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EQ 7 is coming!

I’ve only had my EQ 6 (Electric Quilt version 6 – quilt design software) since last fall but I love it!!  Mostly I’ve used it for printing out paper piecing patterns.

I also drew out the design for the paper piecing on my paint chip challenge purse in April.  I just love it!

Next on the docket, I need to figure out my SL quilt from our block exchange.

Anyway, I know you loved the chance to win the Amy Butler software… would you like to win the newest version,  EQ7????


I DO!!


This post puts me in the running to have a giveaway for EQ7.  Fantastic!!


And HIGH HOPES for another giveaway coming here soon.    🙂

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Plot Report

Sorry I didn’t report back sooner.  Projects & life….

Phil’s corn plot planting went great on Wednesday.   Done in record time with 2 plots.  So much faster than they expected that I had to take lunch over by 11 or they would have left!!  There was no way they were missing my lunch.   😉

After each pass, they have to vacuum out the seed that is still left in the boxes.  That is the job for all the helpers that come.

Phil is in & out of the tractor at every pass and helping to reload.

So… since she didn’t help with cooking, she INSISTED on going for the ride to the field.  Oh my goodness!! And there was no way I was arguing with a 100# dog this day.  Even when I left the other back door open to get the coolers out, she stayed in the truck.  Of course, it helped that Gpa came and rubbed her head and that the other men stayed far away.   😉

At the other end of the plot are 2 others who do the switching on that end.   Each variety of seed is only in 6 rows – 2 varieties per pass.   (I pack another set of food & drinks that Phil delivers down to them.)

At this point, I found out they were way ahead of schedule so hurried home to get the sandwiches made!

The buns turned out huge!!  Each was bigger than my fist.

She could hardly wait for the second trip!

Finishing up the second plot, corn on beans.

They were done by 11:20 and they were kind enough to stay for some food.  😉   They loved it!   That good ol’ home cookin’ (even cold sandwiches) is a dying art.

By the time Phil quit planting about 8:30 that night, he only had 15 acres of corn to plant.

He started early on Thursday morning.  We had gray clouds even though the storm wasn’t due until Friday.    It rained.    😦   Enough he had to stop.  But then the sun came back out, we are in this high wind front for a few days and he headed back out by noon.

All the corn acres were finished and 3 sweet corn plots planted by Thursday, April 29!!!  It isn’t even May yet and he has corn done!!  Yahoo!!!    🙂

Today he is catching up on pig work, cleaned the hot nursery, and is working on switching the planter over to beans for after this storm.  The wind remains, the tornado watch is issued, and the thunder is rumbling.

Maybe tomorrow I can show you yesterday & today’s sewing mixed media projects.   😉   Surprise until after Saturday anyway!

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T-shirt Quilt – Final

Yesterday was Nick’s birthday and he got his quilt!!   🙂

I finished this in March and sent it off to his mom who kept it in safe keeping until his 17th birthday.   I thought you’d like to see the finished product.

It is about the size of an XLong Twin to accommodate his long legs & a future college dorm room bed.

I embroidered the label for the back:

I used the Memories for Sara pattern from HERE, (scroll to the right) which I highly recommend!!

I quilted it with white aurafil in the white shirts but mostly with Superior Rainbows thread for the top in the darker shirts & the filler blocks.  I used nearly 2 spools of green aurifil in the bobbin!!  That is a lot of quilting!!  🙂

Nick’s mom said he loved it and it was better than he expected.  He is so sweet!!   🙂

Happy Birthday!!

Other posts on the progress are HERE and   HERE.

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Plot Prep

Really, if you ever get tired of my alliterations, talk to my mom.    I think it is a genetic thing…. so it would be her fault.   🙂

In honor of “one of those days”, I’m having my second cup of hot cocoa.   🙂   But with YOU so that is a good thing, right?   😉

(No, I don’t swirl it… I’m the mom, NOT the daughter!  😉 )

It is time.

The 2 corn plots are slated to go in tomorrow.

Yes, 2.  It is a new thing this year.  Our usual County Extension  corn on beans as well as a new plot, corn on corn.  Planting corn… into either last year’s bean field or last year’s corn field.   Many like seeing results from both.

So with 2 plots going in, it isn’t just an afternoon event.   (which in the past netted them cinnamon rolls….)   Eight a.m. is the start time so…

I’ll have 2 batches of Applesauce-Oatmeal muffins for 9:30.

