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Nina’s Turn

Just because she doesn’t get much blog time.


You know we have this issue of Nina wanting to sleep on the carpet.  Sometimes she stands totally on the carpet and plops down.  A great place for a snooze.  >insert eye roll here<

But sometimes if we don’t close the basement door T I G H T, she sleeps on the cold, hard cement next to Molly, the collie.

So really it isn’t the comfort, I think.

But EVERYONE really thought I should make her a bed.


  • I bought the foam.
  • I bought the fabric.
  • It cured in the bag for 3 weeks.
  • Did I say I finished quilting the tshirt quilt? 😉

And then…..

I made a dog bed!


with a removable cover for washing…

with 5 recycled buttons across the back flap.

And twice Nina has chosen to lay down …




Twice in 7 days!

Now who’s laughing????

Today I wrapped 2 more batches of soap.

She came down to the basement to keep me company and cozy up to that oh. so. comfy CEMENT!  With her head wedged under the table legs.

Hopefully, she won’t be startled and try to jump up quickly!

(She has a very hard head…)

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