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Not In The Vows

This morning I helped Phil.  He has 2 new unloading augers for his combine.   (Note to Mom: Just stop reading here and have Dad come read this and tell you the last paragraph.   You’ll be glad you did.   🙂   love you!  ♥ )

The fin-thingies inside had to be positioned at a 90′ angle.  First, I didn’t understand how you could put the 2 parts together and have to adjust to the 90′.  Wouldn’t they just fit together?

Well, there is some fine-tuning in there before it is all totally hooked together I learned.

He said I’d need to go up the ladder.

I thought I’d go up the combine ladder.

I was wrong.

A 10′ – 12′ ladder propped against the side of the combine.

While coming down the ladder for the SECOND time,

my FIL walked in.

I said, “This wasn’t in the vows.”

(not funny to him)

I had to check the diagram on the old auger along the wall.   Soon I saw the end of this between me and the wall —-

I stepped away and up onto something that would get me OFF THE GROUND!!

I won’t tell you how Phil handled that but he did.

Not to be easy on me, there was one more trip up the ladder needed.  Oh, and FIL had taken the ladder I had started to get used to so we had another one.  Smaller rails of course.

Thankfully, all of that job was done by noon!  At least I had dinner in the oven.

I had modified a formerly-loved Barbecued Chicken recipe to make it sugar-free and that was cooking in the oven.     At dinner, Phil asked what I was aiming for with this.  I guess it was lacking some flavor.

JP came in and took a bite.  He asked what it was supposed to taste like.


After doing the dishes and cutting a batch of soap, I went to clean in my sewing room!!  GASP!!!  Shocking to say the least!  I want one of the bookcases from last week’s auction to come live in my sewing room so have to clear an area for it.  So far I have thrown away stuff and sorted and cleaned.    🙂     More to come!   Something will have to shift as I’m 2″ shy of the wallspace needed. It probably means much more work and sorting and cleaning.


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