Lunch will come about 11:30 —

  • ham & cheese sandwiches
  • carrot sticks
  • chips
  • cookies
  • drinks from the cooler

So today I’ve made the dough for the homemade buns.  It is in the frig until late afternoon. Then I’ll shape them, let them rise, & bake them tonight.  I’ll assemble the sandwiches in the morning.

I have sugar cookie dough in the frig cooling as well.  I plan to bake them as soon as the oven is available.  I’m not doing frosting which wouldn’t travel as well, just colored sugar on top.  I’m sure they won’t mind too much.  I like to think that Phil thinks that’s how round sugar cookies are just made.  Without frosting!!    🙂

In the oven now are Outrageous Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Peanut Butter cookies.  YUM!!  All before 10:30 a.m.!!    🙂

I have Sunny D, diet Pepsi, Root Beer, & water bottles getting cool in the garage frig.  As the ice tray gets full in the kitchen frig, I bag it up for the freezer to have for the coolers tomorrow.

And honestly, I’m really hoping I see time with my dear Bernina and my 09 BOM that I have going.   I started the 3rd to last month the other day!! Yahoo!!  It wants me…

Here’s my helper…


But once again with her head smashed along something!   She tried to then lay along the counter in front of the mixer area, the oven, and the sink.  I said, “No way!!” and she is now sleeping in the office.  A great place to keep an eye on the back door.   😉

JP isn’t helping as he is in the final stretch of this semester.

A LOT of math problems needing a LOT of scrap paper!

K is in her 3rd week of no-day-off.  In fact, yesterday she RAN the place!! On a MONDAY no less, when everyone and his brother like to call in.  Her receptionist took the day off.  Her assistant quit a month ago and hasn’t been replaced.  The owner’s son was out signing papers for their new house.  The owner was at the son’s house babysitting the recovering from surgery dog that can’t be left alone.  The owner’s husband was AWOL.   Oh… and it was payday so all the natives kept coming in the office looking for money.  K had 4 brides with appointments, all showed, and another one was a walk-in.


I’m so thankful that my husband has a job that he loves,  my son is working hard with his college classes, and my daughter has a great job.

Because so many in our Sonlight forum family are hurting. I’m praying for Jannette and baby Rosi, Eliz & Megan, Denise, and Jonelle.  None of them are ever far from my mind….

An don’t EVER think you aren’t smart enough to home school your kids!!  JP’s math this semester is on the computer with a video teacher.  Then he goes 2x a week to a classroom and has a professor there as well.   The video prof was working a huge algebra problem in yesterday’s lesson …. “using this 1 here, 2 times 1 is 4…” and proceeded to then mess up the whole problem!  Ack!!  I pay good money for these classes…..

I know they introduced “new math” to us in the 70’s but this is NUTS!!

That’s my day….  but not nearly everything on my mind.   😉

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Mixed Media ATCs 2

I have my second set of ATCs completed and I plan to head to the PO to get all of them shipped off this afternoon.

I had the burst of thought of using some of my leftover jacket fabrics…. and I liked adding the flower to postcards awhile ago

I stopped by some type of dollar store and found orange daisies… enough on the bunch for my $1.    🙂

Once  I was home and did a few trial measurements, one flower per ATC was TOO much so the flowers will share 4 ATCs.

Quilting on the background layered with timtex and muslin on the back

The back shows where I guessed left spaces for the flowers.

I cut the stems off the flowers and pitched that awful center they had.

Free motion stitching down the flower petals.  This first pass anchored everything.  I found an orange variegated Mettler thread in the stash.  When else will I need orange??

Then I added another round of stitching out every petal or in between the petals just for more thread color & depth.

Then I put down the center part of the flower with more stitching.  One time around to anchor, then another time for more detail.

My whole piece, I’m planning on 6 ATCs (5 to swap) and 1 postcard at the end will have 1/2 a flower.   As I stitch, I think of those I could send the postcard to.  After hitting 8 that I could share with, I quit thinking!!  🙂   And now 10 days later, the postcard is still here.    🙂   (When I shared this at quilt guild, a few more volunteered to be receivers!! ha!)

And after I cut them this much….

I had an “Oh, CARP!!!” moment….

too small…. :tears:  and a screaming text to my dear, K.

I started over

with another piece of fabric and more flowers (good thing they were sharing themselves with several cards!)…

and this time I added gold glitter thread (by Superior of course) in the centers.

This time I cut them right for the ATCs

and then RIGHT THROUGH the last section to be the postcard!!  haha!!

