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Sign Painting — Now Planted!

I finally got the names added to the sign on Friday, the 17th.   My MIL came over that morning to see as FIL had told her he was watching the progress.  She likes it and thought it was quite the undertaking.    I told her I had just wondered while painting the names if I should add in Joyce, Sue, Lizzy, and I didn’t know Henry’s wife’s name.  There must be a story as “we don’t want ‘her’ name tho so it would have to be the 2nd wife’s name”.   I see.  Alrighty.

The name painting was tedious and rotten on the arm & shoulder muscles so I took breaks often.  First I traced the names with the carbon paper and then came back with a tiny paintbrush to paint them.  I was sitting on one of my buckets as that made a pretty good height for me.   Once I got to the end of each name, I could go back and give each one a second coat.

Phil came to check and I asked if he realized that only Henry has 5 letters to his name and the rest of them have 6 letters.  The look on his face told me he couldn’t care less and NO he had never thought of that before. 🙂

Then last weekend was rainy & yucky so this fair-weather-gal stayed inside.   On Tuesday, I put the dots between the names and did any final touch-ups.  A few hours later, Phil came to the garage and called for me that he was ready to plant the sign.  He had already re-dug the holes.

He had this idea and I just played along… I drove slowly and he held the sign like this in the back end.  I was being careful so just grabbed the camera and tried one shot out the back window (one handed while I drove and looked forward) ….

Firmly planted & leveled and only a bit of someone’s muddy hands across the top.   It was nearly sad to leave it out along the road in the drizzle!

A landscaper, I am not.  Hopefully this won’t look bad here for long.

We are just home from JP’s scholarship awards program.  (  l  o  n  g   )   I tried to have one man take pictures of me and the other man at the sign.  We were dressed up for the most part.  It was windy.  My hair is blowing.  😦   No pictures to share.   I need a female around here….

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My Table

I’m trying for a quick blog post…..

But one picture has SO much to say!!

In the front are 5 sets of fat quarters I cut last week.  When I dye fabrics, the extra dye when I’m done (or when class is ending) goes into one bucket.   I add a cup of salt (I just dump some in, never measure it) and a yard of PFD fabric.  I let it stay in the bucket overnight or until I remember it.  LOL!!   It is a surprise every time!    Those that were at the parfait class on Friday got a surprise!  Sorry you missed it.  😉

The back of the photo shows my work table in the sewing room.  I’ve been stealing bits of time here & there to work on the current project.  It just rammed itself into the LONG list of projects and made itself current.  🙂

After following the Pink Pincushion for a few months, I’m joining her year of Schnibbles starting in October.  This year is La Petite.   We’ll see how much I keep up!  For the first pattern, I wanted something fall-ish because I hate fall (weather, Phil’s schedule, coming winter, my previous orange carpet) and thought it would be something happy for me for the season.  I LOVE this fabric line from Barbara Brackman and ordered what I needed from the Fat Quarter Shop.  Pleased with a new online place as well!   The pattern is Paganini from Miss Rosie’s.   (at the bottom of the page, click on Paganini)

So… that picture was Tuesday, I think.  (or Wednesday…)  As of RIGHT NOW, I’ve won the scalloped border argument (late yesterday afternoon) and I’m heading downstairs to stitch it on.  🙂

My calender on the table is where I record what I’m working on.  I don’t always keep up tho!   But at least in some future moment of time, someone could read this and see what was going on when I made a quilt they’ve claimed.  😉

Sometime I should tell you about my walk yesterday…..

And the SIGN!  😉

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