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The Dresser – Part 3

I know you’ll excuse the delay as K took home a cold along with the knobs for her dresser on Labor Day.  I’m sure you aren’t reading words, just looking ahead to pictures…

Ta-Da!! –>

Yes, the dresser is NOT in the bedroom (neither is the bed yet as she doesn’t have one) but it makes a DANDY TV stand, don’t you think?  It is narrow like a buffet-type of table.

The unburied, formerly scratched up, black, magazine rack is peaking in to show its new cleaned-up, newly painted, deep purple coat.   Much better IRL.

While she was home over Labor Day, I think I told you we had painting projects going on.   Only 1 before picture —

A few frames she grabbed at her local thrift store.   She picked through a used box here and added a few more.  After priming, we painted them in black gloss & silver metallic.

Once hung… she needs more!!  🙂 (Donations accepted…)

This week K got to unpacking in her sewing room.  What a treat to have a designated place for that.  Soon we’ll take her the sewing cabinet from her grandma R, along with…. a bed frame as the new mattress set should arrive next week.  Yippee!!   Moving on up!!

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