I edged the ATCs with some knobby green yarn & pink yarn twisted together.  (top row)  But I ran out of green yarn and still had edges for the extras so found this lumpy varigated yarn in the bin.  I love it better than my first choice!

This would be a great bookmark.  Need to find a book!!   🙂

I love adding flowers like this!!  The store had pink flowers so I think I’ll have to go back to the store!

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Paducah was Fantastic!!

Yesterday I was still in recovery from my HUGE trip Thursday!   🙂   Sitting was  good so I’ve played with my photos on Friday.


I awoke at 3:06 a.m. but stayed in bed until 3:50 a.m.  I headed out to the airport (50 miles) at 5 till 5.

Wow!  It was still dark and actually I was surprised at the (only) 1 herd of deer on the Deer Hunting Road, the 4 of us out driving in the next town over, and the amount of traffic from the nuke plant town on. I arrived at the airport at 5:40 a.m.  I had told google maps that it would be under an hour but they didn’t listen…

After check-in & security, I was pleased to find Mary Ann!  She is a guild friend and actually we go way back to Carol’s shop in the late 80’s!  She is sweet and we ended up being seat mates for both flights!!  🙂  AND in row 1.  Nice.

And we both now have a new friend, Fran our other seat mate.  Fran is from the QCA and was happy with her aisle seat.  Mary Ann was happy she got a window seat.  I was just fine to be in the middle between friends.

Ready to go (until the powers that be moved me over by Fran & Mary Ann which meant we didn’t have to yell to converse) showing you the ID tags we all got upon checking in.  (Made by Judy, with the airport logo, and in the pocket was a band-aid, safety pin, & lifesaver!  Even cherry!!  It went to Mary Ann….)

This is Judy, who organized the whole day trip thing to Paducah with the airport.   She got a cookie basket for the flight crew!  The same crew is doing the flights for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday!

Once we landed (late) in Paducah, we let the casino travelers off first.  (rolleyes)  Judy gave us a long announcement and then we could get going.  Being the great front row passengers that we were, we 3 were first off.     🙂

As we rounded the corner in the airport, we were greeted with “here they are!!!”  Two ladies welcomed us with brochures on Paducah and buttons welcoming the Rockford quilters and a TV crew with cameraman and reporter.    LOL!!  (I’ve checked the TV website and I’m a no show….)

A quick visit to the tiny bathroom and we jumped on small shuttle buses for the ride into town, maybe 15 mins. I had been sending text messages to my waiting friend, Elaine, and then called her once we had arrived at the quilt show area.

While I waited for her to come, I chatted with a local lady waiting for a shuttle bus.  She realized she was waiting in the wrong place but said she was going to wait to see me find my friend that I hadn’t seen in over 30 years.    🙂

Elaine rounded the corner and once she got in focus we ran to embrace!! What a sweetie she is!!  A good long hug and a few tears started our wonderful day together.    We turned to go into the marshmallow (colored & sized) building and the local lady had turned and was walking to her shuttle.

Once inside the first vendor building, we found a quiet spot and Elaine found my must-see vendors (Superior Threads & Ricky Tims) on the map of the buildings. (building 2)

At the end of building one, we made a bit of a plan for the rest of the day.   I LOVE that Elaine thinks like me  😉  and we both agreed an early lunch would be a good idea.  But would it really be early since I had had breakfast at 4:30, NOT 8:30???

At the second building, we found a lot more vendors, kept chatting, and saw quilts too!  Imagine that!!  LOL!!   I stopped at the AQS booth for my Paducah 2010 shirt.  Elaine knew the worker there and was chatting with her as I shopped.  As we walked away, she said the girl is a Schroeder, her family owns  the WHOLE SHOW!!!   🙂

I found the Superior Threads booth and got to chat with Bob, The Thread Guy!!    Yippee!!!   I love their threads and was a good girl with my shopping.  I only got 4 spools of Rainbow thread.  I just love using that for quilting these days.  One spool in pinks, and 3 in various neutrals.  Now I wish I would have gotten some dark/gray Masterpiece for finishing my NY Beauty blocks.

We arrived near the center of this room and got to enjoy the display of the miniature quilts.  LOVE THEM!!!  Wow!  Then on to some of the main winners and there was the 1st place quilt & quilter greeting quilters.  I’m not allowed to post any of the quilts so that makes for a bit bummer of a post but you can find some pictures of this winning quilt at The Quilt Show site.    I’m not a Tolkien fan but sure can appreciate her work as this is a whole-cloth quilt with the details & design only coming from threads!!

