she brought as an example while I am painting my lettering.  (nice necklace!)

My canvas so far is in the front and Sue is transferring her lettering in the back.

I love Sue’s background!

Ami is adding her paint layers.

Lori transfers her lettering.

The one on the left is adding a verse about the forest and the one on the right has added in a big font “Sing” in the middle space.

Sue already finished her lettering at home and posted this on Facebook.  I just love this too!

Mine isn’t done yet.  I want to add a vintage image (have to decide on the method), some buttons, and maybe a used zipper for embellishments.  I’ll keep you posted!  🙂

I headed home about 4 p.m. so I could get changed and Phil & I headed to early service.  The sleepover + craft day was a super mid-winter retreat!!  We hope to do this again even if just for a day of crafting.

Thanks to Lori for her terrific hostessing, Shelly for the great projects, and the others for being great companions!

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I showed you here about the slipper boots I wanted to make.   Well, with the quilt quilted and the binding on and the sleepover fast approaching… I crammed in slipper making!

This is with my feet propped up at Lori’s during the sleepover/craft weekend!

The slippers are warm & comfy and my feet did fine not being in shoes for Friday night & Saturday.  🙂

While I was working on them, I was sure I’d never make another pair!  What a pain!  However, the cuteness & comfy factors may make me change my mind.  🙂

They are not convenient for slipping on for the mid-night trip down the hallway…. FYI.  😉

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Well, I have no idea what happened to the previous post!  I had written up over half the story.  I didn’t mean to only give you those few snippets.

So back up to the program…

Lizz Ploppet was our speaker. She is a great speaker – and funny! – and it was so fascinating to have a peek into her thoughts and how she works out her quilting.

She started out making dolls and moved on to this advanced version!

This is a beautifully dressed lady riding on her grassphopper!

And she added a guy friend riding on a house fly!  Too funny!  We were enthralled with the detail including  iridescent wings.

She also makes regular quilts but she sure adds a fun twist!

A fractured tiger quilt!

The tiger fabric looked like velour but is regular cotton.

Tiger footprints walk across the back but then at the very top was a set of human footprints!

Next came 2 boxes that she opened for us….

Inside the picnic basket:

Some of the fabrics had bugs and the peeled apples were quite cute!  She added an inebriated ant that has just finished out the last of the cold mug!

Inside the treasure chest was a mariner’s compass block with lots of treasure embellishments.

She made this for a guild challenge and it opens to this:

Don’t you think I need this?  😉

I’m not one to decorate with bird houses but to see this opened up….

Stunning!  The roof triangles fold flat against the middle quilt.  A rainbow of birds and one cat!

This all reminded me of the 5-sided box I made for my mom’s birthday back in 2006.  I’ll post that for you in a few days as I think I have the pictures on the computer already.

Lizz found an unusual way to keep her boxes sturdy.  She gets shower liner plastic (not shower curtain liner) at the hardware big box store in 4′ x 8′ sheets.  It is easy to cut with scissors.  (This would be what one could line the shower with in a re-do project.)  It can’t be sewed on like the timtex I had used but she explained about making the pocket for the plastic support and then sewing along the side to hold it in place.

She also had a little box that unfolded.  She had made them to hold grandchildren pictures but also had one with the birth announcement information inside!

Wow!  The ideas were churning!! 🙂

Here is a cute wallhanging Deb showed during show & tell.  A great way to highlight some special fabric.

I was nearly done with the quilting on the t-shirt quilt so that was my show & tell.  Pictures of that will be coming soon as I finished the quilting, have the binding on, and am hand stitching it down to the back.

When we headed out, it wasn’t snowing but all the snow that had come after we arrived had frozen to our warm windshields.   As I was scraping the ice off my windshield, the VP called me over.  Her key wasn’t working to lock up the church.  I struggled.  I tried it on another door.  It didn’t work there and it seemed like it just wasn’t made right.   Thankfully Judy was waiting for her defrost to warm up was still there with her key!  She really saved us from bothering the pastor at 9 at night!

The VP was able to lock-up while I scraped ice off Judy’s window.   I can’t remember the last time I’d had ice on my windshield to scrape so not everyone has a scraper.  Mostly we just have snow!  We’ll have new keys made from the one that does work and try them at the next meeting.

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Feb Quilt Guild

Wow – was Monday night’s meeting super-duper!!  🙂

The first thrill was when my secret sister from 2008 brought in her finished quilt!

I made the blocks and gave her the fabrics to complete it.

Lizz Ploppet was our speaker. She is a great speaker – and funny! – and it was so fascinating to have a peak into her thoughts and how she works out her quilting.

She started out making dolls and moved on to this advanced version!

And a friend for the girl on the grasshopper… a boy on a fly!

ETA 2/20: This is all you got???? I had about 8 pictures here when I thought it posted!! Argh!!  I’ll be back to post more tomorrow.

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