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Radish Update

Yesterday Phil had more radishes planted… by airplane!

from the backyard looking west

His other fields of radishes were drilled in after his wheat was harvested. But he chose to put out radishes in his 2 corn county extension plots.  The corn is still there so the airplane flew on the seeds.  They still germinate even if they aren’t under soil.  And thankfully they make it through the corn, down to the ground to grow!

he made his loops right over my head!

The radishes need 30 days before a frost to get a good start at working.   Then they live until two 17’F nights.  So even at this “late” date of planting, they still have plenty of time to do their job.

The main reason the plane was out was to plant some radishes on the neighbor’s field.  We crop-share that field with him.  In the winter his horses grazed the field which makes it very rough & hard.  Hopefully the radishes will provide extra nutrients as well as break up the soil.   Then once that was agreed and scheduled, Phil added in our county plots for radishes as well.

Tonight after supper I walked out to the closer field of radishes that I showed you a month ago here.  Phil enjoys seeing a green field now in September as the other fields are turning yellow & brown for harvest.

There aren’t as many peas in this field’s mixture but I found a few.  The peas are about 10″ tall.

Here you can see the radish sticking out of the soil a bit.

Even tho I called and called and whistled while I walked… no 4-legged friend joined me for the trek.   Once I got back to the yard, she was playing in the garden but OH SO HAPPY then to see me!

Phil has worked a lot on his truck today and thankfully has it running again!   (It died in the lane yesterday.)   While he watched something, I started it.  With the door open, Nina jumped in.   So she & I drove to get the mail.

She loves to go for rides!!

Here the sun was starting to go down at the end of the lane…

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