A few more rows of quilts & vendors and we found Ricky Tims’ booth.  There was a bit of a line to meet & greet so I waited while Elaine tried to figure out who this guy was and why I wanted to meet him!!  (He is the co-host and partner in The Quilt Show site.)

I had brought my new issue of Quilt Life along for plane reading and had Ricky autograph my copy.    🙂

Sorry this is a bit blurry.   With the flash, the signature is glared out, without the flash, the photo is blurry.

And his partner, Justin was running the sales dept.   (Ok, I laughed when he gave me a big hug for the picture!)  He was able to chat more and told me & another TQS member that even more improvements are coming to the site soon.   ♥

By now, it was time to head for an early lunch. I found my license plate… IF I had a license from Ohio, that is…

(maybe I should have walked around to get the not-so-buggy back plate….)

Elaine suggested a great deli she likes to visit and we headed there.  Locally owned and they make a huge variety of bread each day.  They were working to the bone and gave us quick service and yummy food!  It was gorgeous walking around the town!! We headed out the back and to another downtown street.  I looked and could see the river so asked if we could go there.    🙂

multiple murals on the retaining wall depict life in Paducah….

And Elaine is sososo gracious in taking my pictures while we are out & about!

We continued on and visited several shops in downtown that had vendor areas set up.  I met the lady that did the article on snow-dyeing in the Quilting Arts magazine and enjoyed visiting with her! I said I wanted to do rust-dyeing this summer.  She has sold some rust-dyed pieces for $30/yard and we chatted about that.

At another shop, we saw this quilt:

Once we learned it was done in the embroidery hoop, pattern & CD available for only $20, I was sold.  🙂  The pattern picture doesn’t give it justice so I asked if I could photograph their quilt.  My version will have a bit more blue and more pinks but will be darker like this.  Yummy!!

(meanwhile I get a text from a friend back home asking if I’m talking with a drawl yet!! LOL!!  Cracked us up!!)

Next Elaine offered some options and on our way back to her car we were right at the National Quilt Museum.  I had a ticket included in my packet for the day and she insisted I had to see it!  What.a.treasure!!!

I immediately turned to the area with miniatures and could barely breath in enjoying these works.  Just stunning!!   One lady said she’d never do this and I said I’d love to!

Someone’s husband told her that I had an ant on my back so the wife slapped it dead!  I had Elaine check later for blood & guts.   A simple brushing could have done the job, I figured….

Then on to the new display of works by Hollis Chatelain and her Imagine Hope display.   Just took my breath away!  I have read about her work in magazines for years but what a treat to see it in person.

More wandering through the museum (it was nicely AC’d but at the same time my feet were getting tired…) and I enjoyed my annual favorite challenge in person, New Quilts From Old Favorites.  This year was Sunflowers and it was thrilling to see the winners & selected entries up close & personal!

When I finished, I found Elaine waiting in the shop.   What a wonderful hostess!!

Continuing to her car, she took me to the studio & shop of Caryl Bryer Fallert.   Another whose work I admire, here in real life!  I succumbed and got a kit there with her gorgeous fabrics and a DVD tutorial.   🙂   We headed to the Rotary Club’s World War II quilt show and there were more vendors there.

Elaine had WON us tickets for this by calling in to her radio station the other day!!  Fun!!  There I found and chatted with a vendor from MD that I met several years ago at a Chicago show.  I’ve also shopped with them at a local show.   They own the shop where my quilting aunt goes and are also shirt-tail relatives.  Small world!!

The WWII quilts were stunning.  I loved the signature quilts that raised money for the efforts.  (Maybe I could have taken pictures there but I had in my mind so much ‘no pictures to post online’ that I didn’t take many.)

We headed to the coveted Hancocks of Paducah store! NOT the chain store but a humongous quilt fabric store!! Near Heaven!!  🙂  I really didn’t need to be choosing more but Elaine took us to the back where the discounts are better.   But really… I can’t imagine this is where she gets to shop for quilt fabrics!!  She said that basically if they see a fabric line advertised in a magazine they can come here and get the whole line.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a fabric store have A whole line – let alone ALL of the lines!

I finally settled on some charm packs for $5 each!!  Including a Kaffe Fassett collection from 2008.   Love them!!

Next on the itinerary was the mall where there were more vendors & quilts to see.   And it was near supper time so we sat (ahhh…) and had a quick supper and more fine conversation.

