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At quilt guild tonight, I’m turning in the beginning of our Round Robin project.   I’ve always thought it would be fun to participate in one of these and I’m excited the guild is doing this!  Last month there were over 20 people signed up so that will be fun!!  (We have around 60 members.)

This is my center block —

Yes, I showed this before but hadn't said it was for the Round Robin.

The rules gave us the size of block to submit for the center — 8″ finished square.  Not very big!

In a brown paper grocery bag will be:  my center block, my journal, and up to a yard of ONE companion fabric.   I don’t know YET what fabric I’ll include!  Each month it will come back with a border added and sent home with another member.   We aren’t to see “our” quilt until the end!

Because I love paper piecing (and piece w/o stitching on the paper  🙂  ), I hunted for a block in Carol Doak’s 50 Fabulous Paper Pieced Stars book.

One would think… that when there is a CD in the back of the book, that one could print the patterns off the CD.  Not with this book!  :\   So I had to order the companion CD with the printable patterns.  *sigh*   But I have already used it twice and really will use it often so not such a big deal.

(The patterns in the book are 12″ finished blocks so, with the CD, I could chose to finish to 8″ (really 4″ quarters) and have the correct sized pattern!  Slick!!)

I chose the California block in honor of Dad’s home state but also because it had a great design.  🙂

I bought my fabrics at the quilt shop south of the bypass and wanted a fresh look with pink, of course.   Each month our center will be sent home with another member in the Round Robin with rules of what to add that month.  One border will be with triangles, another with squares, one with applique, etc.  We aren’t to see our center until the very end but we can chat with others if we need help.  Just not the owner of the center.  Barring no big snow storms that would cancel our monthly meeting, we’ll be done in early spring next year.  I doubt I’ll be able to show you progress here on the blog so that the owner won’t see her quilt.

It is suggested that we include a place for the others to write notes to us on the border they worked on.  I got excited for a reason to make a fabric paper book for myself!!   🙂

It is about 6″ x 6″ and ties with a bit of brown organdy ribbon.  There are 2 signatures with 2 papers sewed in each one.  The pages each have a wash of pink or green paint and some have stamping on them.   I made a title page, wrote my welcome page, and made a page for my center block.  There are 16 pages/sides so I hope the others will write plenty in the book.   On my center block page, I added a scrap from an old book and a title block.  The stitching is a little rough/rustic on purpose.

You can click on the combo picture above and see it a bit bigger.

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