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21 & 21

Not much to say and really I think that is best.  The week before September 18 is usually a week best spent not talking.  Odd things come out.  It is weird how that happens.  After a few days, I realize it is the month, the week.

You’ve seen the pictures.    Three is all I have.

You’ve heard the story.  It ends.

But the hurt remains and the answers of ‘why’ continue to evade.   And no, I have not found the good in this.

Always glad when today is over.   I wonder when these milestone birthdays of 16, 18, 20, & 21 have all past, if that will make the day easier.    Not fishing for sympathy but writing is good for me and I also don’t want to ignore the day.

On the Sonlight forums we talk of being members of “The Club, that no one wants to be apart of…. “

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