Heading back downtown, I had just a bit of time so we got to visit the second floor of the main building.  More quilts & more vendors.   🙂

At 5:29 p.m. we headed back to the shuttle buses.  Imagine that… it seems I was the last to return  🙂   and they were waiting on the last bus to arrive.   We had a few more minutes to visit.   (after leaving so late in the morning b/c of waiting on late arrivals, I was not going to be my usual early-self for the trip home.  😉  )

Another good hug and more tears ended my dear visit with Elaine.   Hopefully we’ll get together again soon!! I got to chat on the phone with K a bit on the way to the airport. That helped my transition….

Back at the airport there was a HUGE line for security (so really there was no reason to hurry back   😉  ) and once again the small bathroom had a good line, too.  The airport person in charge (director?) checked out the men’s room and then stood guard for us to use that one.    🙂

After security, I waited a bit in the chairs where we all got our shoes back on.  One of the owners from Quilter’s Haven had gone along so we chatted about what she purchased there.   🙂   She is sweet and I always enjoy my too-infrequent visits there.

On the plane, Fran & Mary Ann were already comfy and probably wishing I’d nap on the way home and not be so chatty!   🙂    They had already had their bags put in the overhead and I just put mine under my seat so I could get to it during the flight easier.   I showed them most of my loot on the way home and I enjoyed their stories of what they found as well.

We landed a bit early and were again, some of the first off the plane.  At the bottom of the escalator we were met by 2 from the local newspaper.  Mary Ann & I chatted a bit with them and then headed to our cars for the drive home.  (nothing from us on the website…hmpf!)

Three separate batches of deer on the last 3 mile road.

I got home just after 9 p.m.  Got a snack and hot cocoa, loaded the dishwasher, and headed to bed.  What a W O N D E R F U L  day!!

Thanks Elaine!!  I loved reconnecting and spending the day with you.  ((Hugs))

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Fun Day

And I LOVE Facebook….

for reconnecting me  first with my long-lost friend & bridesmaid, Nancy who found me there last summer.

And then finding another long-lost friend, now quilter, that lives in Paducah, KY!!

One day she wrote that she noticed I was a quilter, she is too, and I had better come to the quilt show in Paducah!!  🙂


Today I’m spending the day with Elaine!!  I have a flight from the small airport 1 hr away and arrive in Paducah just an hour later.  🙂   She has free reign to show me the best parts of the day.  Unfortunately, I have to be on the return flight home tonight but I’ll enjoy every minute with her!

Just in case you ask how we know each other….

it wasn’t from school or college classes or the same town.  Which would be too easy!


  • her hubby was in youth group with me – so lots of church connections
  • I worked for her MIL’s drapery business one summer
  • her brother was my youth group leader while he was in seminary
  • her brother lived across the street from us
  • I stayed at her parents’ in VA one week of summer crusading

So it is wonderful connections with others that make us friends.    🙂   I think we have a lot more in common that just quilting and I’m sososo excited about the day!!

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Rolled Over…

Happy Anniversary to my good ol’ F-150 SuperCrew.

Next month is 9 years old.     🙂

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At the November quilt guild meeting, we were given envelopes with a short list of instructions and 5 paint chip colors for our guild challenge piece. I opened mine and was saddened to have 2 chips of one color and 3 chips of another color.  We were allowed to toss out one chip but if I tossed one, I still would have 1 or 2 of that color, just a different shade.   Our finished project was due at the April meeting.

back of my tag for voting display

I put the chips back in the envelope.

I saw a fellow guild member at a quilt shop sale in February and remembered the challenge.  Nothing started yet.

In March, a guild member asked on Facebook who was working on the challenge.  Not me.

I have wanted to be in challenges and have been glad the guild was having them so I MUST participate!

I lamented. I whined. I fiddled.  I shopped online.

paint chips on tag

You know I love paper piecing so I first drafted a New York Beauty block on EQ6 (a quilt design software program).  I wanted two blocks for the front of my purse.  Of course, I’d want a new purse for summer and these bright colors I had to work with would be quite stylish I hoped.

One of my favorite online quilt shops is eQuilter.com.   They have a TON of fabric, great search results, and I like the design wall.

For this shopping challenge, I did a search for my 2 colors: turquoise and orange.   As I sifted through the results I put a yard of each fabric I liked in my shopping cart.  Another day, I sorted my cart.  I finally had one fabric to be my focus fabric and tie my pieces together, then I added other coordinating ones.   I also downloaded the images of the fabrics I liked and input them into the program.  I colored my block with the actual fabrics I wanted to use!!   🙂

Once the fabrics arrived, it was time to work….

