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Family Fun Weekend

We are always thrilled when K has a holiday off and gets 2 nights to be here with us.

It seems the last week or so she’s dealt with too many bridezillas and again on Saturday, so was not able to leave until 5:40.    She met us at church, halfway through the service.   I drove her through TB for some more supper and we stopped at Menard’s for spray paint.  We had plans!!

Sunday a.m. JP headed back to church as this was his band’s weekend to play.  A small group, just 4 guys, but they are such great buddies for JP!

K was up and helped Phil with chores.  Helped?  How about, kept Dad company.  🙂  They also pulled out 2 sets of shutters & an old window for her to take back for decorating.  (However, they never made it in this trip.)

K had brought home 3 large frames from the S & A Boutique and she stripped them down to just frame.

One frame had a print from someone who’s name I can’t spell — LOL!! — and I’d love to find a way to do some mixed media over the tear and still have something left….

I added some 8 x 10″ ones from my stash in the sewing room closet.  (more stuff OUT!!)   We primed them all with my new friend, Zinsser B I N.  (One can of spray primer wasn’t enough for all those dresser knobs I did last week AND all the frames so we returned to the sponge brush & gallon can.)

K sorted them and some were painted black gloss and some metallic silver.   These will hang as decoration  in the living room as empty frames/wall art.   They turned out SO nice, I forgot a finished painted picture!    🙂

She WILL send us a final picture of the dresser with knobs and the wall arrangement.  Don’t you want to see???

Meanwhile, in my sewing room cleaning I unearthed a metal magazine stand/end table that also got primed and a coat of paint. Wait until you see that!! Stunning!!    Oh! And the honkin’ mirror in a frame that was part of the $1 pile with the dresser…  she liked that too and so that got washed, taped, primed, and painted gloss black.  Nice!! Very nice!!

The painting was finished Monday by noon.  We had family outings mixed in with painting, eating, and a bit of sleep.

We headed to the church and arrived just as the 2nd service ended.   A friend of K’s was home for the weekend with her new little one so K got to visit with them.   JP was done and we headed to the grocery parking lot to leave his truck for awhile.   Lunch was at the local Chinese restaurant and so yummy!

Off to the next town over and we arrived at the local putt-putt course.

We played 18 holes and it was fun to be at a new place.   On several of the holes, we had to hunt to figure out where we wanted our ball to go.   Quite interesting and we all had fun!

Next up the other 3 took a turn at go-karts.   That was fun tho K had the

s l o w e s t

kart E.V.E.R. and then a group of others weren’t playing nice or by the rules so made it not as fun for my family.

This is the only photo I got of the 3 of them together.  I think Phil lapped K twice, poor girl!

Next we headed to the pet store.   At my request!  When moving K last weekend, I noticed that her fish bowl plants were the exact plants I had just rooted in jars of water here at home.   I was delighted I could use my plants that way!  I mentioned one night on the phone with her that I was going to stop at W-M to get a vase as that is the only place I knew that sold them, even tho it would pain me to darken the door.  She said she’d get me some at S&A Boutique.   She did!!  They were $0.80 each for 2 and another for $1.something!!  haha!!  She got 3.    Yeah!

So I needed 3 beta fish for them.  Hence, the trip to the pet store.

Then we headed for snacks.  The other 3 got ice cream at Coldstone but I opted for a bagel at Panera.  Still a cheat but I figured less than the ice cream.  Poor Coldstone doesn’t sell sugar-free.

While K & I checked the painting projects at home, the men built a big bonfire in the back yard.   Hotdogs & marshmallows rounded out the evening!

Monday morning, I touched up the painting a bit.  That metal magazine rack with racks & screen type of shelf was quite an issue to paint!!  Then we headed to the little town nearby for their parade.   This is the biggest parade in our county and this year was about 1 1/2 hrs!!  Soon after the parade started, the rain drops came for a bit so we stood under a big tree until the rain stopped.   It was cool, breezy, and now wet!! Shiver!!

I heard this fife coming for a ways… loved it!!

And the rest of the unit….

And then was SO excited to see our friend Judy on her PINK  Spyder!  I wasn’t ready so had to run down the street to get ahead of her for a picture.  She is battling breast cancer … again!!… and this was her idea for a money maker & to raise awareness.   She rocks!!

My friend, Lori, helped with getting the Spyder and the very cool paint job and is on Judy’s team.  I only found Lori when she was past and stopped to see her darling grandkids.

K & I are THRILLED with our hot pink fly swatters.   🙂

And I took this picture JUST for you.  For the laugh factor in this long post!

I thought it took the term “name plates” to a whole NEW level!!  LOL!!

We got home for lunch of grilled brats and Phil grilled some chicken at the same time for K to take home for food this week.   K packed up the painting projects… oops… no pictures!!  She WILL show us the final arrangement!!   She visited with the grandparents across the field and we both took afternoon naps.

I put the fish in their vases and found the prettiest one was already NOT swimming anymore.  😦   Me, Miss Queen of Returns, will get him replaced.

These anthurium plants were given to me by the neighbor.  (Phil helps him out a lot.)  The plants continued to die!!  I separated them from the HUGE pot to smaller pots.   Still dying.  I was down to mostly brown leaves.   So I took them out of the pots and just put them in mason jars of water.   I suppose they’ve been in the jars for a good month.  Now I have new leaves, lots of roots, and ONE bloom!!!  And with fish… happy momma!!    🙂

Supper was early and K was on the road by 6.   I think it is easier to go home to this new apt than the old square.  She made 3 trips with all her things and saved the 4th trip for today after work.   Or tomorrow?    Hang on for the finished views, she is battling a cold so resting tonight and I doubt she is decorating.

Hope you stayed awake for this long post!!  It was a busy but fun weekend!!

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