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Sign Painting Day 1 and 2 —

After the rain on Sunday night, I surveyed the sign on Monday morning.   There were 3 areas with yellow streaks and some paint had bubbled along the bottom ledge.   😦    So Monday morning, I repainted these areas with a sponge brush.  I was in no mood to get another roller messed up.

While that was drying, I finished working on the design. (plus made lunch, picked up Phil from 15 mins away where he took a tractor to be worked on) I had it spread out on the living room floor.

I’m using the lettering I traced off for the top banner but printed the first names off the computer for the bottom.  I’m going to try to mostly freehand them.   :\   We’ll see….

Thankfully, JP knew how about a computer program where I could input my barn drawing (from the internet) and have it blow it up to 2 pages x 2 pages.  Slick!  And then when I kept messing up the side of the barn, I could just reprint that page.  🙂

I love the barn drawing I found but the perspective seemed off.  In hindsight, I think it was just me…  But anyway, I sent an email to Dad and searched online for perspective tutoring.   Between Dad & my thinking, I got it figured out.  🙂   Glad he could help!!  It was one of those things where I needed an understanding ear.   Mostly I needed a vanishing point so that I could have the perspective right to get the quilt block on the side of the barn.   Important matters!!!  🙂

Next I decided it would be easier to use carbon paper to transfer my design instead of coloring the back of my pattern w/ pencil lead and then transferring!  Ack!!   I couldn’t find my carbon paper and really it could be gone.  Who needs that these days?

I called my MIL but the answering machine didn’t pick up when she didn’t answer.   Path 2 to her, I wrote a note and put it in FIL’s truck.  I found him to let him know my search need and he said he’d look over lunch as she was out with the WMS ladies.   His search turned up nothing at noon but he returned about 3 p.m. with a package of carbon paper!! (While I waited, I quilted the table topper like a mad-woman and had it done in 2 1/2 hours!) MIL had returned home and my request sent her diving in the antique piles in the basement. Lo & behold… a package of carbon paper.   I barely used one piece.

I headed out to work on the transfer process.  Seemed like a dreadful job but it went better than expected.  I had it all transfered except the names & date at the bottom in 50 mins.

I’m most excited about the barn & the barn quilt.  🙂  Phil likes the barn because it is more like the original one of the family farm.  I think the whole sign is about the heritage we have here and the bigger, more realistic barn goes along with that.

Today I awoke knowing it was time to start painting!  I’m OK with the coloring book style of filling in the jumbo shapes.  The details, shading, and lettering have me a bit on edge.

The dog guarding her food & hunted  finds… IRRITATING!!! Argh!!!

I worked 2 hours (was surprised I was out that long) and have the top banner painted twice and the pig is painted.   Basically, most of the black areas.   Blogging, a cup of hot cocoa, and getting lunch made are this next hour.

FIL is hauling manure so he is in & out the lane frequently.  I hope he enjoys the process!! LOL!!

Do you have a small amount of navy/dark blue latex paint I could use?  Just need a bit.

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