In piecing my smallest arc, I learned a key point in drafting my own patterns… and in this one, I had backed myself into a corner!  LOL!   Instead of starting over and redrafting a new block, I printed off little sections to pre-piece and then add in as 1 piece.

This is the add-in piece.

And it goes in here.

Stitched in.

Pressed open.


I feel smug, it worked!

Here are the 2 blocks finished and pinned to the purse front:

At this point I had a panic and called in my behind the scenes advisors   😉   thinking this was a tad wild.  Everyone said they liked it,  so I continued on.

I hand stitched the arc to the background piece.  After layering with batting, I quilted various arcs and the star points.  I did free-motion meandering quilting on the background and the back of the purse which is just the plaid fabric.

Then I assembled the purse.  The lighter background of the star points is the lining of the purse and I added 2 pockets inside.

This is the commercial pattern I used for purses at Christmas time but I made the pattern 2″ taller.

I also made a coordinating cosmetic bag.  The pieces are stitched on my embroidery module and then I assemble them with the standard sewing machine.

I love having these to keep my lipstick, eye drops,  and spare set of car keys easy to find.   🙂

Report from guild — I won in my category – they put purses in Clothing.   There were about 6 purses/totes  and no actual garments.    So I’m happy that I wasn’t the only one in my category and still pulled it off.    🙂  I would guess there were around 25 entries overall.  I wished the entries had been sorted into categories before voting as I think it would have been more fair.  We, the voters, had to decide what category we’d put each item in.

It sure was fun to see what paint chips others received and how they carried out their colors!  I was pleased with the participation level!!  (a bit less than 50% of membership)

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Our speaker last night was Karen Musgrave.   I was impressed at her arrival in time for our optional potluck at 5:30 and enjoyed a bit of her conversation and interaction there.  What a lovely lady.     🙂   (and so goes another subscription to my iGoogle Reader.  Love it!!  ♥ )

Karen has been an art quilter for a long time in many avenues.  She has made several trips to former Soviet republics teaching children and women how to quilt and how to express themselves through fabric.   She also works with new immigrants to America and women in prison sharing quilting with them.

She presented most of her program with powerpoint including lots of great pictures of her travels, her quilts, and her students’ quilts.  SO FASCINATING!!

{My review of her talk is filtered through me sitting in awe trying to absorb as much as I could but at the same time mesmerized by what she showed us (and my lack of sleep!). }

I want to go with her on her next trip!!

After her pictures,  she had 2 tables full of quilts of her own and those she purchased in various former Soviet republics.  Treasures!  I’ll show you some….  (my comments are below the picture)

This is from Kazakhstan and is embroidered.

Here you can see the back of it and all the zillion stitches.

This one is from Kyrgyzstan.  The purple is replacement fabric she thought and the center is left blank like that as there would be other pieces layered on the top and the center not seen.   This one is signed & dated.   And in one of the stars at the top is a hammer & sickle from the old USSR days.

Her main work is in Georgia, the country north of Turkey, south of Russia.   Here is a child’s coat with SUCH elaborate piecing and embroidery.  A  lot of beadwork too.  It is heavy from the adornments!

Back yoke of the coat.  The coins are Russian coins used here after Georgia became independent.

This quilt was made by one of her students.  The lighter blue & yellow backgrounds were surface-designed by the student and the narrow black border with gold was hand painted by the student!  Stunning work and great design skills!

She does a lot of quilt as you go but taken to the art quilt side of life.  I loved this one for the design & colors.  Up close after the program I saw it is covered in tiny beads as well!

(she had the CUTEST shoes!!   🙂  )

Another quilt as you go.  She showed quilts using this pattern that her students have made.

After her program we were able to come see the quilts in person and talk with her.  She had quilts, bracelets, and note cards that some of her foreign students have made and sell as their income.   I SOSOSO wanted to get a wallhanging!!  They were about 8″ x 14″ or so for $40.  I struggled with that.  I didn’t get one.  Maybe another time I can help out.

Show & Tell included:

Lynda’s twin brother gave her this on their birthday!  What a riot!!

One of Bernie’s beauties.  She is a collector of Civil War reproductions and she uses them beautifully!

I took my quilted jacket (hmm… which you haven’t seen yet), my 2 sets of mixed media ATCs, and a fabric postcard for show & tell.  We also had our paint chip challenge reveal and voting.  I’ll show you that tomorrow.    😉

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